B&B Thursday Update 7/11/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/11/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke doesn’t think that she has to marry Thomas if she still loves Liam. Brooke doesn’t think she belongs with Thomas. He is trying to force her into something. Hope says that it was Douglas who proposed. He asked her to be his new mommy and it would have broken is heart to say no. Katie knows that she is important to them but she cannot marry someone if your heart is not in it.

Thomas thinks that Xander can do whatever he wants. He guesses the secret is killing him. He guesses if he cannot handle it then he can go to Hope and be a hero. He better say goodbye to Zoe and her father for the next twenty years and he and Flo will be in jail too.

Katie explains that Brooke is just worried about her. Hope thinks that Thomas is focused on Douglas. Brooke thinks it reminds her of issues he has had in the past. Brooke remembers when Thomas could get fixated on things. Hope knows he cares about her. Brooke thinks too much. Thomas is unstable.

Thomas thinks if he loves Zoe then he would see that she is freaking out. Xander thinks this needs to be done. Thomas thinks that there will be investigations. Zoe explains that Reese is traumatized. He is terrified about this getting out. Zoe knows they all lied and are in it just as deep if they all tell the truth. Zoe is begging him for her to please keep this secret.

Hope thinks that Thomas wants to build a family for Douglas. This is what is good for Thomas and for her. Making a stable home environment is not what she wants to do. Donna thinks this proposal didn’t come out of nowhere. Brooke doesn’t think this is the right time to start up a new relationship. Hope feels like they finally came up with news obstacles. Hope knows this is an expression of love for Douglas, Phoebe, and Kelly. She wants to be a mother. She loves Liam and she cherishes the time she has with him. She wants to give Douglas the mother he needs.

Xander wants to tell the truth to Hope and Liam. Thomas doesn’t think they need to do this. Xander thinks that Hope and Liam’s life has been turned upside down. Steffy took a baby out of the country. They are trying to tell him that this is not ok. Xander reminds him that Emma is dead because of him and this evil secret. Xander thinks that Emma was reckless and selfish. Xander thinks that Thomas is praying on Zoe’s fear. Brooke is not happy about this. This marriage is based on a lie. Xander asks what kind of a life they are supposed to have. Xander meant what he said. Either they go to Hope and Liam and come clean or he is leaving. Xander meant what he said. Either they go to Hope or he is leaving LA and he is leaving her.

Brooke knows that Hope would make an incredible mother. Douglas isn’t her child though. Hope knows that he will be. Brooke knows that there will be a hole in her heart forever. Hope needs to feel like she is doing something positive. Hope wants to be there to see Douglas grow up. She wants to have a family. Brooke thinks she could have done that with Liam. Hope thinks this engagement ring is her future. Katie hears her talking a lot about Douglas but not much about Thomas. Brooke thinks that Thomas is exploiting her. Brooke feels that he is using her loss and making her his wife through that.

Zoe will go back to London with him. Xander will go alone. If she is determined to keep this secret then he cannot be with her. When she followed him to LA she said she loved him and would do anything to be with her. He didn’t know if she could trust her. He doesn’t even know her anymore. She won’t listen to reason. Xander thinks she should stay here and keep her whole new life and fancy money. She cannot keep him though. Thomas knows that he promised to protect her. Thomas knows that her father begged her not to turn her in. Zoe cannot do what he is asking. Xander cannot take another minute of this. He says goodbye to her. Zoe calls for him. Thomas tries going after him. Thomas tells him that if he tells anyone about this. Xander explains if anything happens to Zoe then he will go straight to the police and there is nothing he can do to stop him. Zoe asks why he cannot just listen to him. Thomas wants to move on with their lives.

Thomas finds Hope. Thomas wanted to see her face to face. Hope thinks that he is in a good mood. Thomas asks if she showed off her ring. Hope knows she got a lot of attention. Thomas wanted to make their engagement official. Hope wanted to tell Douglas first. Hope wanted to make it special and go out. Thomas wanted to get champagne. Hope thinks that cake and ice cream will be fine for Douglas. Thomas wants to celebrate with Hope alone. Hope thinks they should wait until their wedding night.

Brooke doesn’t know what to do. She is being manipulated. Ridge believes that this will be right for Hope. Brooke knows that Hope always wants to make a difference. Brooke doesn’t know what to do about it. Ridge thinks that she is doing what Stephanie did. Katie thinks they were destined to be together. Brooke doesn’t think she realizes what he is doing.

Thomas finds Douglas in his room. Douglas explains they have something important to talk about. He needs to clean his room a little bit. Douglas puts away his toys. Thomas has to get tis done. He cannot wait any longer.

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