B&B Monday Update 5/6/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/6/19


Written by Anthony

Thomas wants Hope to let Liam be with his daughter’s. He knows that she knows that is where they need to be. He tries to kiss her. Hope breaks away. Thomas is sorry. He knows that he shouldn’t have kissed her. Hope doesn’t think he can though. Liam is married to her. Thomas thinks that Liam needs to move on and so does she. Thomas thinks they can do this together. Douglas and him are here for them.

Sally walks into Wyatt’s. Wyatt walks in. He thinks that was fast. Sally wanted to get home as soon as she possibly could. Wyatt thinks they both had a lot to think about. Sally could only think about all the ways they could make up. Wyatt actually thinks they should talk. Wyatt wants the truth. He thought they agreed to be honest with one another. He knows that Sally has been keeping something from him. Sally knows they haven’t been connecting lately. She has been busy with work. Wyatt knows that she has not been honest with him about something. Sally knows he is right. She hasn’t been forthcoming with him. Wyatt knows it is about Thomas. Wyatt saw his text to her. He wants to know what he doeesn’t want her to know. Sally explains that Thomas shared something with her. Sally explains that he realized that there was a woman that he never fully got over. It is Hope.

Hope asks if Thomas thinks she did something to make him think they could be together. Thomas wanted to tell her something. He didn’t know how to say it. Caroline felt that Hope should be in Douglas’ life. She knew that they needed her. She wanted her to take her place and be there for their son.

Sally didn’t lie. There is nothing going on between Thomas and her. Wyatt asks if the only person that he really could talk about this was his ex. Wyatt wonders if he was really holding her. Sally asks if that was why Quinn packed up all their stuff. Sally knows that Thomas is going through a hard time and he just lost his mom. Wyatt thinks that this is very wrong. Sally guesses that Hope has been there for Douglas. Liam thinks they are talking about his brother’s wife here. He asks if this is why she didn’t tell her. Sally knew Thomas had something to tell her. Wyatt cares about her brother and his family. She knows the distance that Hope and Liam have between one another. Wyatt asks how they could do this.

Hope is shocked that Caroline wanted her to be there for Douglas. Thomas guesses this is the situation that has happened now. Hope doesn’t know what to say. Caroline was Liam’s husband. Thomas thinks that Hope make’s Douglas happier than anyone else. Hope is touched really. Thomas knows she can see why he was reluctant to say anything. Thomas had no idea how Douglas would respond to her. He knew that Caroline wants to see her boy smile again. Hope wants to be a part of his life. Thomas has tried to not make things awkward. Hope thinks her heart breaks for what he is going through. Thomas knows that Douglas says it is sad that she lost Beth. Thomas knows they talk about Beth with such love and tenderness. They can both see that there is an empty place in her heart. He knows how she wants to be a mother. She cannot go through that again. Thomas doesn’t think she has to give up on her dream of being a parent and having a family. She can have a family with him.

Wyatt asks what would have happened had he not seen the text. Sally only sees Thomas at work. She isn’t sneaking around his back. Wyatt wants to know why she would keep this from him. Sally thinks that Hope is feeling better. Sally is not defending Thomas. He is a father who wants his child to be content and secure. If he wants her to be honest she has to say that she gets where he is coming from. When she looks at it from his perspective, she sees why he is pursuing Hope.

Hope is moved by how much he cares. Thomas knows they were really close once. Hope knows that they are closer than they have been in years. Thomas could never get passed how Caroline lied to him. He is glad that he found something new. Co-parenting worked for them. The more he reflected on things, he always came back to him. It isn’t just his feelings that he has to think about. It is Douglas. Hope can be part of their lives. She already is. Thomas reminds her that his mother is gone. He cannot be everything. Hope knows that he loves him. Thomas thinks it is beautiful seeing them together. Her strength and bravery. He knows he is over stepping but you put your kids needs before your own. They aren’t even her children and she knows what Steffy’s childrens need. Thomas wonders the last time she felt companionship. He knows that she is stuck. She doesn’t have to be though. Liam is where he needs to be. They can build a future together. He loved her years ago and he still does. Thomas thinks they could be truly happy together. The three of them.

Sally knows that Liam feels pain for being away from the girls. Sally thinks that those girls need their dad. She knows it is not simple but she is trying to make a point. This could be the best situation for everyone. She is sorry for keeping this from her. Sally promises that it had nothing to do for their relationship. They have been so good. She doesn’t want to lose him over this. She hopes he understands.

Thomas doesn’t think she needs to say anything this minute. His feelings are real. He knows she doesn’t feel the same way. He knows she is married. She took vows and cannot have feelings for another man. Thomas can wait if he has to. Hope thinks that this is a very confusing and emotional time for them. Thomas is not confused about his feelings for her. He realized it now. The feeling that he buried. She is the only one who can keep them feel like a family again. He wants to devote his life to her. He wants to watch her be a mother to Douglas. That dream is still a possibility to her. Her instincts were right. He thinks that she has a new purpose in life. Thomas thinks back to Cabo when he proposed to her on the beach. He wanted to show her the ring that he kept. They are not there yet. He wants her to know how committed he is to her. They could make a life together and have a beautiful life and family.

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