B&B Thursday Update 5/23/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/23/19


Written by Anthony

Steffy holds Phoebe in her arms while Liam holds Kelly. Steffy thinks that she loves being in Liam’s arms.

Hope wonders if they are hosting something. Brooke explains that so many people sent condolences on Caroline and Brooke was sending out the cards that Thomas wrote. Hope can come back when she is not busy. Brooke thinks she is fine. She hears that Steffy is back in town. Hope is happy she is home with the girls. Liam missed them a lot. She did as well. Liam is with them right now. She felt right to let them have their own reunion. Brooke thinks it is a homecoming not a reunion. Brooke wonders what is wrong.

Ridge tells Thomas that Steffy is at home with the girls. Ridge wonders if Thomas showed the sketches to Hope. Thomas wanted to make sure that Hope had a collection when she is ready. Ridge assumes that he wants Hope as soon as Liam is out of the picture. Thomas thinks that Hope knows her husband better than they do. Thomas assumes that Liam wants to be with those two girls and Steffy. He knows that Ridge doesn’t disagree.

Steffy says they were good on the plane. Liam suggests that Steffy could take a nap. Steffy thinks that is fine. She can take things from here. Liam can stick around if she wants him too. Steffy as a system. Liam knows. Steffy thinks he doesn’t want to let Phoebe go. Liam thinks partly. Steffy asks what is on his mind. Liam thinks something big.

Hope thinks it is crazy that Steffy and her have become friends. Steffy is a leader at Forrester and she thinks what is best for her family is what finally pushed her aside. She told Liam she is ending their marriage.

Ridge hears Thomas. He just doesn’t know how to take a position. Thomas understands. He knows he loves them all and wants to do right by them. Ridge wishes someone could be there for Steffy. He likes the idea as a father and husband. People don’t like to listen. They just want to do what feels right. Thomas knows that Hope wants Liam to be there. Ridge asks about Liam’s feelings. He asks if he is going to be there. He asks if Hope made any indication.

Brooke thinks that Liam has made it clear he has no intention of leaving her. Hope knows what is the right choice. She loves Liam just as much as the day she married him. Certain circumstances have changed. That is just the way it is. She will never have another child. Brooke thinks she might want to have another child someday. She told Liam about this and he finally understood. She thinks that everything has changed and it is too much. It is wrong. She cannot do this anymore. She refuses to put her desires and needs ahead of the children.

Liam asks how Phoebe was on the plane. Steffy thinks that Phoebe will be fine. Liam thinks it is nice them being here and doing things with the girls. Steffy asks what he had to tell her. She assumes he went back to work for Bill. Liam says no. Steffy guesses it is Hope. She asks how she is doing. Liam explains that Hope is getting her sense of direction back. She wants to take it away from their marriage.

Thomas thinks they all know how he feels about Hope. Ridge guesses that seeing things from his perspective is a good thing. Hope loves her husband. Thomas thinks that Hope is not going to have any children. Ridge doesn’t know what to say. Ridge doesn’t think that their marriage is over. Ridge thinks being a mother to someone else’s child is not the answer.

Brooke asks about the promises that Hope made to Liam. Hope asks how many of Brooke’s marriages worked. The idea of marriage is one thing but real life is different. You are still the same person after a ceremony. Her body failed her on the way to her own dream. Steffy can too. The only thing in the way of that is her. Brooke asks why. Brooke asks why she is in the way as she puts it. Brooke thinks his dream is to be with her. She thinks the only thing in the way here is her fear of not being enough but she is enough. Brooke doesn’t think she wants to give him up.

Steffy is shocked that this is still happening. She thought this would be good for Hope. A break from thinking that Liam needs to be with them. Liam thinks that Hope’s only happiness was with Phoebe. Now children are a forbidden subject minus Douglas. Hope loves Douglas. Douglas gives Hope’s maternal instincts someplace to go. Liam says that Thomas has an agenda. Thomas has a little family that he convinced her to have. Liam wonders what if Hope wants Thomas. Liam thinks it has started to sink in for him.

Ridge tells Thomas that he is looking at the world in a traditional way. He wonders what about the individual. Thomas is drawn to Hope though.

Hope will never love any man like she loves Liam. She cannot give that to anyone but Liam. Hope thinks when you love someone the most loving thing you can give them is to leave. The only mistake she made was going to Catalina. There is a young boy looking for a mother. She needs to put the children first. It is the only way she can live with herself. It is the only way to make sense of losing Beth.

Liam thinks it feels like he is tormenting Hope. Liam wonders if Hope is right. It might not be a sturdy enough foundation. Liam knows that things are falling a part. Phoebe wakes up and Liam goes to check on her. He brings her out. Steffy knows he doesn’t need her to say this but she never wanted to see their marriage end. She made peace with Liam and Hope being together. Liam doesn’t know what the future looks like anymore. Steffy knows he has two little girls who need him here and love him. Steffy thinks he can spend as much time as he wants with them. Liam likes that. He is still trying to process this. He is really glad that they are home. He missed them all. He wonders if Hope has been right all along. They just put their energy into what is best for the children. He looks at them and it is like he doesn’t want to leave. Steffy thinks nothing melts her heart more than seeing him with the girls. Steffy wants him to come whenever he wants. This will always be his home.

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