B&B Monday Update 7/1/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/1/19


Written by Anthony

Douglas tells Hope a story about a bird who ate a fish. Steffy is shocked that Liam can walk on his hands. Liam guesses when the moment strikes. Steffy takes the girls to get changed. Liam continues to drink his margarita that Thomas has had drugged.

Flo admits she misses having her mom around. Wyatt never thought that her mom would want to leave so quickly. Wyatt is sure that Quinn will be sad. Flo guesses that her mom has her reasons for not sticking around. Flo explains that Shauna wants her to be able to live her life and not live in the past. She enjoyed living with Quinn and Eric but she missed Vegas. Wyatt wonders if it is a mother like daughter thing. Flo doesn’t think so.

Steffy tells Liam, Thomas, and Hope the kids are asleep. Liam wants to party. He wants to put music on. He wants a super slow and really chill song on. He asks who is feeling this as he starts dancing. It really is moving through him. He asks if Hope is picking up what he is doing. He tells Steffy that he is dancing with her then. Thomas thinks that Liam is exactly where he needs to be with Steffy and the girls. He thinks that is exactly what it is all about.

Flo thinks every time she thought things couldn’t get better but they do. She wonders if he remembers them pretending what it be like to live together. Wyatt doesn’t think it is a fantasy anymore because this is as real as it gets. Wyatt kisses Flo. Flo gets really into it an gets on top of him.

Liam feels that Steffy is a really good person. He thinks they survived so many things and it is amazing. He feels like the two of them made each other who they are. They figured out how to be adults together. Liam really loves having her in his life. He wants to have a dance party. Thomas thinks someone is in a good mood. Hope doesn’t think that he is acting like himself. Thomas wonders how she knows what he is like behind closed doors. Liam feels like he needs to keep the party going. Liam feels that Hope is the key to them having a party. Liam wants Hope to change her mind and dance with him. Hope doesn’t want to dance. Liam doesn’t like Thomas but he is probably a good dad. Hope doesn’t want to dance with him. She asks why he is acting like their lives weren’t torn apart by tragedy. Hope is trying to be normal and happy and rejoin the world like she didn’t just lose a child. It is really hard though. Hope asks why he is doing this. Liam wants to be happy and laugh and dance and be married. Liam thinks they deserve to feel better than they do. Hope feels happy for him if he feels like that. Thomas thinks that they should go. Hope agrees. She tells Steffy she is sorry. Hope brings Douglas out. Hope thanks Steffy for inviting them. Thomas wants to talk with Steffy for a moment. Liam wishes that he didn’t feel like they have to go. Steffy asks if Liam can go upstairs for a bit. Liam guesses he can. Thomas can tell that Steffy and Liam are into each other. He thinks that Liam is happier than he has been in a long time. Thomas wants her to be happier too. Steffy is. She tells Thomas to go. Hope is outside alone and upset.

Wyatt gets on top of Flo and they undress one another.

Steffy finds Liam upstairs hugging a pillow. Liam feels great right now. He wishes that Hope didn’t have to run out. He asks if the girls are still asleep. Steffy suggests that Liam should get some himself. Liam wants Steffy to sleep with him. He gets her in bed and they look at one another.

Flo asks if this is where Wyatt tells her that there is some sort of catch. Like she has to sleep on the couch. Wyatt wants her next to him every night and morning. Wyatt doesn’t think many people get to do this. Wyatt doesn’t think many people get a second chance with their first love.

Thomas tells Hope that Douglas is asleep again. Thomas knows she was hurt by how Liam was acting. Thomas thinks that what they went through meant nothing to Liam. Hope thought that they were just co-parenting. Thomas thinks that it seems that it is hard to think that Liam and Steffy are just co-parenting.

Liam really liked today. Good food and music. It was good company minus Thomas. He had a really good time despite of him. Steffy thinks that Liam was certainly the life of the party. Liam finds it shocking that he was the life of the party. Steffy knows that Hope had a different opinion. Liam thought it felt good to put the weight down. Steffy gets it. Liam knows she always gets it. Liam thinks that Steffy is so beautiful. Liam thinks she is such a beautiful soul and it comes through her beautiful eyes. She gets him. He can just be him. He can be Liam and laugh and cry and dance. Liam thinks she accepts all of him. He is so grateful to have her in his life. Those two girls will bond them forever. He thinks that Steffy is amazing. He wants her to know that. Liam kisses Steffy. Liam asks what is wrong with him. Steffy tells him nothing. The two look at one another again and start to kiss.

Thomas didn’t mean to look in her head. Hope just thinks to see Liam like that… She cannot help but wonder what is going on. Thomas knows they are living together. He wants her to think about what is going on.

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