B&B Monday Update 6/24/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/24/19


Written by Anthony

Emma drives down the highway and realizes a car is purposely crashing into her. She falls down a cliff and dies. Thomas watches from on top of the cliff and smiles.

Hope looks outside of the cabin and then walks over to her phone. She looks at a picture of her with Phoebe.

Brooke takes a sip of a drink and thinks about talking with Hope about Thomas’ sudden attraction to her worries her. Bill walks over. He explains he is meeting Justin for dinner. Bill thinks she looks to be deep in thought. He asks if everything is ok. Brooke is glad that she ran into him. She is pleased that him and Katie are back together. Bill explains that no one is happier than him other than Will. Bill thinks that all is wonderful in the world. Bill thinks that she deflected his question. He asks if Ridge did something again. She doesn’t have to tell him but he is here to talk. Brooke says it is about Ridge in a round about way. It is more about Thomas. She doesn’t trust him with Hope.

Flo shows up at the office and asks what is going on. Zoe tells her that Emma found out about Beth and went to go tell Hope the truth. Flo guesses that is it then. Zoe doesn’t think if Thomas tells her first.

Thomas walks into the cabin. Hope asks what he is doing here.

Flo just thought that things had settled and now Emma knows. Zoe is still hoping that Thomas will be able to reason with her. Xander doesn’t think that they can do this. Xander thinks that Hope and Liam would already be reunited if it weren’t for Thomas. Zoe knows that Thomas will stop Emma. Zoe has to believe that Thomas will find a way to keep Emma quiet.

Bill never thought that Thomas and Hope were that close. Brooke knows they weren’t but Thomas is throwing Caroline’s death in her face. Thomas hasn’t been subtle with how things have gone. Hope was thinking about leaving Liam but Thomas validated things. Brooke thinks that Thomas is working against Liam. Bill assumes that makes things awkward around the dinner table. Brooke is worried She doesn’t like this at all. Thomas is pushing too hard and she doesn’t trust the so called love for her daughter.

Hope wonders where Thomas came from. Thomas wonders if he told her how amazing she is lately. He is proud of the choices that she is making. Thomas thinks that no one would blame her for what is going on with Beth. She has been pushing her life forward. Hope thinks the girls deserve to have a full-time father. Thomas is willing to wait for Hope. He will protect that dream with everything he is. He will not let anything get in the way. He promises her that.

Brooke doesn’t think that Thomas can blame her and Ridge for his childhood forever. Bill knows that Thomas has skated close to the edge more than once. Brooke knows that he did so many things to Rick. Bill thinks that Brooke was right to keep an eye on him. Bill knows that Thomas is not a stable person. It is possible that Thomas would take advantage of Hope. Brooke thanks Bill. Bill gets a call from Justin. Justin got a call from his sister. There was an accident near Brooke’s house. Emma is gone. His niece is gone. Bill asks if he is at the office. Justin is. Bill will be there in ten minutes. Bill explains that Justin’s niece Emma died. Brooke thinks this was terrible. They all loved her so much. Brooke will call up the office. Brooke wonders about Hope. She will be devastated.

Thomas thinks they can think about their future. Thomas is willing to take the job of showing her that they are right. He knows that Brooke has her issues but it doesn’t matter. He wants Hope to trust and believe that everything he is doing he is doing with her best interest in line.

Xander thinks that there is only one way this ends up. Pam walks in distraught. She just got off the phone with Brooke. Pam cannot believe she has to say this. There was a terrible accident and Emma is dead. Flo asks what happened. Pam guesses her car went off the road. Emma was looking for Hope. Her and Thomas were together. Emma said nothing. She left so quickly. She was so young. She knows that they were friends. She is so sorry to bring them this awful news. Xander thinks that Emma just is dead is a little odd. He wants to know where Thomas is. Flo asks if he thinks that Thomas killed Emma.

Thomas thinks that everything he is doing is for her. Brooke calls Hope. Brooke has some terrible news. Brooke was sitting here with Bill and he left. Justin called him. A car went off near their house and it was Emma’s. Brooke is sorry but she is dead. Hope doesn’t think it can be. Brooke didn’t want her to find out from a notification. Hope thanks her for telling her. Hope tells Thomas Emma is dead. Thomas asks how. Hope explains that her car went off the road. Hope thinks she had her whole life ahead of her. Hope doesn’t understand how something like this could happen.

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