B&B Tuesday Update 4/30/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/30/19


Written by Anthony

The power goes out in the CEO office at Forrester. Hope calls for Pam. Hope starts to think about giving birth during a power outage.

Flo tells Shauna and Zoe that neither of them are going to change her mind. Flo thinks that she cannot live with this. She knows she cannot live with this.

Sally calls for Hope and tries to turn to the lights on. The lights turn back on and Thomas is sitting at the desk in the Design office. Sally was looking for Hope. Thomas has been as well. Sally reminds him that she is her boyfriend’s brother’s wife. Thomas feels that is a temporary situation. Sally asks if he has been hatching schemes in the dark. Thomas says he was doing sketches. Sally thinks that they look good. Thomas tells her. That he is sorry at how he ended things. He was trying to put Douglas’ family back together. He couldn’t get over Caroline lying to him though. They were great co-parents. Douglas has no mother now. Sally guesses that picture now includes Hope. Thomas thinks she is married to someone unreliable.

Xander tells Hope that the power went out because of a cable. Hope thanks him for letting her know. Xander thought that Zoe was working with her today. Hope says she was but that was earlier. Hope asks if there is something going on. She knows that. Her father did see her through the worst night of her life.

Flo feels that this should be a dream come true. Instead she is living into this nightmare that her father hurt her. Shauna doesn’t care about Reese’ future. Zoe is trying to protect everyone. A child was stolen and sold. They are accessories after the fact. They can save themselves if they go back to Vegas and neither of them talk about this ever again.

Sally knows that he has feelings for Hope. Thomas has no use for men who bring children into the world but don’t take care of them. Thomas knows Kelly has words. Kelly is asking for her father. Sally sees that she showed it to Hope. Sally assumes that is why they are in Paris right now. Sally thinks that he gets what he wants in this.

Hope assumes that things have been good between them. Xander thinks that things got a little bad when her dad was in town. Zoe would claim to have a lot on her mind. Xander wants to step up but he cannot do that if she will not let her in.

Flo hates that Reese did to her. Zoe thinks that the child could have gone away. Flo thinks that a stolen baby is her issue. She knows there was one moment that she could have walked away. She had no clue who the child belonged to. Flo doesn’t want anyone to go to jail or get hurt. So she decided to stay and finish what she started. Shauna tells Zoe that they are on the same side. Zoe wants them both gone. Shauna doesn’t think that is going to happen. They can keep each other out of jail even if that is what Reese deserves.

Wyatt feels like he is walking in on something here. Sally says a conversation. Wyatt thinks it sounded like something for Hope. Thomas explains they both want to design for the line. Thomas leaves. Wyatt still feels like he walked in on something here. Wyatt knows they used to date and he is going through a lot right now. He knows they said they would be honest with one another though. He hopes that they would be honest.

Xander thinks that Zoe knows that she can trust him. Hope wishes people would just wait and stop pushing about her child. She might never though. Xander asks if it is really good to just keep the sadness away though.

Shauna thinks she should get to live the good life. She is not going to move back. Flo thinks that it is pointless for them to argue about what she is going to do for her life. Zoe cares about her. Zoe knows that Reese used her as an excuse. Zoe isn’t some little rich girl. She doesn’t want her to pay for what her father did to them. Zoe wished that Hope could know her baby was alive. She cannot say that though. She needs to go back to Vegas because it is the only safe place. Reese made a horrible mistake. Flo is not going to keep this lie.

Wyatt knows they said they would be straight forward. Sally would be a fool to go back to Thomas. She knows that he has seen her at her worse. Thomas needed a friend. She was trying to be the bigger person and see things from his perspective. She would be honest with him.

Hope hasn’t worked with anyone like Thomas before. She means his being prepared. Thomas thinks that having Ridge and Steffy in his life helped. Hope actually misses Steffy. Thomas thinks it is about time they learned to appreciate each other. Hope misses Liam and the girls but she feels Phoebe’s absence most of all. It didn’t make sense at first but then she realized they were related.

Flo knows that eventually everyone will find out that Phoebe isn’t even Phoebe. Shauna thinks they could tell Hope in that scenario. Shauna reminds her that Steffy will be sad to think about this. Zoe is sure that strangers will hate them as well. Shauna guesses that Hope could never learn about her child. Hope is the only one miserable. Shauna thinks that there is a lot less unhappiness in this situation. Flo thinks there is right and wrong. Flo wants to undo the wrong she did. Shauna wants her to promise her that she will never tell Hope about this child. Shauna wants her to let this child live with this amazing family that want her to have a beautiful life. Just like her father would want for her.

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