B&B Tuesday Update 5/14/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/14/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke asks Katie how her nephew is doing. Katie thinks that Will is great. Bill has been doing incredible lately. She thinks that her and Bill are doing fine and friendly. Brooke really thinks she should give Bill another chance. Katie wonders if he is worth another chance too.

Will thinks he deserves a raise in his allowance. He deserves one for doing a good job. Bill thinks that he does deserve one. Bill asks if Will is ready for his sleepover. Will is but he wants to hang out with him for a while more.

Shauna cannot believe that this is happening. Quinn just cannot believe that she will have her best friend living with her. Quinn is glad they are back together. Flo shows up. She thinks the house is amazing. Quinn is glad she thinks so. Shauna tells her they are moving out of the dreary apartment. They will be living at the Forrester estate.

Bill tells Justin he doesn’t just let anyone drive his car. Justin thinks that the car made a good impression on Emma. Bill suggests that they hang out. Bill still cannot believe that he made something that amazing. Bill tells Justin that Katie turned him down flat on the marriage proposal.

Katie still cannot stop thinking about Bill and Shauna. Katie knows that she saw them at the bar together. She thinks that Shauna is a beautiful woman. She will need to talk with Shauna.

Quinn explains that Eric is on board with her. Quinn doesn’t want them to leave her life here. Flo just isn’t sure. Shauna wants her to thank Quinn and say yes. Quinn asks if she will stay.

Bill misses the little things the most with Katie. He misses rubbing her feet at the end of a long day. Rehashing what happened at the end of a long day. Bill thinks that it was bliss with Katie. Bill treated his family with disrespect and content. He knows that it will not happen again. Justin knows she will believe him with time. Bill thinks that Katie deserves to earn his trust. He just wished he knew how to believe it.

Katie knows that Shauna is one of them now. Katie thinks that Bill seems serious about wanting to put their family back together. Katie cannot consider any sort of reconciliation if there is any doubt in her mind. Katie thinks that Shauna is excited about Flo’s role in the family. She is hoping she can help her.

Quinn promises her husband is about two things. Family and whatever makes her happy. She loves them both so much. She wants them back together. Flo admits that Sally and Wyatt are not together anymore. Wyatt wants to see how things are doing between them. Quinn hopes it is just the start. She wants them all to experience the kind of life that she has been living in LA. Quinn thinks that they have struggled. She wants them to stay. Flo says yes. Quinn thinks this will be so much fun. Quinn will hire a moving company. Flo doesn’t have much. Quinn is going to go tell Eric the good news. Flo cannot believe this. Shauna needs to take pictures to remember this moment. Shauna knows she is thinking about the secret. She needs to accept the blessings and embrace it. Things are finally good. Shauna points out they are living at the Forrester Estate, she works at FC, and she is a Logan. She thinks that Flo is living the dream. Flo cannot stop thinking about Beth. Flo reminds her that Hope’s baby is alive. Flo doesn’t think that there is any looking back. Shauna thinks they have worked their entire life and they earned a shot at the good life. Mistakes were made but they need to take the gift and be grateful. Katie calls Shauna. Katie needs her to come over to Brooke’s house. Shauna can meet her.

Brooke wants to know what Katie is up to.

Bill asks if Will has everything. Will says that it is a sleepover. Will says by to Justin.

Brooke wonders if Shauna would like something. Shauna thinks that they have both been so lovely towards Flo. Shauna says that Quinn and Eric have asked her to stay at the Forrester estate. She just wanted them to know because they will be neighbors. Katie explains that Bill wants to put their family back together. Katie says that Bill and her have been on this roller coaster before. She was wondering if there was anything going on between them. Shauna says that she just had a drink. That was it. Katie says that he can see whoever he chooses. She just wants to be able to trust him. Katie needs her to help her out with something. Shauna thinks so. Katie needs help.

Justin thinks that Will is an amazing kid. Bill thinks that Will is an amazing kid. Bill really hopes things work out. Bill just wants to know he has a shot. Justin knows that she is being nice. Bill thinks it is hard to tell with Katie. Bill wants to walk the walk. He knows he is the one who broke things. Bill thinks that if Katie cannot get passed things. Bill will have to move on. He hopes it doesn’t come to that.

Katie has issues with Bill. Brooke thinks that Katie has good reason for the past but she thinks he has changed. Katie has burned more than a few times. Katie would be a fool to not prepare. Katie knows that Will wants his family back more than anything. Katie isn’t going to put her family back for something that will not last. Katie says that Bill will be alone. She knows they have a history. She saw them together. Katie can see that Bill likes her. She knows Bill wants a future but she wonders how long. She needs to be sure of this commitment. Katie has a plan but she needs her help. She needs her to test him by coming on to him. Katie thinks this will give her an answer. She needs her to help prove that Bill is dedicated.

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