B&B Monday Update 7/22/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/22/19


Written by Anthony

Phoebe is crawling on the floor at the wedding and calls Hope mama. Steffy picks her up and says she is sorry. She continues to say mama. Carter tells Hope that the question still stands. He asks if she still wants Thomas to be her husband. Hope looks at Liam. She looks at Brooke. She turns and looks at Phoebe. Hope turns back and looks at Thomas.

Zoe tells Flo that she has had enough to drink. Flo tells her that she called a car. She can cancel it though if she wants to tell Hope together. Flo is putting an end to this madness once and for all.

Hope says she is just… Thomas tells her it is ok. He is nervous too. He is here for her though. They are both here for her. Liam rolls his eyes. Hope looks back at Phoebe. Steffy had no idea she would want to steal the show. Hope thinks that there is a reason. Hope says yes she takes Thomas to be her husband and she takes Douglas to be her son. She takes them as a family until death do them part. Douglas takes out the rings. Carter says these rings are a symbol. Carter tells Thomas to give the ring as a symbol of his love and faithfulness. Carter has Hope say the same thing to Thomas. Hope kisses Thomas. Everyone claps as they are officially married.

Zoe tells Flo to drink some water. Flo does. Flo thinks a lot of mistakes were made along the way. Thomas is saying vows to Hope that he will love her the rest of his life. Hope deserves to know the type of man that Hope really is. If she has to go to jail for this than so be it.

Eric congratulates Thomas and Hope. He thinks that Douglas is a lucky little boy to have Hope as a mother. Thomas thinks that Amelia took Douglas and the girls outside. Eric is going to go into the bouncy house.

Brooke turns to Liam. She knows this is difficult for Liam. Liam doesn’t think that Hope even loves Thomas. Steffy asks if they are going to wish them well. Liam guesses they better. Steffy congratulates Thomas. Thomas wonders if Liam is going to congratulate them. Steffy is sorry about Phoebe. Steffy thinks that was the first time saying mama. Then she finally says mama and was pulling on Hope’s dress. Thomas is sure that Phoebe knows she is her mother. She knows who her mother is and she should never doubt that. Flo walks in behind them. Pam walks over and asks Flo to help her out. She asks if she can help her to the kitchen. Hope and Thomas walk over to Ridge. Hope is going to go rest for a little bit. She thinks it has been a big day. Brooke suggests she go and rest in her room. Thomas tells her not to rest for that long. Pam wants to get the cake ready. Thomas knows that Brooke was hoping that she wouldn’t go through with this. Thomas thinks that Brooke will be their number one supporter. He promises.

Liam walks over to Thomas. He congratulates Thomas for finally waring Hope down. He thinks that Thomas took advantage of her. He wonders what kind of man does that. Thomas thinks they are family and there is nothing they can do about that.

Donna says hi to Flo. Flo is sorry to miss the wedding. She wonders if Hope left. Donna hopes not. She has flowers to catch. Brooke walks over and says that Hope is upstairs. Flo wonders how the ceremony was. Katie thinks it was nice. Katie says that Phoebe kept calling her mama Flo doesn’t think that any of this should be happening. Liam walks over. He asks if any of them have seen Hope. Brooke suggests that Liam go check on Hope. Liam does that. Thomas spots Flo in the room and looks angry.

Hope looks at herself in the mirror and thinks about getting married to Liam. Liam walks in. She turns around. He had to see her. Hope asks why. Liam thinks she knows why. She married the wrong guy.

Steffy thinks that she needs to leave. Liam is upstairs with Hope. Ridge thinks she is a married woman and he will have to remind him of that.

Thomas wonders why Liam went upstairs. Katie assumes that he wanted to say goodbye. Thomas thinks that is inappropriate.

Liam knows that Hope was looking at Douglas not Thomas. Hope thinks he knows where her heart is. Hope thinks that she wishes things could have been better through Phoebe. She called her what she is. A mother committing herself to Douglas. She might have been sending a message that she approves. She needs to find these little meanings and signs that she is reaching out and letting them know she is ok. She knows it is silly but she will be the best mother that she can be to Douglas. They both know that every moment of every day she will still be wondering why their little girl was taken from them.

Thomas thinks that Flo was trying to threaten her earlier. Thomas can tell that she is drunk. Thomas is calling her a cab. Flo heard what she said. Thomas tells her to shut up. He cannot risk anyone finding out about anything. Flo thinks he could have ended Hope’s pain but didn’t. Thomas did by marrying her. Thomas says she is hers now. Flo asks if she belongs to him now because they made vows. Hope never would have married him if she knew the truth. Flo thinks this day never should have happened. Thomas tells her to go back to Vegas. Flo is telling her the truth. Thomas tells her to keep her mouth shut and keep the secret until the day she dies. Flo leaves. Liam overhears this and asks himself what secret.

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