B&B Monday Update 5/20/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/20/19


Written by Anthony

Hope demands to know what is going on. Zoe claims that nothing is going on. Hope wants to know why they were talking about Beth. Zoe says that they were just saying that it must have been hard for Hope the last few months. Hope asks if that is true or if there is something else.

Liam says that Steffy and the girls should be home any day now. Wyatt says that he must miss them considering Wyatt thinks that it was ridicules what Thomas did. Liam knows that Thomas is definitely making a play for his wife.

Thomas writes a letter in his bedroom with a pre-existing letter next to him.

Wyatt knows that Thomas is going through a lot but breaking up a marriage is selfish. Wyatt almost kicked his ass himself. Liam is glad that he left him handle it. Wyatt knows he wanted to take a swing at it. Liam wished that Thomas would focus on being a good father. Liam doesn’t trust Thomas at all.

Thomas continues to write a letter. He compares it to the one that is next to him. Thomas reads it and says that no mother wants to think that they will not be around for their child. Thomas folds it and puts it in an envelope marked for Hope.

Flo tries to get words out. Hope begs to talk about Beth. Flo admits how she feels so awful and she felt sad. Zoe thinks it makes it harder for Flo. She wished to take away her pain given how horrible things are. Flo is so sorry. She knows what happened never should have happened. Hope knows she shouldn’t have reacted that way. She just is pretty raw when people talk about Beth. She knows they have been so understanding about this. Especially, Flo. She is sorry. Hope admits that losing Beth is the hardest thing she ever had to go through. It has been emotional. Hope explains that she was and is such a part of her. She never wants to forget that. Zoe doesn’t think anyone could. Hope tells Flo that she will stop by later to look at Quinn’s ideas. Zoe knows what she is feeling. Flo thinks that she is never going to get passed losing her little girl. She will never fully move on. She just wished they could have known the truth.

Liam doesn’t need to dwell on Thomas. He is a waste of his time. Wyatt thinks it was Sally’s choice to go. Liam asks how hard he tried to stop her. Wyatt thinks that she betrayed him. Liam thought that him and Sally had a good thing going. He wonders if he really wanted to throw it away. Wyatt likes to think of it as looking at his relationship. Liam asks if Flo knows that Sally moved out. Wyatt says they had a long talk about it. He admits they kissed. They are going to take things slow. He wants to take her on a date and see where it leads. Liam doesn’t think he ever got over Flo. Wyatt hasn’t really ever did. He doubts that he will.

Zoe tells Flo to get ahold of herself. They made a path. Shauna walks in and asks what she is doing here. Flo says that Hope just left. Zoe thinks that whenever she is around Hope and Hope is emotional, Flo gets upset. Shauna is staying where they are.

Hope sits down in Brooke’s living room. She starts thinking about the night Beth was born. Thomas walks downstairs and assumes she is reliving the night that she lost her little girl. Hope remembers and she is stuck in the middle of a tragedy that she cannot seem to get over. Thomas has been thinking about his life a lot lately. Thomas explains that something arrived today. It was a box of Caroline’s personal items. He wasn’t sure what he would find. Thomas figured he would wait until Douglas was awake to open it. He asks if she would be there when he opened the box. Hope doesn’t think that he needs to face that alone.

Zoe thinks they are tempting fate. Shauna is aware of the stakes involved. Zoe wants her to remind her daughter then. Flo thinks she is just as guilty. She loves to come here and check up on her. Zoe doesn’t think that Hope suspects a thing. Shauna suggests that Zoe go live in LA. Zoe thinks that they are lucky no one is home. Zoe thinks they are playing with fire. The Forrester’s would understand why they would go back home. Shauna thinks that Flo is back with the love of her life.

Wyatt wants to get back to Thomas. He wonders if Thomas got the message to back off. Liam thinks that Thomas will continue to brainwash her into trying to have her for himself.

Thomas thinks that knowing Caroline there must have been something important in here. He thanks her for being here when he opens it.

Zoe knows her father did was to blame. Flo thinks that Steffy would give Beth back in an instant. Hope and Liam could get their child back. Instead, they are here and they have to deal with a secret that could end their marriage.

Thomas opens the box. He finds the letter that he wrote. Thomas asks if he should open it. Hope thinks so. He thinks it is weird to see her handwriting again. No mother ever wants to think that they will not be around for their child. She imagines that there is a woman out there that will see Douglas as her child. She sees a family in her absence. A family that her son and this woman deserve. A woman who will bring him love. That is her hope for her sons future. Thomas asks if Hope is ok. Hope thinks the letter is so beautiful and moving. It is almost as if she knew. This woman out there that needs a child. She feels like Caroline means her. She thinks she could be that woman. Hope looks at Thomas and tells her that she thinks she is.

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