B&B Monday Update 7/8/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/8/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke cannot believe that Douglas is proposing to Hope. Liam can. He is going to go down to the cabin and put an end to this before Thomas convinces her. Brooke tells him to go.

Thomas thinks that it is one word and she can make his son the happiest in the world. If she is hesitating he needs to know how much he wants this too. Hope knows that he has made his intentions clear. Thomas knows she brought so much job and peace into his life. He is dying to make a life with her.

Xander knows that Thomas did it. He murdered Emma. Charlie walks in and asks what he just said.

Liam tries to run out of the house and Ridge walks in. Ridge wonders what is going on. Brooke explains that Douglas proposed to Hope for Thomas. Thomas is with Hope right now. Ridge doesn’t want anyone to go anywhere right now.

Xander didn’t say anything. Charlie heard him. He talks with himself in here all the time. He asks if he found what he was looking for. Xander confirmed what he suspected. Xander can handle this himself. Charlie thinks if he took something then he needs to get involved. Xander can handle it. He needs to get out of here. Xander knows what he has to do.

Thomas knows she wasn’t expecting a proposal. Thomas is glad that Douglas got involved. The way that they love each other is amazing. Liam has moved on with Steffy and the girls. They are family together and what is what she wanted. Douglas needs a mother in his life with everything that he has been through. She wanted to be a mother to Beth so much. She has a chance to be a mother to a child who adores her. He wants her to make Douglas’ life complete. He begs her to say that she will be his wife.

Ridge thinks that Liam doesn’t give Hope a lot of credit if she doesn’t know who she wants to be with him. Ridge thought that Liam was with Steffy now. He is not with Hope anymore. Thomas sees that Hope would be good for Douglas. Thomas has made mistakes but has moved past it. Thomas is kind and honorable.

Zoe asks where Xander went. Xander was right. Thomas did it. He saw Thomas with his own eyes. He is all but certain that Thomas killed Emma.

Thomas begs Hope for an answer. This is taking its toll on him. There has been so much death and tragedy. They need to put this behind them. Hope will not just forget about Beth. Thomas promises that Hope is in a wonderful place now. Thomas will do everything in his power to make this a wonderful thing for all of them. He was this for Douglas and Hope. Hope says yes. Thomas asks if she will marry him. Hope will marry him and be a mother to Douglas. Thomas puts the ring on her finger. Thomas promises to be completely committed to her. He promises to do anything for her. That is how much she means to him.

Brooke doesn’t think that Hope is emotionally ready to accept a proposal from anyone. Ridge thinks that Thomas wants to be there for her. Liam thinks that Thomas put Douglas up to this. Ridge thinks that Hope has been through a lot and Thomas sees it. He wants to spend his life with her.

Xander saw the security footage. Thomas ran after her in the footage. Thomas was determined that he wanted to see Beth. Zoe is just trying to say… Xander thinks that this guy is obsessed with Hope. Emma lost her life because of Thomas. He is going to get justice. Xander is going to Brooke and Ridge’s house to get the proof from Thomas’ car.

Thomas knows that Douglas is going to have a mother and father again. Hope is so good for Douglas. Thomas loved Hope but lost her. He has never given up. He will continue to prove his love for her. He will continue to say yes. Hope asks for a moment alone. She goes into the bedroom and thinks about Thomas begging her to be his wife. She looks in the mirror. She thinks about what just happened with the proposal. She looks at the ring. She remembers Liam proposing to her. Hope smiles in the mirror as she thinks about her wedding to Liam and the first night she made love to Liam married to him. Thomas asks if Hope is ok. Hope walks back out. Thomas has unbuttoned his shirt and lit candles. He wants to celebrate.

Brooke is protective of her daughter. Ridge calls her Stephanie. She got involved in their lives for years. Ridge though they would never get involved with their children’s lives. Ridge thinks that Hope and Thomas will work out just fine.

Thomas has waited for this for so long. Thomas tries to kiss her. Hope stops him. Thomas thinks this ring shows they are committed. He tries kissing her.

Xander finds Thomas’ car. He finds his employee badge and looks for his keys. He finds them. He looks at the GPS for a travel history. He pulled over right where Emma went off the road. There is no doubt that he killed her.

Hope stops kissing him. She is sorry. She cannot do this. Thomas points out they are engaged. Hope explains it has been a long day and she wants to go to bed. Thomas will join her. Hope thinks that he should be there in the morning for Thomas. She says goodnight. Thomas tells Hope that it won’t be long until they are husband and wife. Hope goes to bed. Thomas tells himself that very soon they will be married.

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