B&B Friday Update 7/5/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/5/19


Written by Anthony

Douglas asks Hope to marry Thomas and for them to be a family.

Brooke thanks Liam for coming. Liam explains that this seemed like a good time since Ridge went to see Steffy and the girls. Brooke is just worried about Hope and her involvement with Thomas.

Xander tells Zoe that Thomas has to be responsible for Emmaís death. Zoe just wants one night. Xander is sorry but he cannot stop thinking about what they have done. Emma is gone and Thomas is just continuing his life like nothing has happened. Xander doubts that Emma wanted to dance in the next fashion show. Zoe didnít expect him to tell the truth. Xander thinks that Thomas is murderer. Xander thinks all these lies are killing them. They can strike a deal with the police or he DA. Hope and Liam might even be grateful. They will reunite with their daughter. They donít deserve their forgiveness. There is a really good chance that Thomas killed Emma.

Brooke thinks this is all just a mess. Brooke knows what happened. Hope told her that they slept together. It broke her heart. Liam knows. It wasnít anything that either of them planned. Brooke doesnít think that Hope meant for Liam to actually go to the other side. This is just pushing her closer.

Hope is shocked that Douglas is asking her this. Hope thinks that is so sweet of him. Hope asks if Thomas had any idea about this.

Zoe doesnít think they can say a word. Zoe thinks they will be thrown in prison. It will all be over. She knows that it isnít what he wants. Zoe thinks it is horrible what happened to her. It was an accident though. Thomas wasnít responsible. If they thought there was foul play. Xander thinks that Emma had a full life to live. Xander finds it odd that Emma accidentally ran off the road. They can come clean about Beth. Xander is going to go and get the truth.

Brooke didnít ask him here to attack him. Liam understands why she is upset. Brooke is just shocked that he moved on this quickly. Liam was drunk but he knew what he was doing. Brooke knew it would happen. She just was hoping things would work out with Hope. Brooke is worried about her well-being. Liam thinks that this is on Thomas. Brooke thinks that there is something off about Thomas. He is way to intense. Liam thinks that Thomas is trapping Hope into a relationship.

Hope remembers Liam proposing to her. Thomas walks back into the cabin. Thomas thought it was cute that Douglas decided to take out the ring. Hope asks if he really didnít know that Douglas would do this.

Charlie is sleeping in his office. Xander walks in and wakes him up. Xander was wondering if he could help him with something. Charlie asks if he needs to model something. Xander says it is a security brand. Xander got something stolen from his car yesterday. He asks if the cameras are on every day. Charlie says always. Charlie shows him how it all works. Xander asks where Emma used to park. Charlie says she used to park over there. Someone walks in saying that Charlie is needed. Xander asks if he looks for his car while he handles that. Charlie has no issue with this. Xander want to know what really happened.

Brooke is afraid of what is going on. Douglas walks downstairs. He wants a snack. Thomas is with Hope. They were watching fireworks. Then he gave Hope her present. He gave Hope a special ring. Liam asks what kind of ring. Thomas wants to marry Hope so she can be his mommy.

Hope asks if he knew that Doulas was going to give her the ring. Thomas had no idea about it. Hope doesnít think it makes any sense. Thomas thinks he has seen it before. Hope just isnít sure how he could pull it off by himself. Thomas thinks he loves her. He wants her to be his mommy. Thomas thinks he knows how much he loves her and how he wants her to be his wife.

Xander finds Emma in the parking lot. He wonders where Thomas is.

Liam asks Brooke what that was. Brooke cannot believe his. Liam knows that Thomas told him to do this. Brooke thinks this is too much pressure. Liam thinks this shows how twisted this is. Liam is not going to let this happen. He will put a stop to it.

Thomas knows that Liam and Steffy are on their path. He wanted that. Hope wanted that but she still cares about Liam. Thomas knows she has been tormented for months. Thomas knows she loves Douglas. She saved his little guys life. He wants to safe hers. They can be a family. Liam knows she thinks she lost her family when Beth was taken from her. Liam can give her Douglas he would do anything for her. Thomas thinks about Emma dying. Thomas thinks this is about what is best for the children. He thinks his vow to cherish and protect her foreverÖ She can trust him.

Xander knew that Thomas went after Emma. Xander knew that Thomas killed Emma. Thomas is a murderer.

Thomas thinks she has a chance to be a mother to Douglas. They can make her happy. Thomas asks her to take the ring and be his wife. He asks her to say yes.

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