B&B Friday Update 7/19/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/19/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke is begging Hope not to marry Thomas. She still has time. She can get Katie and Donna to sit with her while she talks with Ridge and Thomas. She is begging her not to do this. She doesn’t want her to marry Thomas.

Thomas tells Douglas that he is going to say I do when they ask if he loves Hope. Steffy walks in. Thomas wonders if the girls should come in. Steffy doesn’t want them to get fussy.

Thomas tells Ridge to get everyone in their seats. Liam thinks that if she is not ready then she is not ready. Thomas thinks that Brooke is holding things up.

Hope doesn’t need her to get her out of this. She just needs her support. Brooke thinks that Thomas is using her. Hope thinks that if that is how she feels it might be best for her to go downstairs. She is going to go through with this wedding. She has to.

Quinn thinks that Thomas is a little annoyed. Ridge thinks that he is fine. He just wanted to get started. Brooke walks downstairs. Carter asks if they should take their places. Brooke says that Hope will be down in a minute. She gives Liam a look.

Zoe looks at pictures of Xander. Flo walks in. She is on her way to Hope’s wedding. She cannot let her go through with this. Zoe tells Flo that she is not going anywhere. Flo is a Logan and Hope’s cousin. This wedding shouldn’t be happening.

Douglas fixes Thomas’ tie. Steffy looks at Liam hold the girls. Hope walks down the staircase in a dress. Everyone stands. Brooke looks at her in anger. Hope looks scared. She sees the girls and Liam. She remembers her wedding to Liam. She looks at Phoebe and Kelly and smiles. She smiles at Douglas. They all sit. Hope tells Steffy that the girls look beautiful. Steffy thinks she does too. Carter starts the ceremony.

Zoe thinks telling the truth will only make things worse for everyone. Flo wants her to think about how much they are suffering for this. Flo thinks telling the truth right now is perfect. They can undo so much of the wrong. Xander will forgive her if she tell the truth.

Carter reads a poem about how Hope Smiles with a new year to come. He thinks that Hope and Thomas are looking forward to a lifetime of happiness. When you lose people it can be painful. They see that in the bond between Hope and Thomas. Hope and Thomas’ family members would like to share a few words. Ridge is proud of Thomas. He thinks his biggest achievement is putting a smile on that little boys face. Ridge is so happy to see the three of them standing up there together. Hope is an incredible woman. She turned these days of darkness into a celebration. He is grateful that they found each other. Brooke thinks that marriage is beautiful and a life long commitment. Marriage shouldn’t be an act of will or compassion. It should be an expression. An expression of loyalty and devotion and love. If you have that then you can get through the tough times in life. They need to be there for one another. Brooke wants her to be happy. Brooke wants her to have the marriage she deserves.

Flo let Hope believe her happy is dead. She is letting Hope marry a man who might be a murderer. Flo gets out a bottle of vodka and drinks. Zoe thinks that she needs to go back home and text Brooke and say she doesn’t feel well. Flo thinks they will be miserable until this secret comes out. If they tell the truth then Xander will forgive them. Zoe thinks too much has happened.

Thomas wanted to say something. Everything he has done was for Hope and this family they are building. He will do everything in his power to be a better man and father because of Hope. This is all because of Hope. Thomas thinks they can feel happy again. There are things to look forward too. She helped him accept the loss. That is one of the most courageous things she could do. Thomas loves Hope. Once he saw how much Douglas loves her… Hope smiles at Douglas.

Zoe thinks that Steffy doesn’t have to lose Liam or Phoebe. Zoe thinks this could be how things are supposed to be. Flo thinks none of this would be happening if Hope knew that Phoebe was really Beth.

Carter starts the vow ceremony. He asks if it is their intent to be married and pledge fidelity. Douglas says that he is part of this too. Hope thinks it is a big part. Thomas says yes. Carter asks if Thomas takes Hope to be his wife. Thomas says yes. Carter asks Hope the same. Phoebe is on the ground looking at Hope saying mama. Steffy says sorry. She keeps looking at Hope saying mama and smiles. Hope looks shocked and scared. Carter asks Hope again what her choice is.

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