B&B Friday Update 6/21/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/21/19


Written by Anthony

Emma thinks if Thomas cared about Hope… Thomas does care about Hope. Phoebe is living in a loving home. It isn’t ok to let Phoebe be taken from the only mother she has ever known. Emma asks how he didn’t go running to Hope the moment he found out. She asks what is wrong with them. Thomas thinks that Emma is the one with problems. She needs to shut up and do what she is told. Hope will never find out the truth. Thomas will make Emma stay quiet.

Hope walks into Brooke’s house and Ridge walks down stairs. He thought it was Brooke with fried chicken. She ran into coffee for the morning. She also saw his beautiful granddaughters. She needed to see the girls and see the family that Liam and Steffy have. Ridge knows it was a difficult time for her. Ridge sees happiness in her future if she decides to let it in.

Zoe thinks this was extremely careless. Xander knows she is worried but this isn’t fair to Hope. She deserves to know the truth.

Hope thinks it is hard for her to focus on the future. She wants to deal with each day as it comes. Ridge thinks that someone else is here just to make sure that her life gets back on track. He means Thomas.

Emma thinks he is threatening her. Thomas thinks that everything is fine. Thomas thinks that things are fine. Thomas thinks that Douglas and him will have Hope. He has waited a long time for a second chance with Hope. He will not get involved.

Hope asks if he is saying what she thinks he is saying. Ridge is just saying that Thomas is a good kid. Hope knows that Thomas has helped her through a difficult time. Ridge thinks that letting Liam go back to Steffy was right too. Hope knows it was their lovely family. Zoe has to protect her family. Thomas wants a future with Hope and is never going to let this come out. Xander thinks that Thomas was a jerk. Zoe thinks this could be a happily ever after for everyone.

Emma asks how Thomas could think this is ok. If Hope wants to be a step-mother to his son then that is great but this isn’t what she wants. Thomas thinks she wans two parents in the same home for Phoebe and Beth. Emma is telling her the truth. Hope is her friend. Even if she was a complete stranger she would tell the truth. She deserves to know the truth. Thomas loves her. Thomas doesn’t think that she knows his feelings. Emma wants to take the pain away from Hope. Thomas thinks that everyone is where they are supposed to be. Emma doesn’t think that Beth is. Emma is leaving. Thomas will not let her go anywhere. Pam walks in and says hi. Pam has an important question to ask. Pam needs him to answer the questions. Thomas doesn’t need to deal with this. Thomas says chocolate. Thomas runs off.

Hope is flattered that Ridge thinks that she could be a good mother to Douglas. Ridge thinks Caroline will always be his mom but maybe something was meant to be. Hope will always be there for Douglas. She just is trying to figure out if Thomas is the one. She knows a lot of women would be lucky to have Thomas. Ridge knows all of Thomas’ flaws. Ridge thinks that Thomas is a great designer and man. Ridge thinks that Thomas could give her the stability she didn’t have before.

Xander is here for Zoe no matter what. Zoe guesses that Emma got the last laugh. She is getting her revenge on her right now. Xander thinks that Emma wants to do right by her. Zoe thinks that Thomas got to her first though.

Emma drives her car and thinks about what she has just learned. She reaches for her phone and pulls out Hope’s number. She can’t tell her over the phone. Another car is behind her and asks what they are doing.

Zoe is calling Hope. Zoe asks Hope what is going on. Zoe says that there is something on her mind. She was trying to track down some extra hands to organize things. She heard that Emma was with her. Hope says that she hasn’t seen Emma.

Hope look at family pictures and sees one of Hope and Liam. She sits down and thinks about her pregnancy test. She remembers getting married to Liam. She remembers passing out and then finding out that Beth died.

Emma continues down the road. She tries texting Hope. The person behind her is on her bumper. She ends up swerving and crashes. Thomas gets out of his car and looks down a hill. Emma’s car is smack down the long hill. Emma dies in the car.

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