B&B Tuesday Update 7/16/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/16/19


Written by Anthony

Thomas switches out a picture of Caroline to Hope in Douglas’ room. Hope walks in and wonders where Douglas was. Thomas is just checking the room for monsters. Hope knows he wanted his mommy to hold him. Thomas knows he did. Hope thinks that Caroline will always be Douglas’ real mother. Thomas knows that he has gone without a mother for so long. Hope is going to change that. He was up all night thinking about it. He was thinking about them and their wedding. He was thinking that they should ask Brooke and Ridge if they can just have the celebration at the house. He wants to make this happy for the children as well. He wants to make it a whole family celebration. Hope would love to do that. Hope needs to tell Liam about how soon their wedding is going to be.

Ridge is shocked that Xander left. Eric doubts they will ever know the reason that he left. Thomas walks downstairs and thanks them all for coming. Eric wonders where his beautiful fiancé is. Thomas tells them that Hope asked if they can have the wedding as soon as possible. She is as anxious to do this as much as he is.

Steffy congratulates Hope on the engagement. Hope is here to discuss the date. It will be tomorrow.

Thomas explains that Hope is always there for Douglas. Brooke does think that means they need to rush the wedding. Quinn wonders where the ceremony will be. Thomas thought it be great if they could have it here. This is where he feels most loved. Ridge is fine with it. Douglas runs in. Quinn just heard the big news about him and Hope being married. Douglas cannot wait for them to get married tomorrow. Thomas thinks this is a big honor.

Liam asks Hops what happened. Hope thinks Douglas needs a mother. Liam asks where Thomas was. Hope says he was in the shower. Hope just wants everything to be alright for Douglas and she knows she can help him get there. Liam thinks this was Thomas’ idea. Hope claims it was her own. Hope thinks that there was nothing fake. Steffy thinks that Douglas is lucky to have her in her life. Hope wants Steffy to be her maid of honor. She has been able to build such a loving home for Liam and the girls. She would really like to raise the family’s together. She asks Steffy to say yes. Steffy would be honored. Steffy goes to check on the girls. Liam begs Hope to listen to him. Marrying to Thomas any sooner is not going to make her more loving or available. She is not ready for this. He begs her not to do this tomorrow.

Thomas thought that there could be a petting zoo for Douglas and the girls. Ridge thinks that after tomorrow things will be good and it will be a new beginning for all of them. Especially, Hope.

Hope tells Phoebe she is so happy to see her. Hope thinks when she holds Phoebe she still feels like she is meant to be a mother. She knows it is because she was born around the same time as Beth but it is not right what she feels for Steffy’s daughter. She can be a mom to Douglas. She knows Liam wants her to wait but she knows what she needs to do.

Eric assumes that Brooke is concerned about putting on a wedding in under 24 hours. Ridge tells Brooke that this is a good thing. He asks how Brooke feels. Brooke wishes she could feel happy for them. She thinks that he is using Thomas to get what he wants She thinks that Thomas has an agenda. He will stop at nothing to get her. Tomorrow he will be his wife

Thomas sits in his room and tells himself that there is nothing stopping them. He remembers Hope telling him that he isn't sure when when she will be ready. He imagines Hope wanting him now and forever.

Liam thinks that Hope wouldn't be rushing into a marriage if it wasn't for what he did at the party. Liam is sorry. He doesn't know what to say. He asks if he should move out. He wonders what he should do. Hope thinks that Liam and the girls are a family now. She knows that he loves Steffy. Liam will never stop loving Hope though. Hope will always love Liam too. He is her true love. Being here like this and imagining the family they could have had. It is too painful. Beth was taken from them. She needs to marry Thomas tomorrow to fill the emptiness in her heart. She needs to be a mother to a child that truly needs her. They need to stop living in the past. Beth is lost to them so she has to let go.

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