B&B Friday Update 6/28/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/28/19


Written by Anthony

Hope tells Phoebe that she thinks about Beth everyday as if she was Beth. Hope has a break with reality. Liam asks what Hope said. Hope admits she said Beth as she looks at Phoebe.

Wyatt asks if Flo is disappointed about missing Steffy’s beach party. Wyatt just likes this better. Liam thinks since she came back into his life, she is all he can think about. Wyatt realizes his feelings never went away. Wyatt doesn’t want to lose her again. Flo doesn’t want to either. Wyatt wants her to say yes. Flo asks what he means. Wyatt means the next logical step to their relationship. Wyatt spoke with Sally the other day and they officially ended things. Wyatt needed to say something to her and now he is free to be with her. Flo asks what she supposed to say yes to. Wyatt is giving her a key to his front door. He is asking her to move in with him.

Hope tells Steffy, she is so sorry. She doesn’t know why… She tells Steffy to take her as she starts crying. Steffy tells her that it is ok.

Flo asks when Wyatt had this made. Wyatt asks if she means when he decided. Wyatt explains that Liam is the one who over thinks everything. He, on the other hand, he just knows what feels right and he thinks this feels right to him. There are some other compensating benefits. If she isn’t ready right now that is fine. Wyatt really likes waking up to her next to him. Shauna walks in. She guesses she caught them at the wrong time. Wyatt asked Flo to move in. Wyatt loves Flo. He loves Flo. Shauna is so happy for the both of them. Flo asks if she is ok with this. Shauna asks if she loves him back. Flo does. Shauna thinks it is a yes then.

Liam walks over to Hope. Steffy is worried about Hope. Hope asks if Liam ever second guesses himself. Hope wanted to be here for Phoebe and Kelly so she could be here for Douglas. Yet, the reality is that she is… Really happy for the girls. She is happy that Phoebe gets to have him as a father. When she holds him as he did earlier. She thinks it might have been a mistake coming here. Liam is not her husband anymore but that doesn’t mean that he will ever stop caring about her when she needs him.

Wyatt tells Flo if she says the word then the key is hers. Flo says yes. She accepts his key. Shauna is so happy for them. They are perfect for another. Wyatt will head to the store and be right back. Shauna hugs Flo. This makes things easier for her to leave. She wants to leave for her. She wants her to have the life she deserves. She knows she still feels guilty but Thomas is right she has to keep the secret. She needs to focus on Wyatt and her place as a Logan. All this rests on her staying mum about Beth.

Hope is sorry about earlier. Steffy thinks that Phoebe being a Logan makes her a part of her. Steffy knows that Thomas would do anything for Douglas. Liam brings Kelly out in a bow. Thomas gives Steffy Phoebe. Douglas wants to play fish. Hope thinks it sounds fun. Thomas suggests he go get the cards upstairs. Liam and Steffy takes the girls into the kitchen. Thomas asks if Hope is ok. Hope thinks she should help Douglas find the cards. Thomas thinks that Liam is fully committed to the girls. He has moved on and she should too.

Shauna thinks that Flo deserves a wonderful like and that is why she has to go. She is a painful reminder for her. She will be back to check on her. She loves her. She is not falling out of her life. She needs to go. Flo needs to embrace Wyatt and this beautiful home she has here. Shauna is not going to let her throw all this away.

Steffy tells everyone they need to put sunscreen on and then they will head to the beach. Thomas put Liam’s drink on the mantle. Hope packs the cooler. Liam goes into the kitchen. Hope asks if he reads the girls bedtime stories. Liam acts them out. Hope thinks it makes her heart full knowing that he is here with Kelly and Phoebe. Hope thinks that is what this was all about in the first place. Thomas watches the margarita. Hope assumes that Steffy is happy that he is back. Hope wonders if this means they are close. Liam is sleeping in the guest room. Hope admits she is glad they are taking their time. Liam thinks it makes sense. Hope wants him to know that despite ending their marriage she will always love him. Liam will always love her too. Which is why he struggles with how much Thomas is in her life. Thomas drugs his drink. Liam wants her to be careful with Thomas. Hope goes to check on Douglas. Liam gets a text. He puts the drink down. He picks it back up again and takes a sip. Thomas thinks in his mind that today it happens for all of them. The beginning of the rest of their lives. Thomas says goodbye to Liam

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