B&B Monday Update 6/3/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/3/19


Written by Anthony

Xander cannot believe this. Hope’s baby is alive. Beth was stolen and Hope and Liam have no idea.

Hope thanks Liam. It means a lot that he would want to spend one last night together. Hope loves Liam and always will. He is the only man she will. The time they had together was wonderful but he is needed elsewhere now. His place is not needed here.

Steffy asks if Thomas remembers Ridge reading to them. He would fall asleep every night. Douglas is following in his footsteps. Douglas thinks that he will have two little cousins to follow him around everywhere. Thomas remembers Steffy worshiping him like that. Steffy only did until like 3 and then she realized he was an annoying brother. Thomas thinks that he has good advice for her. She needs to reunite with Liam. Steffy rolls her eyes. Steffy asks what it is with him and Hope trying to push Liam into her direction. She will do what she wants with her love life. Thomas thinks that picture is a glimpse into her future. The future is here and she needs to grab it.

Liam wonders if there is anything he can say to convince him. He knows how determined Hope is. Liam thinks he is the most selfless people he knows. He feels as painful as it is to let go of her, he admires her. Hope wouldn’t call giving up on their marriage selfless. It is a sacrifice an one of the hardest she had to make. She knows they lost a child, but she realized what he has been trying to tell her all along. She will always be a mother. Hope smiles.

Zoe doesn’t want to make excuses for what her father did. Xander asks if because of a gambling problem, he justified steeling a baby. Zoe thinks that he would justify anything to save her life. Xander asks how long she knew. He asks how he could keep this from Hope. He wonders how long she could make her think that her baby was dead.

Thomas knows they are spending one last evening together. He thinks that Steffy should call Liam and asks how things went. Steffy explains that Hope asked if Liam could stay here tonight.

Liam wonders if Hope has plans after. Hope says no. She thinks that if this is goodbye, then they should actually say goodbye. She doesn’t think he should stay here tonight. Liam understands. Wyatt has offered. Hope was speaking with Steffy. She brought it up that there is room an he is always welcome. Hope thinks they are his family and he belongs there. Liam thinks it is a little hard to hear her talk about family. Hope thinks about what could have been all the time. That dream went away with Beth. That is the reality. They lost her.

Zoe wanted to tell the truth. Flo did as well. Zoe doesn’t know how much they heard but Flo was used in this. She didn’t even realize what was going on. Xander thought that Hope held her baby. Zoe explains that it wasn’t her child. There was a mother who had a still born that night. They are all sickened by this. Flo’ mom’s is the only other person who knows about this. No one else can know about this. Especially, not Hope and Liam. Xander reminds her that a crime was committed. Zoe knows it seems cruel. She is Phoebe now and that makes her a lucky little girl. Xander asks why she cannot be with the mother who gave birth to her.

Steffy told Hope that he was welcome too. Thomas will grab Douglas and get out of her way. Steffy accepted Hope and Liam’s relationship. She has no idea what will happen. Thomas thinks with Beth gone, this makes things less complicated. She is the mother of Liam’s child. She needs to welcome him back. This is where he belongs.

Liam promises they will always be a family. They are connected for life. Liam thinks they are talking years of growing together and figuring out how to be adults together. They were more than just a marriage. He doesn’t know if either of them will experience anything else like this. Hope will carry him forever. Every moment and look and touch. All the time they spend together at home and work. The holidays. Their weddings and honeymoons. Even their babymoon. She remembers how excited she was to spend that time together. That was where it all changed. Liam knows a lot did but not their love for one another. Liam thinks they were meant to be. He believes that.

Steffy looks at paperwork. She thinks about all the times she spent with Liam when she was trying to steal him away from Hope and afterwards. As well as when she gave birth to Kelly.

Zoe thinks it is awful that they are separating but this could be a positive thing. Hope could move on with Thomas possibly. Xander thinks keeping a secret like this can eat away at you. The truth has to come out now.

Hope wants in time for him to forgive her for doing this to them. Liam doesn’t like this but know she needs it. This isn’t something you ask forgiveness for. Hope knows that he will do everything he can for those girls. Hope wished it didn’t have to be this way. She wanted to raise Beth and watch her grow up. She wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Liam hugs Hope. Hope thinks it is time. Liam says no. It is getting late. Hope wants him to go to Steffy’s. He needs to start this new phase of his life. He needs to love and be with them. She wants him not to worry about her. He knows how happy this will make her. They will have he best father. Liam will still worry about her. Hope will always think about him too. It will always be him for her. She thinks he is a man of compassion who loved her. It will always be him. She takes her ring off. Liam sighs. She gives him the ring and closes his hand. Hope kisses Liam goodbye. He hugs her. They both cry.

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