B&B Friday Update 5/3/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/3/19


Written by Anthony

Ridge asks if Flo would like to join them. Hope thinks she would fit right in. Hope thinks it would mean so much to her and all the Logan women. She asks if she will work at Forrester.

Thomas calls Steffy in Brooke’s living room. He is glad that she is having fun in Paris. Thomas hopes she is well. Douglas walks over and asks if he wants to draw together. He asks what his favorite color is. Thomas thinks that it all depends. He guesses black. He thinks that they should draw a picture of Hope. They could show her how much she means to him. He thinks he could draw a heart for Hope.

Hope knows it might be difficult for her to show all this. She knows that Phoebe will be in her life regardless. She thinks that she belongs here. Brooke agrees that she is a Logan. Shauna thinks that there is no way that Flo will turn this down. Flo does think it is incredible. She knows it is daunting to know that she will work with Steffy every day. She honestly thought she would go back to Vegas after a few days. She really misjudged the whole situation. She does think about her a lot. She does a lot now that she knows she is related to her. She thinks it makes it hard to think she is here. Flo knows Shauna is right though. She cannot let this opportunity get away. From her. She will take this opportunity. Shauna would be thrilled to work here. Hope promises she will not regret this.

Thomas thinks that this is a cool picture. Douglas hopes it works so that Hope is happy. Thomas wonders if he remembers asking for Hope to be his mommy. Douglas thinks she could be some day. Thomas thinks she could be if they treat her right. Thomas thinks she needs to know how much he cares about her. Thomas thinks he saw Brooke fill the cookie jar last night. He can go and grab one. Thomas texts Steffy to send pics of Kelly and Phoebe. He calls Pam and wonders if Hope is still in the meeting. He hopes she is coming home right after. Thomas thanks Douglas very much for the drawing.

Shauna wishes Flo a happy birthday. Hope asks if it is Flo’s birthday. Flo didn’t want to bring it up. Hope hugs her. Ridge asks what kind of cake she wants. Flo thinks that this is the best birthday ever. She doesn’t need anything else. Hope thinks she is team Logan now. Flo thinks this is incredible but she still doesn’t think she deserves it. Hope thinks she deserves all of this and more. Hope actually has to run. She promised Douglas she would hang out with him today. She explains that Douglas is Ridge’s grandson who recently lost his mother. She was Wyatt’s cousin. Flo understands. She should go and spend sometime. She will see them later. A model walks in and Ridge forgot that he was supposed to meet with her. Shauna thinks that the design is beautiful. Shauna thinks that the design is so pretty. Shauna has to make a quick phone call. Ridge thinks her mom is kind. Flo hopes she doesn’t make them feel uncomfortable. Flo imagines that there are things she has to do. Ridge thinks they are all pulling together for Douglas. Brooke knows that they never really can replace a mother.

Hope shows up at Brooke’s mansion. She calls for Douglas. Thomas walks downstairs shirtless. Hope promised Douglas some one on one time. Thomas explains that Maya took Douglas and Lizzie to the park. Hope thinks that Maya is trying to replace her as her favorite. Hope explains that Flo accepted a job. She thinks that Thomas will like her. She is sweet and genuine. Thomas is sure that everyone is fine. Thomas shows her the picture that Douglas drew. Hope can see that he expressed it. Hope will put it with the other one. Thomas thinks she is so special to him. Thomas finds a picture of Steffy and Liam with the girls.

Brooke thanks someone on the phone. She is making an ID badge. She has to run to a meeting. Brooke wants her to enjoy herself and hang out for a little while. Brooke is happy that she is here. Flo is happy to be here. Flo cannot believe she has an aunt. She has multiple aunts. She has a job at Forrester. Shauna walks in wearing Ridge’s dress. Flo thinks she looks amazing. Flo think they can finally go to the ball because of this amazing job. Shauna is so happy for her and all of this.

Thomas knew it all along. He knows this is why she told Liam to go to Paris for the girls. Hope wants them to all be in the same home raising the girls. Thomas thinks that this picture sees it all. Hope asks what he is trying to say. Thomas want them to step up and do the right thing. She told Liam to be with Steffy because she knew it was best. He thinks that Douglas and him are both are. He will have a child and a little boy who needs a mother. Thomas knows they fell for one another once and can again. He wants her to let him go. They can move on together. He kisses Hope. Hope stops him.

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