B&B Tuesday Update 6/11/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/11/19


Written by Anthony

Flo is so sorry. She never imagined any of this would happen. Reese was being threatened. Thomas reminds her that this was because of gambling debts. Reese was her friend. Thomas reminds her that Beth was alive and soon to be adopted by his sister. Steffy is raising Hope and Liam’s daughter.

Liam doesn’t think that lullabies have to be in tune to work. Steffy thanks him for the help. Liam thinks tat this is the stuff he lives for. He will always be around to help. Steffy appreciates that. She knows that Phoebe does too.

Xander realizes that there is no guarantee what will happen. Zoe asks if Xander cares about what happens to Reese at all. Xander really doesn’t. Xander knows she cares but the man played with peoples lives when he had no right to. The truth should have come out when she first found out. He understands the position they were put in. He needs her to think about Steffy. Every day, Steffy falls more in love with that baby. The sooner Steffy knows the truth the better.

Steffy thinks that Phoebe’s first words are going to be cha-cha-cha. Liam wonders why they wouldn’t be mama. Steffy would have loved mama. She wouldn’t be anymore proud if she had given birth to her. Steffy thinks that Phoebe is hers when she signed the adoption papers. Liam feels like he is Phoebe’s dad. Steffy thinks he loves her like he is his own. She knows that Phoebe feels that way. Steffy thinks that Phoebe is lucky to have him as her daddy. Phoebe says dada.

Thomas thinks that Flo kept quiet for months. Hope is her cousin. Flo is not trying to make excuses but she knows she should have tried to find a way to tell her. Hope and Liam would still have their daughter and marriage. Thomas knows that Beth would be with her family and Steffy would be deep in grief. She would be losing a baby she learned to love so much. Thomas knows she is not a bad person. She has been put into what has been an impossible position. Flo asks what he is going to do.

Xander wants to make sure that Zoe and Flo are victims in all this. Hope is grieving and Liam is really struggling. They can make things right. They can change all of this. They owe it to them. She has to get that. Zoe thinks that Beth has a loving home now and they have to keep it quiet.

Steffy thinks that Phoebe is the happiest baby ever. Liam thought Kelly was. Steffy thinks she is the happiest big sister. Steffy asks the other reason he came back. Steffy has known him long enough to know how to read him. Liam signed the annulment papers.

Flo is worried about everyone involved in all of this. Flo loves Hope. Thomas loves her too. His child needs a mother. Now he is finding out that her child is alive. It has been hell to watch Hope go through this pain. He could give her the most incredible news. He could do that for her. Flo asks if Thomas is going to tell Hope the truth that Beth is alive.

Steffy is sorry. She knows this must be tough for both of them. Liam realized that he had to give Hope what she needs if she ever wanted a chance. Steffy asks if there is anything she can do. Liam needs her support which she knows she has. Steffy promises he will always have that. He has two little girls who love him very much who think that they have the best dad in the world. Steffy asks where he is staying. Steffy has a guest room if he wants.

Flo kind of wants the secret to come out. She has a new life that she does love. She found love again with Wyatt. If everyone finds out though then she would hate her. Flo points out that if he tells Hope then Hope and Liam get back together. He also realizes that Steffy loves the little girl. It would kill her to find out. It ruins any chance of Steffy and Liam finding out. He knows that this will hurt Steffy and he hates to put her in pain but this is what Steffy needs to know. He has to tell Hope and Steffy the truth. Later, Xander and Zoe show up. Thomas came to see her. He knows the truth. Xander explains that when he went to Brooke’s he mentioned her name. it was just for a second. Zoe asks what Thomas asked her. Flo explains that he wouldn’t leave until he found out. Flo thinks that Thomas deserves to know. Thomas is probably on his way to Steffy’s house.

Steffy promises he has a place here if he wants to be close to the girls. Liam isn’t sure he can say no. Liam would like to stay very much. Steffy is sure that the girls would be thrilled. Liam knows it would be good for him. Spending time with Kelly and Phoebe is what Hope wants too. Steffy knows they will always be family and this will always be his home. Liam goes to check on Phoebe. Someone knocks on the door and Steffy goes to get it. Thomas walks in. Thomas has something he needs to tell her about the night on Catalina. There is no easy way to say what he has to say. He loves Steffy and he would do anything to protect her. What he is going to tell her will change their lives forever.

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