B&B Wednesday Update 7/17/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/17/19


Written By Anthony

Ridge asks Brooke about balloons. Brooke guesses they can put them out back. Brooke guesses there will be about fifteen people. Brooke knows that Pam and Charlie will be cooking all night. Ridge says that Charlie is out of town but Pam is. Ridge asks if Brooke really hates this that much.

Hope loves that Douglas is the best man. Douglas wonders if he has to say a speech. Thomas says that Eric was joking.

Liam feeds Kelly while Steffy feeds Phoebe. Liam wonders why the three bears lived in a house. Steffy says rent control. Liam finds that interesting. Steffy doesn't think anyone would blame him if he stayed home. Liam is sure that Thomas would be happy if he did stay home but he isn't going to make it that easy.

Ridge is shocked that no one is calling him back. Brooke wonders if he wants her dad or Bridget here. Ridge doesn't want her to do anything. Ridge thinks that Hope said yes to Thomas. Brooke thinks that she said yes to Douglas. That is who she has feelings for. That should concern him. Ridge is concerned that she thinks something is wrong with his son.

Liam loves that Steffy said yes to this but he wishes... Steffy doesn't understand why she needs this wedding right now. Liam guesses that being Douglas' official step-mom is the only way she can see herself being a mother.

Hope tells Thomas that she thinks it is best that they are all one big blended family. Thomas is sure that after tomorrow she will be misses Thomas Forrester. Hope and Thomas kiss one another.

Steffy doesn't think it is late enough for her to be this tired. Liam will take the shift tonight. Steffy asks if she needs to iron his shirt tomorrow. Liam explains his mom was a fashion model. He knew how to iron before anything else. Steffy thinks that Thomas is making motherhood possible for Hope again. He needs to give Thomas credit fo that.

Ridge tells Steven on the phone that he is sorry for waking him up. Thomas asks if that was Brooke's dad on the phone. Ridge said it was short notice. Thomas thought that it was Hope that insisted on this short engagment. Thomas knows in every relationship, one person loves more than the other. Thomas thinks that Hope is just being loving. Ridge wonders about when the two of them are together... Thomas admits they haven't done anything yet. Tomorrow, they will be married.

Brooke asks what Hope wants to do with her hair. Hope can do it herself. Brooke wonders about flowers. Hope is sure she has a dress somewhere. Brooke doesn't think she is read to get married tomorrow. She is pledging her life to someone she doesn't love or trust. Brooke thinks if she doesn't want to marry Thomas than she shouldn't.

Thomas promised Douglas that he would read him a story. Ridge suggests not having Liam at the wedding. Thomas doesn't care.

Liam gets that she loves her brother. Steffy thinks that the only reason that Liam is living here is because Hope annuled their marriage. Liam knows. Hope has made it very clear. The connection to Thomas has made Hope weaker though. They aren't married yet.

Hope thinks that if Brooke thinks she has doubts. Hope thinks she tried so hard. She is good for Douglas though and he is good for her. She cherrishes the time they spent together. She loves the pictures he draws, and the games they play, and the letter Caroline wrote for Douglas that would raise him in great joy. Hope doesn't doubt those feelings. Brooke thinks those are feelings that she has for a lonely little boy. Brooke doesn't know what to say to her. She doesn't know what kind of feelings he has for her. Brooke knows that she doesn't have feelings for him what so ever. She is going to be lying when she says I do.

Later on, Thomas shows up at the cabin. He asks if Hope was waiting for him. Hope says no. Thomas wanted to say goodnight. He loves her so much. Hope thinks that tomorrow will be a good day tomorrow. Thomas thinks the best day ever. He knows he got a little carried away. Thomas wants Hope to tell him that she loves him.

Liam sits by himself on the couch. Steffy walks back in and looks at him. Steffy is going to review a couple reports in bed if he needs her. Liam thinks she is good. Steffy thinks he knows what will happen. Liam wants her to go to bed. He has bottles for them. Steffy knows he doesn't like her brother but she wants him to do it silently if he could. Hope says she wants this tomorrow. Liam turns the lights off and looks around. He thinks about Hope telling him that she was pregnant. He thinks about their wedding. When they went to see Beth for the first time and when they lost her.

Hope looks outside but closes the door

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