B&B Friday Update 6/14/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/14/19


Written by Anthony

Thomas promises Hope that life is right here. She just has to walk right into it. They can be happy. Hope just isn’t sure she knows what she wants. Thomas wants her to admit that she wants it. He believes this is the right choice. She needs to decide to move on. She needs to want something for herself. She needs to choose him.

Ridge asks Steffy how things are at home. Steffy explains that Liam is living at home again. He accepted. He is in the other room with the girls. Ridge is glad but Brooke might not agree. Liam walks out and Steffy lets Ridge go. Steffy is glad that Liam is back.

Brooke and Ridge look at designs that Thomas did. Ridge thinks Brooke needs know something. Brooke asks how much she will hate this.

Steffy asks if she will be ok with the guest room. Steffy definitely will. Steffy knows he is hurting and this wasn’t his choice. Liam agrees that it wasn’t. She just doesn’t want him to sensor himself. She gets it if Hope was on her mind.

Brooke was hoping that this wouldn’t happen. Brooke knows that Hope has not been thinking clearly since Beth died. Brooke thinks that she is her daughter and she will always make her worry. Brooke wished that she could make the pain go away.

Zoe is worried about why Thomas summoned them here. Thomas walks in. Xander asks what happened. Thomas isn’t telling anyone the truth. Not ever.

Ridge thinks they need some attention for themselves. Brooke knows he has been working late nights. He puts in a lot of time there. Brooke wants to have quality time together. She wants to travel the world and have adventures. Ridge agrees to do it. Ridge asks if she could leave everything here. Brooke is just worried about leaving Hope here while she is in a fragile state. Ridge think leaving work right now could be hard and Thomas needs him. He thinks that Thomas is having a breakthrough. He needs this right now. Brooke is just worried about Thomas being in the middle. He has had a troubled past and now he wants Hope again. It is unsettling.

Flo cannot think he is being serious. Xander asks what happened. Thomas went over to see Steffy. He saw her and Liam being parents to Phoebe. They are parents now. It is a beautiful thing. Thomas thinks his marriage to Hope is over. Flo thinks this was so wrong.

Hope is happy for Liam and Steffy right now. She wanted Liam to be a full-time father. He is lucky to spend the time with the girls. She misses Phoebe so much right now. Hope calls up Liam. She wanted to call and tell him that he did the right thing. Liam assumes she heard about him living with Steffy. Hope wanted that. She asks if he can just keep spending pictures of him and the girls. It will help her through this seeing pictures of him with them. She wants him to have a good night. He wants him to kiss Phoebe.

Liam tells Steffy that Hope wants more pictures of the girls. Steffy asks if that is wise. Liam doesn’t know but she seems insistent.

Brooke wants to know why on earth she would want pictures of him with the girls. That sounds like she is trying to torcher herself. Hope thinks it is the opposite. Hope thinks that this makes her happier than anything.

Liam tells Steffy that Hope must have known that Phoebe was particularly photogenic.

Brooke thinks that her and Liam can remarry. Hope shows them pictures of Liam and the girls. Hope thinks that Phoebe triggers something in her that she thought was only there for Beth.

Xander thinks that Hope should know. Flo agrees. Thomas is telling them how this needs to be. He isn’t happy about this but you have to keep moving forward. He thinks that Caroline dying and what Reese did all happened for a reason. If they make smart choices they could have good careers. Thomas is the designer and first born. Forrester is his birth right. Thomas reminds them if this comes out then Zoe goes to prison and if Wyatt finds out then hate might not be too strong of a word. Prison and scandal. He asks if they are really ok with that. Ridge used to tell him that going back to Brooke was his destiny but he realized that him and Hope were destiny as well. Thomas thinks that this could turn into a blessing. He knows Zoe wants to keep Reese out of jail. He tells Flo she has a great future here. All that goes away if she is convicted. Xander isn’t a part of this. Thomas thinks he will keep quiet. He will make Zoe’s life terrible in and out of jail. He will wish he was in prison safe from him. Xander will do this for Zoe. Thomas guesses they are agreed.

Ridge thinks that Hope and Thomas would be good together. Ridge thinks they deserve a second chance. Brooke thinks this is hard to talk about. She just gets a strange feeling from Thomas and it is troubling.

Liam looks at his wedding picture to Hope.

Xander asks what happened. Zoe thinks that Thomas could destroy all their lives. Xander thinks Thomas is obsessed with Hope.

Hope looks at a baby picture of Phoebe. Thomas asks what she is doing. Hope is looking at a picture of Phoebe. Thomas tells her to put it down. Hope thinks it brings her joy seeing Phoebe. It is not bitter sweet. She wanted this all along. Thomas hugs her and says it is ok. Brooke spots them hugging. Hope looks at her wedding photo and decides to hide it. She hides another one. Thomas deletes the photo of Phoebe.

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