B&B Wednesday Update 6/26/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/26/19


Written By Anthony

Eric and Quinn show up at an office memorial for Emma. Quinn is shocked that she is gone. Eric knows. Pam wanted Justin to know how much Emma meant to everyone. Donna thinks that this was not ok.

Xander thinks that this wasn’t an accident. Thomas looks at the photo for Emma. Steffy walks over. Thomas wonders if Hope is here.

Justin doesn’t know what his sister will do without her baby girl. Bill explains that Katie wanted to be here but Will still has a fever. Justin tells him that she called. He wanted to thank them all. Working at Forrester was a dream at Emma’s. Eric explains that she was a great asset. Brooke wishes that Emma was still here. Donna hugs Justin. Thomas looks in.

Sally is glad that Wyatt called. Sally was just stopping by Emma’s memorial. Wyatt thinks that it is awful what happened. Sally misses Wyatt. She knows it has been a while. She wonders why he wanted to see her.

Brooke thinks that Emma knew everything about Hope’s collection. Justin knows she was devoted to Hope.

Hope tells Tiffany she is sorry. She knows she was her best friend. Tiffany thinks she was always there for her. Hope thinks she knew exactly how to do things to make people feel better.

Thomas thinks about begging Emma to pull over. He wasn’t going to let her tell Hope a thing. Xander tells Thomas they need to talk. Thomas tells them all they don’t need to worry. Flo thinks that Emma is dead and they are the only four who know about this. Xander asks if that is true.

Wyatt doesn’t think that Sally was the only person who tried to help. Sally sees Flo around the office. She knows why Wyatt had to do this. Se knows they were in love all those years ago and have a history. Sally thinks they have a history as well. Some of her happiest memories are in this house. Sally asks if she can forgive her so they can make some more memories. Sally thinks they did talk about the future. Wyatt explains that he wanted to talk about their future. Wyatt does care about her. He explains while they were apart things changed. Sally knows with him and Flo. Sally gets it. She guesses that is it.

Quinn thinks that Emma had a million questions. Eric thinks she was confident. Steffy thinks that Emma always stuck her neck out for people. Tiffany thinks that Emma made sure that they all knew what it was like for people. Xander thinks that meeting Emma was a breath of fresh air. Xander thinks if Emma saw a problem she wouldn’t think twice to solve a problem. Hope feels that Emma was so kind. Brooke knows she looked up to her. Hope was lucky to call her a friend. Justin was so proud of the work she was doing. These were the best days of her life. Justin promised to look after her. Bill thinks this was a freak thing that doesn’t make any sense. Zoe knows she wasn’t always the best person to Emma but she did grow to respect her. Justin says the police haven’t made an official ruling. They found something at the site. Xander asks what kind of evidence. They found her phone. She was writing a text and hadn’t sent it yet. She was coming to see Hope. Justin thinks that things would be different had she made it. Bill goes to get Justin a drink. Xander thinks about all the smiling he did with Emma.

Thomas sits down with Justin. He wanted to say he is sorry for his loss. He didn’t know her very long but she made a big impact in her life. She won’t be forgotten. It is a shame she didn’t deserve this. Thomas thinks it was a terrible accident.

Sally thinks that she is allowed to be angry. Sally wishes she could tell him he has no right but she is the one who messed up and betrayed his trust. She was hoping space would be good and he would miss her. She guesses that was a mistake too. She asks why their exes had to come back. Everything would be different if it wasn’t for Thomas.

Brooke doesn’t think that texting and driving sounds like Emma. Hope is sure that Thomas feels terrible. Thomas can come back. He asks how Hope is doing. Hope is sad and a little confused. Hope heard from Pam that he was with Emma. She wants to know why they were arguing.

Wyatt had no idea that Flo would show up back in LA. Sally thinks one day he will realize she is the one who got away. There is no such thing as a perfect woman. It wasn’t her and it won’t be Flo. One thing is for certain, she will always love him.

Donna and Ridge wish Justin well on his travels.

Thomas said that he had a difference of opinion with Emma. Emma wanted to dance. She kept pushing him on it. She wouldn’t let it go. Hope says she didn’t say anything to him. Emma said that she would go to him. Thomas thinks she was already dealing with so much. Thomas thought he could handle this himself.

Zoe thinks they should go. Xander thinks that Hope is in there. Xander thinks that Hope could be getting involved with a dangerous man.

Hope wants to make sure that Emma knew that she cared about her. She cannot believe she is gone. Thomas is here for Hope. Xander looks at them.

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