B&B Monday Update 6/10/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/10/19


Written by Anthony

Flo is sobbing and crying. Thomas doesn’t believe it. Flo knows that he was right. She just didn’t think she could say it. Thomas knows that Beth was still-born. Flo explains that Beth is alive.

Hope tells Brooke that losing Beth will affect her for the rest of her life. The guilt she couldn’t get over. She had to do it for the sake of the children. Liam finally agreed. As soon as Carter files the paperwork they can all move forward with their lives. Liam needs to be a full-time father for the girls. Their marriage ended that night on Catalina. Today they finally put it to a rest.

Zoe cannot believe that Xander told Hope and Liam. Xander thinks that they have an obligation. Xander will explains that she was manipulated. He wanted to tell them but he couldn’t. He still plans on doing it.

Brooke would like to know what she can do to help. Hope thinks it is done. Liam needs to be with Kelly and Phoebe. Ending her marriage was the hardest thing she ever had to do. She wouldn’t have picked the pen up otherwise. That is what she told Xander when he busted in. and told her not to go through with it. Brooke wonders why he would do that.

Xander explains that he only stopped himself when Thomas showed up and started throwing hi weight around. He kept reminding him that Forrester is a family business. He didn’t want anything to get in the way of singing the papers.

Thomas tells Flo that Hope is heartbroken. Hope has been through so much. Flo thinks he doesn’t need to believe her. It probably is better for everyone if he doesn’t but it is true.

Hope looks at her wedding photo on Brooke’s counter. Brooke guesses she should have made a last ditch effort like Xander. Hope thought it was pretty dramatic. He seemed determined and then he just randomly left. Brooke suggests he wasn’t as determined as she thought. Hope isn’t really sure. She thought this through a lot. Her being interrupted wasn’t enough for her. There wasn’t anything that Xander could have said.

Xander thinks that anyone can tell how much Hope loves Liam. Zoe thinks that Phoebe is being raised in a loving home. Xander says that it is not enough. Thomas was outside. He had set off the alarm outside to get him off the property. He kept telling him to stay out of it. Xander needed a minute to say what is important. He demanded to know why it was so important. Zoe asks why he would say that. Xander doesn’t think he knows anything.

Thomas needs to know what is going on. Flo has wanted to tell the truth for so long. Thomas doesn’t think what she is saying is possible. Flo knows that Bet didn’t die. Thomas realizes that Hope is grieving and that is real. Flo says that Hope doesn’t know. Thomas asks what she is saying. Hope was there and held Beth in her arms. Liam was there and the doctor explained. Thomas demands the whole story and right now.

Zoe needs Xander to listen with her. She understands that he is processing a lot and wants Hope to know that the baby is alive. Xander thinks what Reese did was horrible. Zoe thinks a crime means prison. Zoe thinks that if he tells the truth this could mean so many things. Xander knows that Hope has been grieving for months. Xander thinks that the baby shouldn’t be hurt by this. Xander thinks that everyone needs to know. He knows that there will be consequences. Zoe asks if he loves her. Xander thinks his love is why she needs to tell the truth. Hope needs to know the truth.

Thomas demands the whole story. Flo didn’t know about Beth or Hope when she came here. It all went back to the night she gave birth. Thomas knows that she passed out. Her baby wasn’t still born. Flo knows Zoe’s dad. He lied. Hope delivered a healthy baby girl. She was trying to protect his daughter. Reese gambles a lot and owed a lot of bad guys money. He was just trying to figure out a way to make the money. There was another patient that night and her baby was a still born. Reese got a text and he made the worst choice of his life. When Liam got there he told him that Beth didn’t make it. She swears it is the truth. He had just found out about it. Thomas guesses this means that Beth is alive. Flo explains that isn’t the only thing that Hope needs to know.

Xander knows this isn’t Zoe. Zoe wanted to tell the truth the moment that she found out. Xander is only worried about her. Zoe is scared. He has no idea how anyone will react. Xander thinks that whatever happens, she needs to know that they are going through this together. Zoe is a good person. He knows she wanted none of this to happen. He can see that it is killing her but she is ending her marriage with this. Xander wants to make this right. There will be a fall out but Hope needs to know the truth. She needs to say that she understands that.

Hope thought this would be a relief but it isn’t. Brooke thinks she needs time to process this. Hope thinks that there are too many missing pieces. Hope needs to begin a new. She will always love Liam but without Beth it just didn’t make sense anymore. Brooke hugs Hope. She promises it is ok.

Flo explains that Liam was told that Beth didn’t make it. She wanted to see her baby but Reese put the other woman’s still born baby in her arms. She didn’t know what he wanted help with. She had no idea what he wanted to do. He set up an adoption but he needed a birth mother. She didn’t know the details. Thomas thinks that Hope has been though so much pain. She had no idea who she was. Flo wouldn’t have done this. Thomas asks about Hope’s daughter. Flo says that she is safe. Thomas asks if the baby she gave up was Beth. He realizes that Phoebe is Hope’s daughter. Flo confirms that Steffy is raising Hope’s little girl.

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