B&B Tuesday Update 6/25/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/25/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke tells Ridge she only knows what she told her. Brooke knows that Hope and her were good friends. Ridge doesn’t think that any of this makes sense.

Xander thinks that Thomas is responsible for Emma’ death. Zoe suggests that she could have been going so fast. Zoe asks if she is buying this too.

Thomas knows that Emma was devoted to Hope. Hope suggest she could have been driving too fast. Thomas suggests they might never know.

Brooke called Pam and told her to spread it to the office. She knows that Hope is going to take this hard. Ridge knows that Thomas can help her.

Zoe thinks that they are trying to get them arrested. Zoe thinks if they tell anyone then they have to tell the whole truth. Zoe thinks that he is Flo’s step-cousin. Flo doesn’t care. Thomas is clearly not well.

Hope suggests it could have been someone else who died. Thomas remembers thinking that when Caroline passed away. Hope thinks it sounds so impossible. She was such a good person. Hope wonders if anyone has told Tiffany the intern. She was her best friend. Thomas thinks she is thinking of everyone but herself. Thomas could stay here and sleep on the sofa. Hope thanks him. She thinks she will be alright. Hope asks about him. Thomas knows they have all done things they regret. Thomas will never give her any reason to doubt why they care about her. Thomas thinks it be best if they didn’t mention this to Douglas. Hope wonders why they would. He didn’t know Emma. Thomas thinks that there has already been so much death in his life. He should thinks that old people die. Not people only a few years older. Thomas knows that Emma didn’t care much for him. He knows he is tough at times. Thomas is glad they have one another. Hope has been relying on him a lot lately. Thomas thinks there is nothing he wouldn’t do for her.

Ridge thinks they need to have a discussion about his son. Brooke thinks that Thomas is to dependent on Hope. Brooke asks if it is really appropriate that Thomas is going after Hope right now. She thinks what needs to happen is counselling. Brooke thinks the last few years, Thomas could have benefited from professional help. He has issues. Ridge knows he was never there as a dad. He is moving forward. Ridge thinks that makes him happy.

Flo asks if Zoe really doesn’t think that she got hurt from Thomas. Xander needs to find out the truth. Someone tries to get into the room. Xander goes to open the door. Thomas shows up. Xander tells him that Emma is dead. Flo asks where he was. Xander knows that Emma was on her way to tell Hope. Xander knows that Thomas would have done anything to stop her. Xander asks if he killed Emma. Xander knows that Thomas was with her before she left the building. Thomas thinks that Emma was all over the place. She was on her way to Hope which meant that they were on their way to jail. Thomas did what he thought was best. He went straight to Hope. He thought they needed to come clean. Xander doesn’t believe him. Flo doesn’t either. Thomas was with Hope. Brooke called and told her the awful news. Flo asks how Thomas got there first. Flo asks if Hope is ok. Thomas says she is devastated. She knows no more about Beth than yesterday so they are safe.

Brooke guesses they can tell Thomas when he gets home. Hope says that Thomas was at the cabin when she called. Pam walks in from the side door. Pam thought to take Emma’s things from work here. She was probably the last one to see her alive along with Thomas. Hope knows he was here with her. Thomas was not in the best mood. Hope thought he seemed fine. Brooke asks what the issue was. Pam doesn’t know. Brooke would love to know what Emma’s state of mind was. Brooke wonders what Emma was saying. Pam guesses she wanted to go but he wanted her to stay. Then he left. Pam says that Emma brought her a red rose this morning. She forgot to put it in water so most of the peddles had fallen. She didn’t realize it be the last thing she would see of her.

Xander asks what he means by safe. Thomas thinks safe from the story getting out. Flo doesn’t think that Beth is a story. Zoe doesn’t think that Xander meat to say anything. Thomas didn’t do anything to Emma. Xander thinks this is a sign that this needs to come out. Thomas thinks this was a sign. Flo thought that she would never see her family again. Thomas guesses that is what stands to happen. Their families will wash their hands of them.

Brooke thinks there is more to Thomas than meets the eye.

Thomas will not lose his chance at a family.

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