B&B Thursday Update 7/4/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/4/19


Written by Anthony

Steffy tells Liam that the girls are still asleep. Liam thinks that he had a pretty big day himself. Steffy asks where Liam went. Liam is thinking about when he went to see Hope the other day for the party. Steffy thinks that he had to be open and honest. Liam thinks that he had to tell the truth.

Thomas finds Hope in Brooke’s living room. Thomas tells Hope that Brooke and Ride were looking for her down at the pool. Hope is not sure she is up for it. Thomas wonders if he is still going to see the fireworks with Douglas. Hope is not going to let him down. Thomas thinks it is fine to be unsure of Liam and his sister being back together. Hope wants to give Douglas the best 4th of July ever. Thomas is so proud of Douglas right now. It is all because of Hope. She got him through the feelings of loss and rejection. Hope points out that Caroline died. Thomas knows that but this little boy feels loss and abandonment. Hope doesn’t think he has been. Thomas knows that anything could set him back so easily. He just needs to know that he is loved. Thomas thinks that it will be good to know that she adores him too. Brooke and Ridge walk in through the back door. Brooke thought that Thomas would have been back outside. Hope is sorry that she didn’t come down earlier Brooke wonders what she was talking about. Hope explains that that spoke about Liam and Steffy. Hope explains that Liam did say he was sorry. Liam told her something. He and Steffy made love and are back together.

Liam knows that Hope was really hurt. Steffy thinks that he had to be honest. Liam thinks that she was just as honest with him. Liam doesn’t want her to be more hurt or vulnerable.

Thomas asks if Douglas had fun swimming with Ridge and Brooke. Douglas guesses. He wonders if Caroline is still in heaven. Thomas says yes. Douglas asks if he will see her again. Thomas wonders if he means if she is coming back. Thomas explains that she is gone. When she was here she said something to him. She said that if she ever went up there to heaven she would be happy if Douglas was happy. He knows that Douglas is happy when he is with Hope. Thomas thinks that they will be a family. He will need his help though. Thomas shows Douglas the ring and asks him to look at it.

Hope appreciates Liam being honest with her. She guesses it made sense they would make love again. It was just a man who spent so much time trying to save their marriage. He gets to have that with Steffy now. They live together and love each other. They love those girls. She cannot be angry with that. It hurts but she guesses she is jealous on some level about the life they will have as a family together. All the firsts. Their life will be beautiful. As beautiful as the life she could have had with Beth. Beth is gone though. The life they wanted was never meant to be.

Liam plays peek-a-boo with Phoebe. Steffy thinks that their little peacemaker is trying to distract them from talking about Thomas. Liam thinks that Thomas gives him a reason not to trust him. Steffy knows that Thomas came on too strong. Hope is an incredible woman. Steffy thinks she is meant to be a mom. Liam doesn’t think that is his only objective. Liam thinks that Thomas only wants her for himself. Steffy thinks he is acting obsessed. Steffy thinks if he is committed she doesn’t see anything wrong with that.

Thomas reminds Douglas they are going to see the fireworks at Hope’s cabin. Thomas wants to ask Hope to marry him. Then they will be a family. That sounds good to Douglas, he assumes. He asks if Douglas wants to say that he wants Hope to be his mommy. Douglas wants him to say that he wants Hope to be his mommy. Thomas thinks they need Hope to know how much they love her. Thomas thinks this ring is magic. If Hope puts it on her finger then it is magic. Thomas has a different idea.

Ridge finds Brooke and asks if Hope went down to the cabin. Ridge should tell Thomas because they are watching the fireworks together. Ridge thinks it will cheer them all up.

Thomas thinks that this will be special. Douglas wants to say that Thomas wants him to ask her to marry him. Thomas thinks that it needs to remain their secret. It needs to come from him. That is what makes it special. Douglas asks if Hope will marry him. Thomas wants to get Douglas dressed up for this.

Hope decorates for the Fourth of July.

Liam looks at a toy of the girls. He gets a message.

Hope gets a text from Thomas saying that he and Douglas will be there soon. Hope walks outside and sees the fireworks.

Liam walks outside and sees the fireworks starting. Hope remembers telling Liam that she was pregnant on the fourth of July.

Ridge knows that Brooke is worried about Hope. She is not alone though. She is strong with a beautiful mother. Brooke wished that she didn’t need to be so strong. Liam doesn’t think she is second guessing anything. Ridge thinks that Steffy and Liam are putting their family together. Ridge knows that this will make them happy. Ridge guesses Brooke.

Steffy and Liam hold the girls as they watch the fireworks. Steffy meant to say this earlier but wasn’t sure if she should. She knows that today must be bitter sweet. She knows this is the day that Hope said she was pregnant. Liam admits it is. Liam remembers what never happened. Liam thinks about how excited he and Hope were it is just bitter sweet. He has to say that being here with the girls helps. Phoebe helps especially. Liam imagines that Phoebe is around the age that Beth would have been. Liam admits when he holds her the love is the same. It is just as strong and he realizes that this little angel is his daughter now. She really is. Liam cries and kisses her. Liam smiles.

Douglas watches the fireworks. Hope always loved fireworks as a little girl. They always got together. Douglas has something important to ask Hope. It would make him and Thomas happy. He doesn’t want Hope to be sad. He loves Hope. He takes out the ring and shows it to her. Douglas asks if Hope will be his mommy and marry Douglas. Thomas acts confused.

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