B&B Tuesday Update 5/21/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/21/19


Written by Anthony

Wyatt cannot get over that Thomas is using Douglas as a way to target Hope. Liam thinks what is crazy is that he used to have sympathy for the guy. Liam knows they shared Douglas and sympathy. This guy needs to stay away from his wife.

Hope reads that Caroline wanted her child to have a woman who will bring him love as he brings her love. Hope thinks that this is about her. She is the woman that she had in mind.

Quinn tells Shauna and Flo that tonight is the beginning of a new chapter. Flo cannot wrap her head around this. Quinn welcomes them to their new reality. Eric knows how close they all were before. Eric thinks that anything that makes Quinn happy is ok with him. Quinn thinks this is why he adores Eric. Eric welcomes them all. Shauna asks if Eric is sure that he is ok with this. Eric is fine with it. Shauna is so fortunate. Shauna is so ready to put the past behind them.

Liam thinks that Hope is trying really hard. She is doing anything she can to get through the day. Wyatt wants to know what kind of guy does something like that. Liam wants to know the kind of guy who lets another guy ruin his marriage.

Hope asks when she wrote this. Thomas doesn’t know. He assumes a few years after Douglas was born. Hope thinks that they are both here right now. Hope thinks it is like Caroline knew. All the future.

Shauna asks if there are house rules. Eric wants them to treat the house is like their own. Quinn thinks the house is casual living. Flo thinks it is overwhelming. Quinn wants them to relax and live here like they would any place else. Shauna thinks they lost so much time. Quinn thinks they have to stop saying they are grateful. Quinn loves Eric very much and he fulfills are her needs except having a girlfriend. She is so grateful. She knows they are two amazing women. She is glad to repay their goodness and honesty. She welcomes them to their new home and everything that comes with it.

Wyatt is sorry that Liam has to deal with this. Liam doesn’t know what is worse. Someone saying this right to his face or something like this. Liam cannot stand this guy. Wyatt gets why he is mad at the guy. Wyatt is not defending the guy but he does wonder if part of what drives him is his fear of Steffy. Wyatt asks because he has to keep it honest. He wonders if he thinks his place is with Steffy not Hope.

Hope thinks this is so crazy. Thomas thinks it is like Douglas knew that Hope was a safe place. Thomas wonders if she is connecting them. Caroline thinks that everything finds you eventually. Douglas screams for Caroline. He wants her.

Quinn shows them Flo’s room. Flo feels like she is dreaming. Quinn thinks she was so much help to her mom. Shauna thinks it is like being in a fantasy land. Shauna thinks that Quinn is her best friend ever. Quinn thinks if things progress with her and Wyatt they could be family for real.

Wyatt knows they are not the same people they were in Catalina. Wyatt thinks this is his second chance at having a daughter. Wyatt thinks those girls need him. Liam wished that he could clone himself. Wyatt knows that Hope says that he should be with Steffy and the kids. Wyatt thinks that there will always be love between him and Steffy. Liam wonders if he thinks that Thomas is right.

Thomas promises him that he is having a bad dream. Douglas wants Caroline to come. Thomas promises that she is loving and protecting her. Hope asks about the bad dream. Douglas thinks if he tells it then it comes back. Hope thinks when you share it, it takes away the power. Douglas lost his way home and he didn’t know how to get back. Hope was alone and scared but then she woke up. Hope tells Douglas to look at her eyes. She will send him so much love that he will not be scared anymore. She asks if he is all good. Douglas thinks she took away the scare like Caroline did.

Quinn assumes she thinks that she is the pushiest mother ever. She just thinks they love each other. Quinn knows that Wyatt is single. Quinn doesn’t think that Sally was honest and she is glad that Sally moved out. She wants Wyatt to have a truthful and trustworthy woman. Like Flo.

Wyatt thinks that whether he ends up with Hope or Steffy it is his choice. Liam misses Kelly and Phoebe and he misses Steffy. He misses the spirt and misses her laugh. He doesn’t like being away from Kelly and Phoebe. Wyatt thinks they all just want what is best for the children. Kelly, Phoebe, and Douglas.

Hope asks if it is ok if she lies down next to him. Hope bets that Caroline knew what to do for him. She promises the nightmares will go away and they will never come back. He will smile and laugh and play with Thomas. Caroline knew that if she ever had to go away that he would never be alone. She knew that he would have Thomas and someone else. He can always count on her. She promises. Douglas asks her to stay until he falls asleep. Hope agrees.

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