B&B Thursday Update 5/30/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/30/19


Written by Anthony

Wyatt gets a call from Flo. Flo was just checking that he really is back in her life. Wyatt thought that last night was incredible. He was just checking on his brother. He is currently washing away in his sorrow.

Steffy prepares baby bottles when someone knocks on the door. It is Hope. She asks if she waked them. Steffy explains they just through breakfast and bath time. Hope asks if any of the guestrooms are made up. She thinks that it might be the night that she allow Liam to move back in.

Zoe sits at the conference table in the CEO office and thinks about Flo trying to tell the truth. Xander walks in and kisses her. He thought that he heard her come in. Zoe asks if she did something wrong. Xander realized he did nothing wrong. He has been watching her get more tense by the day. He thinks nothing is more important than her. He loves her and is worried about her. Maya walks in. Xander couldn’t find her. Maya got side tracked by Brooke on the way in. She is ending her marriage. Zoe doesn’t think she can.

Wyatt asks if Liam needs help packing. Liam was just exploring his options. He doesn’t need a place. Wyatt thinks that is sort of an emergency. Liam has been living with this so long he lost sight of a lot of things. Hope decided to end their marriage. She thought that losing Beth was hurting Hope but what was hurting Hope was him. Holding on to the dream they had for so long.

Steffy doesn’t think she can force Liam to move in with her. Hope just wants to go about this in the right way. Hope is going to spend one last evening together to make peace. She knows she has room. Steffy promises that Liam is welcome here anytime. Hope asks if she will tell him to leave.

Xander asks if this is mutual. Maya guesses it is coming from Hope. She thinks about everything that they did when they had Lizzie. Maya thinks if she had lost Lizzie she would have walked into a room and never come out. Zoe thinks this is really sad. Flo walks in. Zoe asks if Liam just said yes to this. Zoe tells Flo that Hope and Liam are splitting up. Flo heard last night. it is not right and Zoe knows it.

Wyatt just doesn’t think it is right that Liam is going through this because of the wannabe dressmaker Thomas. Wyatt wants them to take things at their own pace. Wyatt tells Liam that he is not staying at a hotel again. Liam better get ready to do some stuff. Wyatt asks where he wants to go. Liam wants to do something else for Hope before he leaves. He wants to give their marriage a dignified end.

Hope thinks that what is hurting Liam is giving him a life they cannot have. She asks if she really doesn’t think that she can change her mind. She could adopt a child. Steffy wants her to justify a marriage for love. She knows she doesn’t want to end her marriage. Steffy hears one of the girls cry and goes to check on them. She tells her they are not done. Steffy walks out with Phoebe. It looks like she is happy to see Hope. Hope knows she is doing the right thing because of this amazing child.

Zoe thinks this is a turning point. Flo thinks these lies have gone to far. She wishes that they would have spoken up sooner. Zoe could go to the UK. She thinks that there has to be a place they can go. Flo loves her life here. Zoe asks if having Wyatt back in her life is that important. Flo thinks so.

Wyatt asks how Bill is doing at work. Wyatt thinks he is strangely happy these days. Wyatt is happy as well. He is with Flo right now. Wyatt thinks after what happened with her last night. Liam is happy if that is what he wants. Wyatt would trade everything for him being able to stay with Hope loving each other. Holding that thought. Wyatt leaves.

Hope thinks that Phoebe is an international traveler now. Hope asks if it will be alright if she still stops by from time to time. Steffy doesn’t want her to end her marriage. She thinks that not failing Phoebe will make her not feel like she failed Beth. She cannot tell Liam what to do. Hope trusts that the two of them will figure it out. Hope promises that Phoebe will have the best daddy in the whole wide world.

Zoe tells Flo they need to figure out which models are on contract and which are just here for the day. Flo thinks that her and Zoe should be suffering not Hope and Wyatt.

Hope walks into the cabin. She thinks that this all looks nice. It smells good too. Liam guesses she will not have to put up with his cooking anymore. Hope loves his cooking and her. Liam tells Hope to look up the synonyms for love. He thinks that Hope can still change her mind. Hope doesn’t think it would change reality. She never wanted this. Hope knows they are supposed to be a family. Liam suggests taking tonight to adore the little girl they were supposed to have. He isn’t sure he sees a way forward yet without her. The two hug one another.

Flo thinks they have to do something. She cannot believe they convinced herself that this didn’t mean anything. Zoe thinks if anyone were to find out that Hope and Liam’s daughter was alive then this wouldn’t end well. Zoe doesn’t think Flo will tell anyone the truth of what happened. Flo leaves. Xander walks in. Zoe tells him she is sorry about earlier. Xander asks what is going on. He asks if this is what had her crying in her sleep. He asks where the child is. It sounds like she knows. He demands to know.

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