B&B Tuesday Update 6/4/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/4/19


Written by Anthony

Ridge tells Kelly a story about a mean ogre named Bill. Ridge thinks that Kelly is smiling at her. He thinks he is cute. He thinks that grandpa is the best. Steffy says that he is really into dad these days. Steffy explains that Liam didn’t come over last night. It is a sad situation but she doesn’t take pleasure in the end of their marriage.

Brooke doesn’t think that Hope needs to give up on her life with Liam. Hope went into the marriage with Liam and their future daughter. They were excited to welcome her into the family but they never got the chance. They ended their marriage last night without their little girl.

Wyatt wonders if Quinn is still gone. Flo explains that Quinn has a lo going on with her vacation. Her mom might be extending her stay in Vegas as well. Flo doesn’t think that Hope and Liam can just give up on one another. Flo thinks that Hope and Liam cannot be together. Flo doesn’t think that they should be put in this situation in the first place. Wyatt wishes that there was something they could do. Flo wants something to be done. Wyatt knows she wants to help. Flo thinks if she had Beth right now, none of this would be happening.

Hope explains that Liam and her are over. Brooke doesn’t think this is the solution. She will regret this and so will Liam. Hope explains that Liam created this beautiful night for the two of them last night. It isn’t about them anymore. Liam’s place is with Steffy and the girls.

Liam shows up at Steffy’s house. He says hi to Kelly and holds her. Liam thinks she is so big. She gets cuter and cuter every day. He wants to do funny voices for her. Liam asks what they are looking at.

Wyatt thinks one of the things he loves about her is her heart. Her compassion for other people is incredible. Wyatt thinks she is being torn up inside but Liam and Hope breaking up. Flo just feels guilty. Wyatt wants them to be grateful for finding one another and being in this huge house all alone again. Flo guesses it be a shame to put this huge house to waste The two kiss one another. Flo needs another kiss. It wasn’t enough. Flo laughs. She really thinks they are living the life. Wyatt thinks this is the life right there. Flo cannot stop thinking about Hope and Liam. Wyatt knows but they cannot let it effect her. There is nothing she could do to keep them together.

Hope knows that Liam put so much effort into last night. He had the table set and made her dinner. They talked about how much they still do love one another. Brooke asks why do this then. That is what makes it tragic. Liam wanted to celebrate everything they have been through. She wanted to talk about everything that has happened to them. Brooke knows he doesn’t want to say goodbye to her. Hope thinks that Liam and Steffy are a family.

Ridge knows this is hard. If he and Hope are behind one another then he wonders if he will spend more time with Steffy. Liam says that his daughter lives here. There is nothing he can do to stop Hope from ending the marriage. Ridge thinks that Steffy is a good woman. Liam just wants to do what is best for the children. He knows that matters to him. He knows he is wondering where his head is at. Ridge wants to know what his plan is. Liam is just going day to day. Ridge knows that Steffy needs him. Liam thinks that this is a woman who could run a company with two hands tied behind her back. She is the most loving and patient mother. She has created this household. He admires it. He isn’t so sure that Steffy needs him. Later, Steffy gets off the phone. Amelia’s car is still in the shop and she is supposed to take Kelly to the doctor today. She doesn’t want Phoebe there because of the germs. Liam will take care of her if she wants. Liam wants to be here as much as possible. He knows she doesn’t need help but he would like to spend more time with the girls. Steffy would like that. Steffy has to admit one thing. She heard him speaking with Ridge. She was listening a little bit. She liked wat she heard. Steffy laughs.

At the office, Brooke tells Ridge that Hope is devastated. This is not what Hope wants. Ridge thinks this was her choice so he assumes this is what she wants. Brooke thinks that Liam doesn’t want to end his marriage. Ridge explains that Liam showed up at Steffy’s. Brooke wants Hope to reconsider. Brooke thinks it is only a matter of time before Steffy and Liam end up back together. Brooke doesn’t understand why this is happening. Her daughter should be raising her baby with Liam. She doesn’t understand why she lost Beth.

Flo shows up at Hope’s cabin. Hope thinks it is good to see her. She asks how everything is. She knows they haven’t had much time to catch up. Flo thinks this is all amazing. She feels so lucky. Hope really needs family here right now. Flo really hopes she isn’t ending her marriage. Hope thinks it is what is best for everyone. Hope thinks they said goodbye last night and he left. Flo doesn’t want her to lose her marriage too.

Ridge kisses Brooke. Ridge is worried about Hope too. Brooke knows that Hope is giving up her happiness and future. Ridge knows this is hard and unfortunate. Brooke knows she is doing this for everyone but herself. Ridge suggests it is for the best for everyone. Ridge knows that Hope will survive this. She will have a family of her own. Ridge thinks there are children counting on Liam. Ridge asks if it is so bad that Liam and Steffy have another chance.

Liam was hoping that Phoebe will be up soon. Steffy is sure she will be up soon. It is like clockwork around here. Steffy wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything. Liam thinks it seems so effortless for her. She pulls it off with such grace. Liam never forgot what a remarkable person she is.

Flo doesn’t think that Hope deserves any of this Hope thinks it is ok. Flo thinks she has been through so much already. Flo thinks it kiss her that this has happened. Hope apricates it so much. Liam and her were going to be a family but Beth is gone. Hope thinks it is over. That is it. She cannot think about it anymore because it gets painful her. Flo just cannot let it go. She knows they are meant to be parents. It cannot be to late. Hope thinks this is making it hard on her. Flo will feel terrible the rest of her life. Flo needs Hope to not give up on Liam or having a family and a child. Her and Liam are meant to have a lovely, healthy little girl. He is sure of it. There is a child waiting for her to its mother.

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