B&B Wednesday Update 7/10/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/10/19


Written By Anthony

In the CEO office, Donna and Katie find out that Hope is engaged. Donna thinks this is great news. Brooke asks if she looks happy about this. Katie feels that if Hope and Liam had to break up in order to find their way back to one another then this is great. Brooke says it isn’t Liam.

Liam doesn’t think this is what she wants. If she wanted a husband she would still have one. Hope thinks he is adjusting to being apart just fine.

Thomas wants to know why Liam cannot just stick with Steffy. Zoe calls Thomas. He has a problem because Xander is either going to Hope or the police.

Katie asks why she would be with Thomas. Brooke says that Douglas gave her the ring. Xander walks in and says he is looking for Thomas. Katie thinks he is takin a personal day. Brooke explains that Thomas is engaged to Hope. Xander will see him soon enough. He thanks them for telling him this. He leaves. Xander thinks the bastard has to be stopped.

Steffy walks out of the nursery. Steffy realized that having someone’s attention is different than having their love. He needs to have that in mind. Ridge shows up and asks if he missed the party.

Zoe asks Xander where he went. Xander tells her that Thomas and Hope are engaged.

Liam knows that she doesn’t love him. Hope knows that Thomas knows that. She had a great love. Douglas needs a mother and that is something she could be happy with. She knows she cannot go on after they lost Beth.

Donna asks how Brooke and Ridge are navigating all this. Tiffany walks in saying that there is a delivery for Hope. Brooke hopes they are no flowers. Tiffany finds out she is engaged and is sorry for interrupting. Brooke thinks that Ridge and her are fine. They know better than to discuss this together anymore.

Ridge asks how this went over. Steffy likes her life the way she lives it. Thomas has a fire to go put out at the office. He leaves.

Zoe gets a text from Thomas saying that he is on his way. Xander asks why she would say yes. Xander thinks she can tell herself that Hope was sad but Hope is about to throw away the rest of her life for a man she knows isn’t right for her. He knows they care about Hope. He begs her to tell him that she does.

Liam knows that Hope promised him a lifetime. He asks if he will always be a walking reminder that they lost Beth. Hope thinks that he is the love of her life. Hope doesn’t think he is free. Liam knows that he hurt her being with Steffy. Hope doesn’t want him to reduce it to that. They both knows what it meant. He has a commitment to those girls. Hope put them out of their misery. She knows how much he loves her. Douglas fills the void for her. Liam doesn’t want him to rush her into a marriage. Liam wants to find proof that Thomas is using people. Hope cannot talk about this anymore. Her mind is made up. Hope begs Liam not to hate her. Liam wouldn’t know how.

Katie tells Brooke that this mockup for an ad is beautiful. Hope shows up. She knew that people would want to see a ring. Katie is sure the ring is real but wonders if the engagement is. Donna never saw her with Thomas. Hope explains that it wasn’t anyone’s business. Brooke asks if Liam knows. Hope doesn’t want to get into this right now. Thomas should hire a nanny if he wants someone to look after Douglas. Donna asks if she looks at him the same way as Liam.

Liam shows back up at Steffy’s house. She asks if he went to see Hope. Liam will not turn a blind eye to what Thomas is doing.

Xander knows that Thomas murdered Emma. Thomas tells him he better watch who he make accusations about. He has nothing to do with what happened to Emma. Thomas has better things to do than chase after little girls. Thomas wants to stop Emma but he didn’t succeed. Fait did. Xander knows he pulled over on the exact spot that she went over. Emma is dead because of him and everyone will know about.

Ridge thinks that Thomas changes her life around several times a year. Ridge thinks that Steffy is funny. He lives with her though and is family. He begs him to treat the other members of this family. Liam is worried for Hope. it is true and they know it is true. Ridge thinks he will understand this one day. Ridge leaves.

Hope thinks that Liam wanted to make sure she didn’t rush into a wedding. Hope thinks that it is important that her family understands her. Brooke doesn’t think that Thomas is good or safe for her. Her and Liam were happy together.

Thomas was trying to make Emma see reason. Zoe thinks that Thomas would have ran himself off with her. Xander will go to Ridge or Eric and let them know the secret that he has been keeping. Thomas was trying to keep them safe. Xander is going to tell the police. Thomas thinks he will be sending them all to prison. Xander would rather spend time in jail than have Hope with him. Zoe is begging Xander not to do this.

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