B&B Thursday Update 7/25/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/25/19


Written by Anthony

Liam looks at paperwork and thinks about Flo needing to tell Hope the truth. Steffy tells him that his daughter is a brat sometimes. Steffy asks what he is doing with Phoebe’s adoption papers. Liam is just curious. Steffy asks if he is looking for something in particular. He is just wondering how Flo gave birth in Vegas and came to LA. She didn’t even know that Wyatt lived her. He asks what Flo’s relationship with Thomas is.

Hope walks down the hall and Thomas says good morning. Thomas kisses Hope. He asks how she is doing. Hope says that Douglas took a while to go asleep. Hope really doesn’t remember much about last night. Hope explains that Douglas is probably finished with his breakfast by now. Thomas explains he dreamed about being with her.

Steffy asks what relationship they would have. Liam got the impression they don’t care for each other at the wedding. Liam is just becoming aware about how little he knows about the adoption process.

Flo thinks about Thomas threatening her to keep the secret. Ridge tries to get into the design office. Ridge explains that the fabric that she ordered was discontinued. Flo will let Hope know when she comes in. Ridge explains that she should have come late and left early if she wasn’t ok with Thomas.

Thomas gets that they are in her mother’s house. He knows it is not the best setting for two newly weds. He got them a hotel room for tonight. Just the two of them.

Ridge doesn’t think that Flo knows him very well. Flo doesn’t think he likes her very much. Ridge thinks that he might like him. Ridge doesn’t have much of a filter. Ridge thinks she needs to think about being wrong about her son. Flo doesn’t think she has said anything bad about him. Ridge thinks they all look like an open book until they don’t. he thinks that Thomas would do anything for his son. He gets that from him too.

Thomas booked them a nice hotel room. Hope asks what Douglas will be doing tonight. She thinks that she should have been asked about this. Hope thinks that they will see. She needs to go to work right now. Thomas guesses a half-day is fine. They will have a long and fun night. Hope guesses that he can text her.

Steffy doesn’t want him to worry about the adoption being air tight. Liam wonders how she met Flo. Steffy guesses that Taylor would have to be asked. Liam guesses that Flo does know someone in LA. Steffy doesn’t know who.

Thomas calls Flo. She hangs up the phone. He calls again. Thomas says if she hangs up again then she will regret it. One word from her and she will lose more than just a job. Thomas needs to go. Douglas walks in. Douglas says that Hope told him to brush his teeth.

Steffy doesn’t remember asking who arranged the doctor. If she wanted her to know the name she would have told her. Liam asks how she knows these people were legit. Liam looks at the paperwork. It says nothing about the doctor though. Liam sees no dollar amount for what was paid. Liam loves Phoebe but he needs to know everything. Liam assumes that this isn’t the official birth certificate. Steffy doesn’t know what the official one says.

Hope shows up at the office. Flo is sorry she missed the ceremony yesterday. Flo saw the wedding pictures from Italy. Hope thinks that yesterday was about Douglas and that was enough.

Thomas says that he and Hope are going on a honeymoon tonight. He suggests that he can go over to Steffy’s house tonight. Douglas thinks that Liam is nice. Thomas wants him to pick out some stuff to bring over to Steffy’s. Douglas wonders why he said that Beth is alive. Thomas didn’t say that. Thomas doesn’t think this is funny. Thomas pinches him. He is never allowed to say that again.

Liam thinks about Wyatt says that it sounds like Flo never actually gave birth. Liam makes a call to a medical records center. Liam wonders how long you keep records. He needs to verify information from the birth mother. He asks if she can confirm she was a patient.

Flo thinks it was a mistake to hire her. Hope asks what this is about. Flo knows she was married yesterday. She asks why she is here. Flo knows she didn’t want to leave Liam or marry Thomas. Hope thinks that love is hard. She cannot give Liam what he wants. She lost Beth. She has a little boy who needs her. It is her life. It is what she can do.

Thomas asks what Douglas has to say for himself. He was talking about another Beth. Thomas tells Douglas that he is his father and he will be obeyed. He has given him Hope. Douglas doesn’t think he talks about Caroline anymore. Douglas loves Hope but mommy is mommy. Thomas thinks he can leave Douglas here and he will go back to New York. He cannot say Beth’s name ever again. They are done discussing this. Douglas tells himself that Baby Beth is alive.

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