B&B Tuesday Update 7/23/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/23/19


Written by Anthony

Wyatt is at Bikini and Liam runs over. He thanks him for meeting him. Something happened at the wedding. Liam thinks Thomas had such a smug look on his face. Liam overheard something. Thomas and Flo were having a conversation about a secret. Thomas and his girlfriend are hiding a secret and it has to do with Hope.

Flo gets a text message from Thomas. He tells her it was a big mistake. Shauna walks in and ask what is wrong. Shauna wonders if it was Wyatt and they are having problems. Flo says it is Thomas.

Douglas asks if Hope will leave a nightlight on. Hope says she will. She wants him to think of really sweet thoughts because ghosts hate that. She asks if he said his prayers. Douglas thanked God for letting her be his mommy. Hope wanted to stay with Douglas tonight.

Thomas was threatening Flo. Wyatt didn’t know that Thomas knew Flo that well. Liam says that Thomas called Flo a liar. Wyatt knew that she was going. Liam says she didn’t really go though. Liam thinks that he knows Flo. It is going to be him who is going to have to ask her what is going on.

Shauna doesn’t know what she is saying. She is afraid of Thomas. He thinks that she is still a threat. Shauna begs Flo that she is not thinking of telling Hope the truth. She is married now. She has everything going for her. Flo doesn’t think this is the life that Hope should be living. She should be raising her child with him together. Flo shows Shauna the text message. He told her she has to keep the secret about Beth until the day she died.

Thomas tells Douglas that Hope really wants to stay with him. He needs Douglas to tell him that he needs to tell her that he can stay with Thomas tonight. Douglas tells Hope that she should stay with Thomas tonight. He would like that a lot. Douglas thinks that Hope showed him how to handle ghosts. Hope could read him a bed time story. Douglas is fine.

Liam knows that Flo kept saying that this was so wrong. Wyatt cannot let this happen again. Liam knows that Hope and him knew how Flo came into their lives. She gives this baby up for adoption. Something is going on here though. It somehow affects Hope. Wyatt thinks the things he has done though… Wyatt hates him. Liam needs Wyatt to do this for him. He needs Flo to open up.

Flo guesses this is his way of making her stay quiet. Flo begs her not to get involved Shauna needs her to promise he will not go to Hope then. Flo cannot do that. Hope is married to a man who is not telling her the truth. She is lying too. Shauna thinks this time has passed. She cannot undo what has been done. She thinks that Flo has a new life now. She needs to do everything that he tells her. She can never udder a word about Beth.

Thomas tells Hope that this is their wedding night and they should spend it together.

Flo sits down on the couch later and Wyatt walks in. He looks at her. He asks how the wedding was. Flo didn’t make it to the ceremony. She thinks the marriage is wrong though. Hope is in love with Liam and Thomas knows it. He is just so arrogant. Flo has her reasons for disliking Thomas. Wyatt thinks she can talk with him about anything. Wyatt wants to help her so he needs her to let him. Flo loves him so much. It would kill her if she lost him. She doesn’t want to lose him. Wyatt thinks she has not been acting like herself. He asks what is going on with him.

Thomas had this all set up for them. Hope thinks this is very thoughtful. Hope thinks that it has been a big day. Thomas thinks a day that they will never forget. Hope will certainly never forget Phoebe calling her mama. Thomas tells her that she needs to take a step back from Phoebe. Her place is here with Douglas now. She is so beautiful. He thinks this day means so much to him. It is here now. They are married. He knows it might take some time for her but Douglas is so happy. He wants them to be together. He wants them to be together. She is a mother. This is their family and tonight is their wedding night. He wants her so much. He kisses her. Thomas takes off his shirt and continue to kiss her. Hope stops him She is sorry but she can’t do this tonight. Hope can’t. Thomas thinks that is fine. They have the rest of their lives together. Hope kisses him on the cheek. She walks into the other room.

Wyatt knows Flo and knows that there is something going on. Flo finally came back into their lives. They have to be truthful with one another. Flo cannot do this anymore. Flo admits there is something going on and she cannot keep it in anymore. She does love him but she needs to tell him the truth.

Thomas blows out a candle. He asks what kind of girl gets married and doesn’t sleep with her husband. He knows that Hope loves him and will come around. He thinks that Liam better go back to his sister and stay away from Hope. He thinks he is surrounded by idiots. Thomas tells himself to chill. Douglas has a mother and Hope is his. It is not starting out great but it will all work out.

Hope sits at the cabin and gets a call. It is Liam. Liam didn’t think that she would pick up. Liam thinks that there are forces at work against them. She needs to hang in there. Liam is going to get to the bottom of this. Hope thinks they cannot keep talking like this. They cannot think like this. Hope hears Douglas call for her. Liam loves her. Hope runs for him.

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