B&B Tuesday Update 7/2/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/2/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke thought that Hope would join them for breakfast. Hope wanted quiet time. Brooke asks if she enjoyed herself at Steffy’s. Hope thought it was fine. Douglas had a good time and it was nice to see the girls. She called Phoebe Beth. She guesses a part of her will always think that this is how old Beth might have been and how her eyesight have looked. She knows that Liam has another life now.

Liam wakes up in bed. Steffy is sitting next to him filing her nails. She says cha cha cha. Liam asks about the girls. Steffy tells him that they are fine. Steffy wonders if he is having one of those “why did I do that last night moments.” Liam says no. He was a little worried that he wasn’t himself last night. Steffy promises that he was definitely himself last night. She is starting to feel like herself too.

Thomas tells Vinny that he cannot talk right now. Vinny thought that he would have fun with the stuff he did last night. Thomas doesn’t have the reviews yet but he is feeling optimistic. Douglas walks downstairs. He asks if Thomas can fix this. Thomas looks for batteries. Thomas wonders if he had fun with Hope at the beach. Thomas shows Douglas the ring that he has for Hope.

Brooke knows that Liam is the same man that she married. Hope knows that Liam has had time to rethink things. Brooke is sure that Liam was feeling tense seeing her like he did last nigh. Hope thinks it was the opposite of that.

Liam must have had a lot more than he thought he did last night. Steffy is sure that he just feels exhaustion of being super dad last night. Steffy hears the girls wake up. Liam thinks the girls need their help. Steffy will get them started. Liam sits alone.

Liam ask Steffy if he was a lot at the party. Steffy thought he was enjoying himself. Liam doesn’t think that Hope was thrilled with him. Liam needs to go see Hope now. Things are not left to a phone call. Steffy is sure that her and the girls will be fine until he gets back.

Brooke is not shocked about Liam. She knows that Liam loves her. She needs to ask why he isn’t happy. She gave him no choice. Hope says that Thomas doesn’t think that Liam wants her back. Hope thinks that Liam has always had her back. Brooke doesn’t think that Thomas is the love of her life.

Thomas tells Douglas that if Hope puts the ring on Hope’s finger then she becomes his mommy. Douglas thought that Caroline was in heaven. Thomas says his new mommy. Douglas wonders if that would make Caroline mad. Thomas doesn’t think that people in heaven get mad. Caroline loves them and doesn’t want them to be sad. Douglas wants Hope to be his new mommy. Thomas is glad and proud of him. They need to get this ring on Hope’s finger. Douglas wonders about Liam. Liam isn’t so sure.

Liam shows up at the cabin. He knows he should have knocked. It’s just a force of habit. Liam is sorry for hurting her. Hope asks if things have all changed somehow.

Thomas shows up at Steffy’s house and Steffy is sleeping on the couch. Thomas hides his phone and then walks back over to he door and pretends he just walked in. Thomas asks if she slept on the sofa last night. Steffy has been up for hours. Steffy wonders why he is here. Thomas might have left his phone here. He asks if Liam is still asleep. Steffy explains that he had things to do. Thomas knows that Hope seemed pretty upset with things last night. Steffy thinks it was one party. Thomas will check in her bedroom. Steffy tries calling his phone and it rings over on the couch. Steffy says she found it. Steffy asks if someone hid it. Thomas thinks no one slept in her bed last night. He wants to know the truth.

Liam thinks that some things have changed. Not the way he feels about her. Hope guesses if he says so. Hope is all about having a good time after what they have been through. Liam was something else though asking her to dance even if she said no. Liam is sorry. Liam did things that he knows he wouldn’t have done. Hope asks what things. Liam thinks he wouldn’t have done those things if he were putting her first. Liam has to say sorry to her about yesterday because something happened. It is something that she should hear from him. She asked him if Steffy and him were getting closer. He said no and that was the truth. Last night though… Hope guesses they had sex.

Steffy thought that they were always taught to make their bed. Thomas knows they used to be able to talk about anything. Steffy wants to be able to figure out what things mean to her. Thomas knows that they were meant for one another. Thomas is happy for Steffy. Steffy is sure he is happy for himself though. Thomas knows he cannot say anything right. Steffy guesses he went to see Hope and tell her everything. Steffy is sure what happened between them too.

Hope guesses last night they… Liam wanted her to hear it from him. Hope guesses things have changed. Liam cannot even explain it. Hope thought that yesterday he said that they were just co-parenting. Hope asks what changed. Liam guesses it just happened. Hope doesn’t know why she is asking any of this. Liam is sorry. Hope doesn’t want him to say sorry. She is the one who ended this marriage. He fought for them. She said she wanted this. If she gets hurt it isn’t his fault. It might be a good thing. It probably needed to happen. Hope thinks that she needs to move on herself. He doesn’t have to worry about her. Liam doesn’t think it means that he is going to stop thinking about her. Hope wants him to be with the mother of his child. He can love them with everything he has. He can be happy and know that she is happy for him. He is living the life he deserves. The life she couldn’t give him.

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