B&B Monday Update 5/13/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/13/19


Written by Anthony

Liam loves Hope and they belong together. He doesn’t want her to put these things in her head. Liam knows that things are getting better. They will continue so long as they stick together. He doesn’t want her to give up now.

Eric doesn’t think that Sally is the type to bail on a deal. Quinn knows that she bailed on the deal that Wyatt set up at Spencer and now she is bailing on him as well. Eric doesn’t think she is giving on the relationship though. Quinn knows she is not sticking it out though. Quinn does think the separation is for the best. It is clear that Flo is the better match.

Flo and Wyatt kiss passionately. Flo cannot believe after all these years. Wyatt knows and kisses her.

Eric never thought that Quinn would be a fan of one of the Logan’s. Quinn thinks that they are new Logan’s and she is all for Shauna sticking around. Eric can see that her and Shauna were really close. Quinn cannot say that about a lot of people. She invited her over and will be by soon. Quinn was actually thinking about something. She does love her routine but she was thinking it was a little quiet around here. She knows about the tiny little apartment that they go home to. Eric assumes that she wants Shauna and Flo to stay with them.

Wyatt doesn’t want Flo to think that because Sally moved out… He knows that this could get out of hand but he wants to do this the right way. The way that he deserves.

Thomas thinks they could have a great life. They would be completely devoted to each other. Liam has a family. He knows that Hope’s happiness lies somewhere else.

Quinn thinks that Flo and Shauna are practically part of the family now that Flo is a Logan. Shauna opened up her home to her. She gave her a place to breathe and vent back in the day. Being with them was a relief from all the stress. When she thinks about that tiny little apartment she realizes how far she has come. She wants to repay her for the space. She wants to make a little space in their lives for them. Eric tells Quinn this is her home If she wants them to come stay here he is all for it. Quinn thanks him so much. She loves him so much. She knew he would understand. Quinn cannot wait to share the good news with Flo and Shauna. Shauna shows up. She is glad that she found the right house. Shauna cannot believe what it would be like to live in a place like this.

Wyatt never really forgot about her. Flo tried to forget about him but it didn’t work. Wyatt thinks it stays with you when you do that. He thinks she set the bar with him. Wyatt knows she was completely honest with him. Wyatt is disappointed in Sally. He doesn’t know why she would agree to keep his secret like that. A secret that could literally rip Hope and Liam a part.

Hope thinks that Liam needs to be understanding as well. Douglas lost his m other and she knows that Thomas is afraid for him. It is a huge responsibility but Thomas is not alone. He has his family. He does have her. She cares about his son very much. He is an amazing and sweet little boy. Her first responsibility is her marriage. It has been tested by tragedy and grief. Hope would not be here if it wasn’t for him and his life and loyalty. She is really grateful for the time she gets to spend with Douglas. Her comfort comes from getting to know she can rely on him. Hope loves Liam and loves their life together.

Shauna thinks this place is incredible. She can see why they have a house this large. It is amazing. Eric thinks this house is pretty quiet. They were discussing how nice it would be to have more people around. Specifically her and Flo. Shauna asks if they really mean living here. Quinn thinks it make her so happy around here. Quinn wants to repay her generosity. It would make her so happy to have her here with her. Shauna cannot believe they are moving to Beverly Hills.

Flo thinks they don’t always know people. Wyatt knows Thomas. He wants to hurt people close to him. Wyatt thought they were going towards a path of commitment. Wyatt wanted to stay true to Sally but she didn’t want to stay true to him. He has the only woman who has never let him down before sitting right here. He doesn’t know what the future holds hut he does think that it happens for a reason. He would really like to take her on a proper date.

Douglas wonders if Hope is here. Thomas says she will be home soon.

Hope is glad that he is home. Liam thinks this thing with Thomas. He knows they are all worried about Douglas but for him to make her Douglas’ mommy is insane. He is not entirely. Comfortable living on the same property as him. Hope wonders if he wants to move. Liam would like to. Liam thinks that Thomas is using Douglas to take advantage of her. Which is not ok.

Flo would love to go on a date. Flo gets a call from Shauna. Shauna needs her to come over. She needs to come over right away. Wyatt asks if Shauna is at the Forrester’s. Flo guesses she should go. Wyatt guesses. He needs one more thing. He kisses her.

Hope thinks he could have stayed with the girls. Hope thinks that Thomas was right about one thing. Kelly and Phoebe need him. Liam knows Steffy will be home soon and it will be easier. He cannot tell her what to do about Douglas. It is good for both of them but not at the expense of their marriage. They need to figure out how to move forward. He assumes she realizes that Thomas is using Douglas to get to her. He isn’t calling him a bad father. He just doesn’t trust him.

Douglas tells Thomas that it is his turn. Thomas was thinking about something else. He knows that Hope loves him. She was just telling him how much she likes having him in his life. Thomas wants him to tell Hope how much he loves Hope. Douglas can make her a paper hat. Thomas is sure she would love that. Thomas thinks it will all work out fine for all of them.

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