B&B Thursday Update 6/20/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/20/19


Written by Anthony

Emma asks if Hope and Liam’s daughter is alive. Zoe tells Xander that he didn’t mean to say it. Zoe thinks they were talking about wishing the baby was alive. Xander thinks this is over. Emma cannot believe that Beth is alive.

Liam tells Steffy the baby’s are fed and sound asleep. Liam asks if Steffy is ok. Liam knew this day would come. He is the annoying house guest. Steffy is really happy that he is here and spending time with the girls. It is nice. She is concerned about him and Thomas getting along. Liam feels for Douglas losing his mom. Liam doesn’t think that Thomas gets to use Hope’s loss to get closer to Hope.

Brooke walks into the CEO office and finds Thomas. She thought he would be at home by now. Thomas explains that Hope was inspired by his last sketch. Thomas wants the best for the line and Hope. Brooke thinks that Thomas needs time to heal. Thomas is in love with her daughter. Brooke knows how he feels. Ridge told her. They talked about the difficulties he has gone through. This seems to go farther than Douglas. Brooke doesn’t want to get into his past issues. She just needs time to heal. He needs to focus on Douglas not Hope. She ended her marriage to Liam but she is still mourning the loss of her daughter.

Zoe begs Emma to calm down. Emma demands to know where Beth is. Xander explains that Steffy is raising her. Emma asks if it is Phoebe. She asks if Phoebe is actually Beth.

Liam doesn’t want their issues to be a problem for them. He knows that Hope doesn’t need him to go in and protect her but Thomas is clearly using Douglas to get to Hope. Steffy hears Phoebe cry and goes to check on her. Someone knocks on the door and it is Hope. Liam has her come on in. Hope doesn’t want to intrude. She just wanted to see the happy family for herself.

Thomas thinks that Hope and Douglas have a strong bond. Brooke thinks that is wonderful. Brooke thinks for Hope to jump into another relationship is not a good thing. Brooke thinks that he and Hope have spent enough time to know what they want. Thomas knows that Hope has been with Liam. Thomas guesses they needed time a part. Hope’s future is with him.

Hope is sure the girls are glad to have him home. Liam is glad she came by. It is nice to see her. He misses her. Hope misses him too. Steffy walks out with Phoebe. Steffy thinks it is. Hope says hi to Phoebe. Steffy lets her hold her. She is family and she knows that Phoebe loves Hope.

Emma asks how long they have know about this. Zoe explains that Xander only just found out. Zoe found out a few months ago. Emma thinks that Reese deserves to be punished for everything he has done. She demands to know what is wrong with them. This isn’t who Xander is. He should have done the right thing. She is miserable and devastated. She has lost everything because of her and her father. Hope needs to know that her little girl is alive. Emma is calling Hope and telling her the truth. Xander thinks she shouldn’t do this on the phone. Emma knows he is being pressured. Emma is telling the truth right now.

Hope thinks she is getting so big. Steffy is happy she came by. She lets Liam take her. Hope just wanted to see all of them and this wonderful family. It is what she wanted. It brings her joy knowing that Phoebe and Kelly have their parents together.

Thomas imagines loving Hope and marrying her… Thomas’ phone rings and Zoe needs to talk with him. Emma knows everything. She is going to tell Hope the truth about the baby.

Pam asks Emma what she is doing here. Pam thinks she is probably home by now. Pam thanks Emma for filling out the survey for the baby shower. She asks if Pam is ok. Pam thinks if she doesn’t see her later she can have a good night. Thomas walks out and asks if she is looking for Hope. Thomas has her go into the office. Thomas thinks she doesn’t know what will happen if she gets involved. Emma cannot believe he is in on this too. She thinks he knows the truth about Beth. Thomas wants her to calm down. Emma asks if he is in on this too. Thomas wanted to go to Hope and tell her. Emma thinks that Liam and Hope need to know the truth. Thomas says that Phoebe is Steffy’s child. Thomas thinks that Phoebe is happy being raised by Steffy. She is happy and thriving and Liam is in the home with her. Emma knows that she is heart broken. Thomas is planning a life for the three of them. She needs to think long and hard about this. Emma thinks she needs to know the truth right now.

Liam sees Hope and Brooke in Phoebe every day. Steffy thinks that Phoebe is a lucky girl. She will give her a bottle and hopefully she goes down for a nap. Hope is glad she got to see her. Hope thinks she is a precious baby. Liam asks if she is ok. Liam thinks about her a lot and wonders if it will be hard for her coming here. Hope wanted this. Liam still worries about her. Hope doesn’t want him doing that. Liam knows that he is a charming guy and he loves that she is bonding with Douglas. It isn’t ok that Thomas is pulling her heart strings. Hope knows that he has made beautiful designs and she is trying to get through one day at a time. She is trying to think about how things would be if Beth were here. She knows they would be together. Liam hugs her.

Thomas tells Emma to stay out of this. Thomas doesn’t think she wants to mess with him.

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