B&B Thursday Update 5/16/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/16/19


Written by Anthony

Shauna kisses Bill. She says that it is just the two of them all alone. No one has to know. She is glad she got him in the bedroom. She wonders if he wants to be with her. She can feel the heat with the two of them. They were incredible years ago. She knows they would be again.

Donna tells Brooke that her and Justin had the best dinner. Brooke tells them that she is not hungry. Donna asks what is going on. Brooke doesn’t think they will believe it when she tells them. She isn’t thinking clearly. She is running a possibility of a future with Bill. Brooke tried to talk Katie out of it. They know that Bill asked Katie to marry him and he got turned down. Brooke thinks that he might turn to another woman. Justin thinks the only person that he into is Katie. Justin knows he got lonely. Brooke doesn’t think he is lonely right now. Brooke says that Katie sent Flo’s mom over to seduce him.

Bill thinks that Shauna is a beautiful woman and they could easily get into this moment. Bill has no doubt they would have fun now. Bill is not a man to walk away from adventure. There was a time when he wouldn’t have had to think twice about this. He can’t and won’t do this. He is in love with his ex-wife.

Justin cannot believe that Katie would send Shauna over there. Justin is going to put a stop to this. Donna thinks they have to stay out of it. Justin wonders if this is fair. Brooke wonders if Bill is vulnerable. Justin thinks if Bill makes the wrong move it could all go wrong. Brooke knows that she said she had to do this to make sure that he is a changed man. Brooke wants this to not backfire. She can only imagine what she is hearing right now.

Bill wants Katie and his family back. Bill was out of control most of his life. He thinks that the bullet proof attitude helped when he was younger. His priorities have changed. He betrayed Katie. He wasn’t there when his wife needed him. He regrets that. Bill made that mistake with himself and he would do whatever it takes to get him back. Bill wouldn’t have hesitated and he doesn’t want to be that guy anymore. Bill wants love and his family. He wants his son. Bill thinks that as a man there is so much love in that boy. Bill thinks that it took him so long to figure this out. Bill has no idea why he is saying this to her. Shauna is so glad that he is saying these things. It is important. Bill wished that Katie would hear him and come home and bring Will back. He proposed to her and she turned him down. He doesn’t blame her for being this way. He isn’t the man she was married to before. He wished that she could know how he is being honest.

Shauna asks if Katie heard. Katie did. Shauna thinks it is obvious how much they care about one another. She hopes that they can trust one another. Shauna thinks he wants him and his family. Shauna thinks that she is a lucky woman she should know what to do. Katie thanks her.

Brooke thinks that Katie and Bill should have been together all along. Donna thought they were both ready to recommit. Donna thinks they all want them to work out. Justin knows Will has been doing everything he can to make this work out. Brooke doesn’t know how this will work. Justin knows all he talks about is Katie. She rejected him though. Justin has faith.

Katie walks into Bill’s room. She just saw Shauna leave. Bill thinks that is not what she is thinking. Katie doesn’t think he needs to explain. Katie knows their son is fine. She wanted to see him. Katie doesn’t think he did anything. He is unpredictable. She thinks she has him pegged but sometimes it is not enough. She knows now and has everything to move forward. Katie kisses him. Katie wants to come home and wants their family back.

Brooke says that Katie is not picking up. She said she was annoyed earlier. Justin suggests she is still listening in. Donna wants to think positively. Justin wants to believe that Bill can control himself. Justin believes in the man. He is a bit needy but he is a good guy. Justin is saying. As tough as he is he is caught up in the moment. That family’s future is at stake.

Katie thinks this is where they belong together. Katie thinks it was hard to say. She was terrified of being hurt again. She needed to protect herself and their son. Bill is sorry. He made so many mistakes. He wishes that he could take them all back. Katie knows they are still here. She wonders if they could let all of this be in the past. She thinks about her son and bringing their family back together. She hears him. She hears love. Katie is not afraid. Katie wants to give this another chance. Katie wants their life back. Katie wants to go home to this house. She is ready to be his wife. If that is what he still wants. Bill thinks that their family is what they want. Bill is glad that he convinced her. He loves her so much. Bill will spend the rest of his life earning her love. He loves her. They kiss again.

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