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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/28/19


Written by Anthony

Hope believes in her heart that this is the right thing to do. This is the hardest thing she has ever had to do. She has to do this for Kelly, Phoebe, and Douglas. Her girls can have both parents in their house. She can be there for Douglas. She knows that this is a lot to process. Steffy made her choice. She chose herself. She chose to raise the girls on her own and she is doing it. If her and Liam end things it doesn’t mean that they are going to get back together. Hope feels like if they make the children their priority she will be able to move on. She wants her to make a home for the girls with Liam. This is what is best for everyone.

Flo tells Wyatt that some things never change. He still belly flops in the pool every time. Wyatt is actually a surfer now. He has won a few armature surf medals. Flo has. Never been on a surfboard. Wyatt would love to teach her. Flo thinks that is ok. Wyatt asks if she really would let him teach her. Wyatt thinks she would be the hottest surfer girl out in the pacific. The two kiss one another. Wyatt promised her a date. He thinks he can take her out to dinner and to see a show. Flo points out that they are alone right now and there is a huge chef’s kitchen that no one is using. Flo thinks it be fun. Wyatt thinks that dessert is on him.

Steffy closes the door to her bedroom. Someone knocks on the door. It is Ridge. He asks how his beautiful daughter is doing. Steffy assumes that he is here to see his granddaughter’s. Ridge asks where they are. Steffy says sleeping. Ridge needs to talk with her about something. Steffy already knows about Hope and Liam.

Hope goes to the cabin and sits down. She starts to sob. Douglas knocks on the door. Hope asks who is there. Douglas says lettuce. Hope asks who lettuce is. Douglas says let them in and he will let them come out. Hope thinks he is funny. Thomas hopes that it is ok they popped in. Douglas really missed her. Hope missed him too. Hope tells Douglas that he gives the best hugs in the whole wide world.

Flo is so glad that they stayed in. Wyatt cannot believe the day that they would be having dinner over his mother’s photo. Flo thinks that he is kind and sweet and sexy. She can see why she fell for him all those years ago. It is so crazy to find him after all these years. She didn’t believe that a future with him was possible. It all feels so right.

Steffy guesses that this makes sense to Hope. At least how she explained things to her. She tried to end the marriage before but Liam wasn’t having it. Hope doesn’t want to have a family with him. She wants Steffy to have one with him and the girls.

Douglas thinks that Hope gives the best hugs. Thomas thinks he feels like he is being ganged up over here. Hope knows that Caroline loved putting a smile on people’s faces. Thomas thinks that they should get Douglas back to the main house. It is time he gets in a bath. Douglas loves Hope so much.

Wyatt feels that all of a sudden it is getting very hot in here. Flo wonders if they should settle things down in here. She just assumes that he is going through a lot right now. Wyatt explains that Sally knows that they are seeing each other. He felt the need to be upfront with her. Flo kisses him. Flo thought she had lost him forever. Wyatt thinks you never know what is going to happen from one minute to the next. Flo suggests going somewhere that Quinn isn’t looking down on them.

Ridge tells Steffy that him and Taylor used to look at her, Phoebe, and Thomas when they were babies. Steffy isn’t convinced that Liam and Hope will break up. Liam and Hope will always love each other. She doesn’t know what this means for Liam and her. She is focused on her girls. Ridge understands but he is looking at these children and he thinks that Hope is doing the right thing for all of them.

Thomas shows back up at the cabin. Hope thought that he was getting Douglas ready for bed. Thomas explains that Pam is with Douglas. Thomas knows her focus was on Douglas but he got this feeling. He asks if she is ok. Hope admits that Liam and her are ending their marriage.

Flo and Wyatt kiss one another passionately. Flo doesn’t think that she ever stopped loving him.

Ridge asks if this surprises her that he agrees with Hope. Ridge knows it has been painful for Hope but Liam has been there more than anyone. A marriage breaking up is a difficult thing but he has to believe that Hope has thought about this long and hard. Ridge knows that there is no one who wants for their child and he wants this for his children. He suggests that her and Liam can find their way back to one another. Thomas and Douglas can be part of their lives too.

Thomas asks if Liam finally came around and realized that he needs to be with Steffy and the girls. Hope explains that it was her idea. She cannot do this anymore. She will always love Liam. She just doesn’t want to take one more day of Liam spending time with Phoebe and Kelly. Her place is with Douglas. She wants to be the woman that Caroline wrote about. She wants to be everything that Caroline wanted. Thomas thinks that this means so much. Hope was the one who connected with Douglas and the family has been wonderful. When he is with Hope though it is like he is with Caroline again. He wasn’t sure that Douglas would ever feel that way again. It almost feels like there is an opportunity for him to have a bright future. Thomas can never thank her enough. He tries kissing her but she stops him.

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