B&B Wednesday Update 6/12/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/12/19


Written By Anthony

Steffy asks Thomas what is wrong. Thomas thinks there is something that she needs to know and it will change her family forever.

Zoe cannot believe that Flo told the truth. Zoe thinks they are going to jail and the Logan’s will never speak with her again. Xander thinks this would have come out sooner or later. Xander doesn’t think that they ever recovered from losing this baby. Zoe thinks that because of her the truth is about to come out. Xander thinks that Hope and Liam should have known about this a month ago. Zoe thinks they will have them arrested. Xander will do everything he can to prove that they were used by Reese. Zoe thinks that they won’t care about that and she doesn’t even blame them for that. Flo doesn’t think that Reese cared about them at all. Xander thinks that Hope and Liam deserve to know that there baby is alive. Flo thinks that is the truth.

Thomas saw Liam’s car. Steffy says he is in the nursery. Thomas thinks that Kelly and Phoebe are amazing with Steffy but Phoebe is not her daughter. There is another woman who is involved. Thomas thinks this has been hard to hear but Phoebe, her mother is actually… Liam walks out and asks what Thomas is doing here. Liam already knows that he is going after Hope. There is noting more that he wants to hear.

Flo had to tell the whole story for this to make any sense. He didn’t believe her at first but then he realized that she was telling the truth. Thomas was hoping they could have a future together. Flo knows that Thomas realizes it will be devastating to tell the truth. Phoebe is her family though. Zoe thinks that Hope and Liam will have their daughter back but there is no chance for Liam and Steffy and Thomas and Hope. Thomas has a lot to consider. Zoe would understand why he would choose to keep quiet and she hopes that is what he decides to do.

Liam says that Hope and Him signed the papers. He got what he wanted. Liam asks if there is anything else he wants. If he actually cared then he would walk out right this moment. Thomas wanted them to move on. That is why he came here. Thomas tells him he is not here to gloat. Steffy asks what Thomas has to tell him. Thomas says that this has to do with all of them especially Liam and Phoebe. Phoebe starts crying. Kelly also wakes up. Steffy guesses they will both get the girls. Steffy tells him to stay here and they will be right back.

Zoe thinks that Steffy would be giving up Phoebe and Liam forever. Flo asks if she really thinks they can get back together. Flo thinks that Steffy seems like a good person. She assumes she would want to be connected forever. Xander thinks that Beth and Kelly are half-sisters. It would just be like any other blended family. Xander is sure that if his dad knew then he would be freaking out too but he thinks that she should start being prepped for this to be blown wide open. Flo is choosing to hold on an have faith. Flo thinks that right before Thomas left, he got really insistent that everyone needed to know.

Liam thinks that they will be sports players. Thomas thinks about finding out about Beth. Steffy loves them so much. Steffy tells Kelly and Phoebe that he is moving in. Thomas is shocked that he is living here now. Liam says that Steffy invited him to stay. That is what Hope wanted. He thinks it is good for him. Liam knows that in his own way that is what he wanted too. Thomas agrees that Liam is Phoebe’s dad. Liam asks who wants to go for a beach watch. Steffy asks if they are excited. She thinks Phoebe is ready to go.

Flo doesn’t think they can be selfish anymore. Flo thinks tat Beth needs to be with her mother. Xander thinks that Flo is right. The person that she has been forced to be is not who Zoe is. Zoe points out that Flo will lose everything. Flo knows it is the price she will have to pay. Flo thinks they had to know the secret would come out eventually. Xander promises they will get through it. Flo knows that Hope will have her baby that she has been grieving so long. Flo knows the whole family will be devastated.

Thomas watches as Steffy and Liam play with the girls. Liam takes the girls with him. Thomas thinks that she is happier than he has seen her in a long time. Steffy thinks he should see how much the girls light up with him, but she believes this is where he needs to be. Steffy thinks that he is the best. Phoebe is here and Kelly and her are like two peas in a pod. Thomas knows they will be sisters no matter what. Steffy is glad that she has a sister and she couldn’t be prouder. Steffy loves Phoebe regardless if she was adopted or not. She is raising their precious girls together. Steffy asks what he has to tell him. Thomas thinks that Steffy needs to know. She cannot wait to hear the truth.

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