B&B Friday Update 6/7/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/7/19


Written by Anthony

Xander thinks that Hope will not want this if she knows the truth. Xander thinks this can change everything for them.

Flo needs Zoe to stop treating her like an emergency waiting to happen. Zoe had no choice but to tell Xander the truth. Flo thinks they don’t need to stand by as Hope and Liam stand by with no chance of having happiness together. She should understand that. Zoe thinks it is too late. They have already filed the annulment. Zoe thinks they would be ripping this family out.

Xander has something to tell them. He knows that they don’t want to have this annulment. A car alarm goes off. Carter asks whose car that is. Xander says it is his. Liam tells him to go turn that off. Hope asks if anyone knows what that was about. Thomas walks over and tells him he is not going back in there. He is gone.

Liam tells Hope that they don’t have to wait for him. Hope thinks they can wait for Xander and then move on. Carter knows that no one wants them to end it. Hope thinks that her team is tight knit. She would like to listen instead of be blunt and say that there is nothing they can do.

Thomas tells him to leave. Hope doesn’t want to hear him. Thomas think he is getting involved in something that he has nothing to d with. Xander thinks that Hope would never do something like this if she knew the truth. Thomas demands to know what the truth is. Xander needs her to know that Flo wasn’t… He asks why he should trust him. He is trying to bully him into something. Thomas will not let him back into that house. Xander knows this isn’t his house. Hope will not be happy that he is the reason that Hope didn’t find out today and she will find out. Thomas wonders what he meant by that.

Flo asks if they are even supposed to be in here. Flo thinks they are close for some reason. Zoe hates this as much as she does. She is just waiting to be given reason as to why this is ok. Zoe thinks it is noble but not practical. Flo suggests that she tell Reese to go away. The only thing they are guilty of is keeping the secret. They were afraid. They need to see what will actually happen. Flo needs her to think about it.

Hope guesses they can listen quietly and thank him. Liam doesn’t think it will change anything. Carter walks back in. He explains that Xander left. Hope thinks that is odd. Carter suggests that he might have felt embarrased. Hope thinks it is time. Liam guesses that is how she sees it. Hope knows he will see it is right when he is back with Kelly and Phoebe. Carter tells them that annulment requires grounds. They have adequate documentation. Hope signs the first page. They then sign the next paper. Carter explains they finally have the petition itself to sign. Hope asks if that is it. Carter will take these to get filed. Some point they will have a brief hearing before a judge but they shouldn’t have any issues. Hope thanks him. Liam knows that he wasn’t happy about this either. Carter wishes them he best. Hope tells Liam she is sorry. Liam asks for what. She has done nothing wrong. Hope is sorry for everything else but loving him.

Zoe asks if Xander got her text. Xander wonders what choice they made. Zoe wasn’t going to send her father to prison. Zoe guesses they don’t have unconditional love. Xander has never known anyone this conflicted. Xander tried to go stop Liam and Hope from annulling their marriage.

Flo goes into the Forrester mansion and sits down in the living room. Thomas walks in. She says that Eric and Quinn are away. Thomas came here to see her. Flo asks what is up. Thomas asks what Xander wanted. Liam and Hope are signing papers. He asks what she knows. Flo asks what he said. Thomas got rid of him. Hope has been through enough. He mentioned his name. Thomas wants to know the truth now.

Zoe cannot believe he told them everything.

Liam guesses that Xander is not coming back. Hope asks if he wants to stay for dinner. Liam asks if they are dating. Hope isn’t sure what they are. Liam suggests they are going backwards in time. He remembers when they met for the first time. He looks at his hand. He takes his wedding ring off. He kisses it and puts it in his pocket. Hope wonders where he will be staying. Liam will stay with Wyatt. He won’t be far. Liam knows this is where their marriage started and ended. This is where she thinks about the marriage they never had. Liam thinks it might be a while before he can come back here again. Hope thinks he is will be a father to Phoebe in all the ways that matter. She knows that he wanted that for himself. Liam cannot say goodbye. He kisses Hope on the forehead and leaves. She starts crying.

Thomas asks if Flo likes seeing Hope suffer. Xander thinks he has the answer to everything. Zoe guesses he feels things deeply. Xander guesses she doesn’t if she doesn’t want to tell the truth. Thomas has known Hope most of his life. She is not married to anyone anymore. They signed the papers. Whatever Xander was going to say she knows the truth. Xander thinks if there is anything she knows. Flo says it is about Beth. Thomas says she died. Thomas demands to know what happened. Flo explains that Beth is alive.

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