B&B Monday Update 6/17/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/17/19


Written by Anthony

Steffy thinks that Kelly is a good girl. Liam suggests that they do baths after the beach. Steffy agrees. She asks how he slept last night. Liam Is not used to the house noises anymore. Steffy thinks they can be real with one another. They always were. Liam feels dislocated in time. Steffy knows this is where Hope wants him to be. Liam hopes that it wasn’t a mistake sending all those pictures.

Brooke shows up at the cabin. She thought that Hope would want to come to the house and have breakfast. Hope just ate. She cannot seem to find the picture of Phoebe that Liam sent her last night.

Ridge finds Thomas and tells him that he used to day dream too. His dreams came true though. Thomas hopes they come true for him too. Ridge guesses that depends on who he is referring to.

Katie and Bill show up at Steffy’s house. She realizes they didn’t call. Steffy thinks they are always welcome. Katie heard from Brooke that Liam would be here. Bill asks if he was ever cute like this. Liam thinks it is nice to see them together. Bill agrees.

Xander and Zoe kiss backstage. Xander guesses she knows how to make a guy feel special. Zoe knows he is having doubts and wants to do what is right for Hope. Xander does even with the threats from Thomas.

Brooke knows that Douglas sparkles around her but she needs to be cautious around Thomas.

Thomas thinks about Hope all the time. She is single now. He knows that they will be together. He needs Ridge to support this.

Zoe thinks that it makes her feel happy. Xander doesn’t wat anything bad to happen but he doesn’t understand why she doesn’t think anything needs to be done for Hope’s sake. Emma walks over. She didn’t mean to hear.

Katie explains that when she heard that Liam moved back in, she thought they would have some things to burry. Katie knows they are family even if they do show up unannounced. Steffy asks if they are burning sage or something. Bill has something he would like to say. Bill knows he contributed to the breakup of his family. He caused the breakup of his own family. It is just a misdeed. Bill knows what happened after the apologies. He never fixed things. Here is today with his Katie by his side putting his family back together. Bill asks who would have believed this a year ago least of all him. It looks like they are on the same path. He is asking that if they find there way back to being a family that he gets to be a part of it. Bill hopes that he lets them be part of it.

Ridge asks if Thomas thinks it is too soon to get Hope back in his life. Thomas knows that at some point Hope is going to turn to him. It is natural. Ridge thinks eventually he will.

Hope thinks Thomas is not someone she has to worry about. Brooke saw her in his harms last night. Hope had a bad night. Brooke thinks any man who is happy to be there in her bad moments is more than likely to reward her with more.

Zoe asks where she came from. Emma was inventorying all this together. She didn’t hear anything they were saying. She just heard their voices. She asks if they are ok. Zoe says they were having a disagreement. Emma says goodbye. Zoe thinks if she had heard him say Beth’s name.

Bill guesses that this visit is done. Liam doesn’t think he has to leave on his account. Steffy thinks hers as well. Liam actually has to finish something. Steffy promises that he is not angry. Bill thinks that Liam needs Steffy. Liam knows. Katie goes into the kitchen. She thought he made promise with Bill. Liam has but he hasn’t been this close to both of them at the same time. Katie can relate. Liam could walk away before. He doesn’t have a home to go to anymore. Liam feels comfortable here but he shouldn’t. Katie thinks some things can’t be fixed. Katie thinks that they had to fix things themselves. Somehow they were able to fall back in love with each other. Liam knows that didn’t work for him and Hope. Katie thinks that giving him back to his daughter is the only thing that felt right.

Thomas thinks that there has to be a better way for children to grow up. Steffy’s children get their father. Thomas doesn’t need an impossible dream.

Hope wonders what Brooke is trying to say. Brooke has known him longer. Hope can hardly hold his feelings against him. Brooke knows that Douglas is innocent but his father is a different situation.

Bill brought gifts for the girls. Liam thinks him willing to speak with them. They will probably have a falling out ever two years Liam doesn’t think he gets to do these types of things. Liam needs him to say something that he never thought he would say. He thanks Bill for coming. Bill loves Liam. Bill thinks it might drive him crazy but that is how he knows it is real. Liam thinks no more promises. He needs to be honest and do what he says he is going to do and they will be good. Bill thinks that is fair enough.

Hope thinks that Brooke is reading too much into this. Hope thinks that Douglas brings her flowers and notes. Brooke thinks those are not the impulses of a child. Brooke thinks it be wise of her to be guarded. She doesn’t remember everything about Thomas. He is not the most stable person in the family. This attachment worries her.

Thomas knows that Douglas lost his mother. This could all be mended. Ridge thinks that losing a daughter is a little different. Ridge thinks all the things that they work for can be taken away. Destiny is there they don’t claim it. Thomas thinks about loving Hope since they were children and proposing to her. He wants her to say that she will marry him. Hope tells him in his fantasy that she has wanted it all along. She has always wanted to say she has loved him so much. Thomas thinks it won’t be long now. He has waited long enough.

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