B&B Friday Update 5/24/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/24/19


Written by Anthony

Steffy sees that Liam is still here. Liam hopes it is ok. Liam guesses that he felt like there was more to say. Liam guesses he just wants to be around his daughter. Steffy told him that he is welcome here day or night. Liam doesn’t think that anything will change her mind this time.

Hope wants to give Phoebe and Kelly their father. Brooke reminds her that Liam is not Phoebe’s father. Hope thinks it is better for the girls if Liam is there full-time. Hope would be more available for Douglas if he was there. Brooke doesn’t think she has to sacrifice her marriage in order to be there for Douglas.

Thomas knows what Hope needs. Ridge thinks that feelings can evolve. Ridge understands what he is saying but Hope is suffering. He wonders if this situation would be good for all of them. Thomas thanks him for saying that. Ridge knows that Liam and Hope can care for one another. Ridge doesn’t want Liam to be away from his family. Thomas thinks that this is the right thing to do. Ridge thinks that Brooke will see that differently. Thomas feels that Hope needs to be a mother to his son. Brooke doesn’t think this will work if she doesn’t love Thomas in the same way she loves Liam. Brooke appreciates her advice but there is someone else she should talk with about all of this.

Steffy knows that Hope gave up before but they were able to talk her down. Liam knows that things have changed. Liam thinks that it is Douglas that needs Hope or so she believes. Steffy had no idea that Thomas was still into Hope. Liam gets how hard it is to suddenly raise a child on your own. It doesn’t change anything out there. Steffy will talk with her brother.

Brooke thanks Ridge for coming home so early. Ridge asks what is going on. Brooke explains it is Hope. She is worried about her. Ridge thinks that they need to try and be there for her. Brooke is upset. She heard that Hope wants to end her marriage. She doesn’t think she would consider it, if it weren’t for Thomas.

Thomas thinks about spending time with Hope. Liam shows up. He asks if he has happy thoughts. Thomas is happy that his sister is back in town. Liam is prioritizing his time with Steffy. Liam thinks that Thomas can really justify anything if he wants.

Hope shows up at Steffy’s. Steffy tells her to come on in. Hope asks how her trip was. Steffy accomplished a lot. Hope felt like she was gone forever. She is glad that Liam was able to spend some time with the girls. Steffy thinks that Liam can be with the girls as much as he wants but still be her husband. Steffy knows she is ending her marriage and walking away.

Ridge asks if Hope is really ending her marriage. Ridge doesn’t think that they can blame Thomas for this. They helped one another through a painful time. Brooke thinks that Thomas has added to her pain. She should be leaning on her husband but instead she wants to leave her marriage. If Thomas cares about her then she should be convinced to stay.

Liam asks if he really thinks the best thing for Hope is him. Thomas thinks that Douglas and Hope like spending time together. Liam reminds him that Douglas is not Hope’s child. Liam congratulates him. Liam says that Hope has given up.

Steffy thinks that leaving her husband isn’t the answer. Hope thinks that she cannot stay when Liam has daughter’s to think about. Hope thinks that her nephew has no mom. Steffy thinks they will all be there for Douglas. Steffy asks if she has feelings for Thomas. Hope knows she has a child who needs her. Hope can try to be a mother for Douglas. Steffy is happy for the joy that Douglas brings her. If that is enough reason then she will understand but it doesn’t mean that Liam and her will get back together. Hope cannot stay in a marriage with Liam anymore. She thinks they deserve that. There is nothing she can say. She hears Phoebe crying. Steffy goes to get her. Hope thinks this is the way it has to be.

Brooke feels for Thomas but Hope is not Douglas’ mother. They need to get that through to them. He needs to get this crazy idea out of her head. She is not Douglas’ mother. Ridge knows she is Beth’s mother. Beth is gone though. He needs her to see something. This is tragic for everyone.

Liam doesn’t want him to pretend to be concerned. He knows that he wanted this. He used his son and the bond for him as a way to get what he wanted. Thomas could never be happy for Hope to be in pain. Thomas thinks Kelly and Phoebe need him. Steffy is his family. They are Liam’s future.

Hope thinks that Phoebe has grown so much. Hope holds Phoebe. Steffy thinks it makes sense. The way that she instantly connected with her. She is related to her. Her cousin gave birth to her and she must have felt it inside of her. Hope thought that Phoebe was in her life. Steffy doesn’t think the DNA matters. Hope finds it funny that Stephanie Forrester is raising a Logan. Hope tells Phoebe she came at the perfect time. She is so grateful to finally understand the connection she has with her. She is so thankful otherwise she wouldn’t know. She is so lucky to have Steffy raising her. Even though she is a Logan girl. This woman is and always will be her mother.

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