B&B Wednesday Update 5/22/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/22/19


Written By Anthony

Hope gets up from Douglas’ bed. Thomas thanks her. Hope wonders if he will be ok now. Hope didn’t realize that he was still having nightmares. Thomas says that he hasn’t had one in a while. He thanks her for helping. Hope admits that being here with him, makes her think about what it would be like to be with Beth.

Flo cannot stop thinking about Hope and Beth. Shauna wants her to enjoy all of this. She has so much to be excited for this. Quinn really thinks there is a real chance for her and Wyatt.

Wyatt walks into the design office and finds Sally. He assumes she is working kind of late. He knows it is a ghost town in this hour. Sally is just trying to distract herself. She didn’t mean to make him feel bad when she is thee one who screwed up. She just though that space wouldn’t be a bad idea. Sally knows how much transparency means to him. She knows she blew it.

Flo does want a chance with Wyatt but if he ever found anything out. Flo thinks that this is their first night in this home. Shauna thinks that they deserve this. Flo thinks that Hope and Liam deserve to know their child is alive.

Liam admits he texted Hope when he got home. Hope was at the main house. Liam wonders if Thomas was there. Hope says he was. Liam wonders if it is a good idea for her to be around Thomas like that. Hope thinks that there are greater forces here. Hope is wondering if Thomas is right and Douglas does need her. Liam asks what she is saying.

Wyatt knows from day one they said they would be truthful with one another. Sally knew that she could relax and just be herself. Sally never wanted to hide anything from him. She made a mistake. She wonders how badly she blew it now. She sees Flo in the office. Wyatt knows. He thinks that is one of the reasons that he is here. He isn’t going to hide anything from Sally. He explains that him and Flo have agreed to see one another.

Liam wonders if Thomas said something. Hope says it was her. Douglas needs her. She knows that now. Liam reminds her that Douglas is a little kid and doesn’t realize how complicated it was. Hope made Douglas feel better. Hope thought that it felt really good. She liked being able to make sure he felt ok. She doesn’t think anything will ever replace her in her heart but Douglas is a child in need. Liam thinks it is great that she is helping Douglas. Liam knows what it is like to lose a mother. It sucks. Hope tells him that this isn’t about Thomas. She loves Liam. This is bigger than them. They need to put the children first. Hope thinks the children deserve the best lives they can give them. Liam said they made vows. He promised the rest of his life to her. He doesn’t want to believe that she is ready to give up either.

Wyatt isn’t saying this to be cruel. Sally knows. He is trying to be open and transparent. He doesn’t want her to forget what they had. He still cares about her. Sally still cares about him as much as ever. She knows that they were in love once. Quinn thinks that there is only one way to find out. Sally doesn’t need to know the details. She understands.

Flo feels that her bad judgement can ruin Hope’s entire life. Thomas started to move in on Hope. The mother of his child passed away and he is back in town. Flo thinks that Hope loves Liam but they will never have another child and never heal. He wants Liam to go back to Steffy so that Kelly has a father. He wants Hope to be the mother of his son Douglas.

Thomas reads over the letter he wrote to Hope that Caroline supposedly wrote for Douglas.

Liam doesn’t think she needs to throw away their marriage for this. Hope tried so hard. She loves Liam too. It is time though. They have to put the children first. She knows that a part of him loves Steffy and he could be happy. She knows he will be ok. She knows what she has to do. She sees it so clearly now. She has known what she needed to do. Hope thinks that it is his love that stopped her. She needs to give the children the future they deserve. She needs to end their marriage and she has to let him go.

Sally knows that actions have consequences. She made choices that hurt him. Wyatt doesn’t think this is payback. Sally knows she is the one who gave them space. Her feelings haven’t changed at all. Not one bit. She kisses Wyatt.

Flo thinks this secret could cost Hope everything. It isn’t bad luck. It is a lie. It is all her fault. It wouldn’t be happening if Hope and Liam knew the truth about their daughter.

Douglas tells Thomas that he was scared. He wonders if Hope is here. Douglas wonders if Hope will always be here with them. Thomas assumes that he loves her that much. He promises that she will always be here for him.

Liam cannot let her do this. He cannot. Hope promises that no one has made her happier in her life and she hasn’t been able to bring it back. She wants to be able to let Liam be a fully present father. She thinks that their dream is gone but there is another way that she can be a mother. She feels so connected to those children. She knows that Liam loves her and she knows that this isn’t what he wanted but they have to do what is best for their families. She loves him too much to let this go. Hope knows she felt a change and she fell in love with Douglas. The idea of being a maternal figure in his life. She finally sees a way past her grief. Hope’s mind is already made up. Liam didn’t want to cause her any pain. He doesn’t want to see her suffer. Hope begs him to just go to the girls and let her be with Douglas. Liam doesn’t think this feels right ending their marriage. He sees that it is killing her. It cannot end like this. He will give her what she wants but it cannot end like this. He needs one night after everything they have been through. He wants to shut the world out and have some dinner and they talk about the past and find closure. He thinks they owe that to themselves and what they mean to one another. Hope agrees. Hope has loved him more than anyone in her entire life. Their marriage is her greatest joy. She thinks that everything could be so different had they not lost Beth. She is so sorry. She hugs Liam and sobs.

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