B&B Wednesday Update 5/1/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/1/19


Written By Anthony

Hope tells Thomas the first time she had Phoebe in her arms it was like a jolt of energy. She knows why now. Phoebe and her are family.

Liam walks out of the girls room in Paris. Liam missed Phoebe and Kelly but he didn’t realize how much. Amelia knows that the girls all love having him here. So does Steffy.

Wyatt is just shocked that Flo is a Logan still. He just convinced her to take a DNA test. Wyatt wonders if she is ok. Liam was thinking about reaching out to her and seeing if she wants to go to dinner. Sally is really swamped with work is the only issue. Wyatt suggests that they could go to dessert afterwards. Sally asks if he is going without her. Wyatt wonders if she has an issue with that.

Flo thinks that it would be difficult for her to be around a child that she allowed to be given up. Hope deserves to be with Beth. The woman that’s baby she helped steal.

Sally guesses that he can have dinner with whoever he chooses. Wyatt thinks that she is so busy here. Wyatt thinks she has been spending a lot of long nights here. Wyatt didn’t like that she turned down the Spencer job. He put a lot on the line with his father. Wyatt is sorry. He just wanted to give her an honest answer. Wyatt wants to give no secrets.

Thomas worries about her connection to Phoebe. She needs to protect her heart a little. Phoebe is family but she is not her mother. Kelly and Phoebe are where they need to be. Liam is with Phoebe in Paris. She will be a step-mom or aunt and that is it.

Amelia thinks that Kelly goes nuts with Liam. Liam knows that it is not the same as being there in person. Amelia understands how devoted he is as a father. She can tell that Steffy still deeply loves him.

Flo thinks that Hope thinks she failed by losing Beth during labor. Shauna made a vow to love and protect her. She needs to erase this from her mind. She needs to wipe this away. She needs to put this behind her and live the life she is meant to live as a Logan.

Sally asks if she meets regularly with Flo. She wonders if they hang out often. Wyatt doesn’t but he has had conversations. He wonders if this is jealousy or something. Wyatt can tell that she has concern about this. Sally knows she is his first love. Wyatt thinks that she is being unreasonable right now. Wyatt thinks they are all connected here. Wyatt tried to include her but she wasn’t interested. Sally wants him to enjoy his dinner. She will see him at home. Wyatt finds a text from Thomas on Sally’s phone.

Amelia knows that Liam has had a lot of history with Steffy. Amelia is grateful to be with Liam and Steffy. She thinks that Liam should be with the girls not her though.

Shauna suggests that Storm might still be here if he had known about his daughter. Shauna thinks that if Hope and the Forrester’s offer her a job she needs to take it. Shauna thinks that she feels for Hope and they all do. Life goes on though. Zoe wants her to listen to her. Flo wishes she could do what they are doing but she cannot do that for another minute. Wyatt shows up and knocks on the door. Shauna and Zoe hide in the bedroom. She opens thee door. Wyatt has been thinking about her a lot lately. All the incredible things that have happened in her life. Her finding about being related to the Logan’s. He thinks it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

Amelia thinks that Steffy has two girls now. Liam knows where she is coming from. He cannot really fault her for that because it is her job. Amelia knows that he loves Hope but he has three hearts beating for him right here. Amelia sees that Phoebe is getting restless. Liam gets a call from Hope. Hope wonders if now is a bad time. Liam likes hearing her voice. Liam thinks that Kelly and Phoebe are growing so fast. He wonders what is going on. Hope offered Flo a job at HFTF. Hope thinks it might be difficult under the circumstances. Hope thinks the offer is on the table if Flo wants it. She doesn’t want him to feel like he needs to rush back. Liam misses her. Hope misses him too and Kelly and Phoebe. Hope thinks it makes sense now that she knows she is a Logan.

Wyatt thinks that Flo will never be alone another day in her life. Flo admits that she was offered a job at FC. Wyatt isn’t shocked. He assumes she will say yes. Flo doesn’t know. Wyatt thinks that this is a career opportunity of a lifetime. She has to take it.

Liam holds Phoebe in his hands. Liam reminds Amelia that he is not Phoebe’s father. Amelia thinks that he is in all the ways that matter.

Hope stands at a desk and thinks about Phoebe.

Flo think is it is hard to think what the right thing to do is. Wyatt doesn’t want her to think like Sally. He offered Sally an incredible opportunity at Spencer. Last minute she decided she didn’t want to do it anymore. He got into a disagreement about it earlier. He thinks she is keeping secrets from him now about her ex-boyfriend Thomas. Flo is really sorry that he is going through all of this. Wyatt thinks the tiff wasn’t exactly all her fault. Sally is very knowing. She picks up on things. He has been spending a lot of time with her lately. He just has been thinking about her a lot lately. Flo kisses her. Wyatt kisses back. Shauna walks in and thinks that this a blast from the past. Wyatt wants to see her later. He asks if he can take her to dinner. He will text her. Wyatt leaves. Shauna tells Zoe it is all clear. Zoe asks if everything is alright. Shauna wants her to take the job at Forrester. Flo thinks she is right. She knew she always loved him but she is still in love with him. Shauna wants her to embrace it and see where it goes. Zoe doesn’t think she can tell hope the truth ever. Shauna wants to make a pact that the three of them will always keep this secret. No one will ever know that Phoebe is Hope’s Beth.

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