B&B Monday Update 4/29/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/29/19


Written by Anthony

Shauna holds a gun to Zoe and demands to know what she did to her daughter.

Ridge wants to tell Brooke something but she needs to promise she will not be mad. Ridge thinks that Katie did the right thing. The proposal was the wrong thing. Hope walks in. She is sorry that she is interrupting. Ridge thinks that she saved her from a lecture. Brooke asks how Hope is. She wonders if she heard from Liam yet. Hope thinks that he is having a great time in Europe. Brooke thinks that Hope should move up to the main house. She thinks that there is plenty of room in the main house. Thomas walks in and thinks it would be a great idea. Brooke just doesn’t want her to spend so much time alone. Thomas thinks it would put a smile on his face. Hope thinks it is an appealing idea. Hope guesses that sounds nice. She will move to the main house. Brooke is glad.

Zoe begs to not be shot. Shauna tells her it is a stun gun. Shauna tells Zoe not to move. Flo wakes up and asks what she is doing. Shauna tells her to grab her phone out of her purse. Flo says that Zoe is here about Hope. She is here about Phoebe and Beth. She needs to put the gun down.

Brooke is so thrilled that Hope will be at the house with them. Ridge thinks that Brooke is acting like she is moving back from Africa. She is down at the cabin. Ridge thinks that is good. There are more Logan’s in the house and in the family. Hope loves having Flo in the family. Hope knows that she always wondered about things. Hope explains that it was Wyatt who told her to take the DNA test. Brooke thinks that if Storm had known he would have done anything to know his daughter. Hope is glad that she has them. Hope felt an instant bond with her the first time she met her. She thought it was because they were both mothers but it turns out they are related. Hope thinks that Flo is kind and caring. Hope knows about the sacrifice she made. Flo is going to give Phoebe everything she ever wanted for her. Thomas thinks any child would be blessed to have Hope as a mother.

Zoe thinks that Flo is ok. Flo says that she pushed her. Zoe says that this is her father’s apartment. Flo doesn’t think anymore. Shauna asks what this has to do with Beth and Phoebe. Flo explains that this is Reese’s daughter. Flo thinks that Reese hurt a woman’s life. Flo needs to do the right thing. She needs to tell Hope the truth.

Thomas thinks it is crazy that Phoebe’s birth mother is a Logan. Ridge thinks that a Logan gave her Phoebe. Hope always knew that there must be something about Phoebe. She looked at that perfect little face. She cannot even talk about Phoebe without getting in this way. She misses Kelly too but with Phoebe she is almost the same age as Beth. She is just glad that Liam is there to spend time with them. Hope was thinking about Flo. She has already been through so much in her life. She wanted to offer her a position at FC.

Flo thought she was doing Reese a favor. Zoe had no idea this was happening. She hated what he did. It makes her sick to think about the pain that Hope is in. Flo asks what Reese is doing. She knows she cannot stand it either. Zoe doesn’t think anyone is going to care about their feelings. Telling the truth will not fix anything. Flo thinks they will all go to jail. Shauna wants to find a way out of this where they can help everyone. Shauna wants Flo to use her head. She didn’t think things through and she needs to be rational. She cannot tell Hope that Phoebe is her baby.

Brooke is shocked that Hope wants to give Flo a job. Hope wants to give her something back after all she has done for them. Phoebe brought her peace for the first time. She wants to do this for her. She wants to find a place for her at FC. Ridge is concerned if this is what she wants. Ridge asks if she is ok to see her every day. Hope thinks that it will be fine. Flo and her are family. She wants to give back to her. Shauna doesn’t think that this would be forever. Flo gets. A call from Hope. Shauna doesn’t want her to answer. Flo was about to call her. Hope thinks she should know she is on speaker with Brooke, Ridge, and Thomas. She was just talking about how great it is she is part of the family. She asks if she wants to come work at Forrester Creations. She asks if she wants to come work here. Hope asks if Flo is there. Flo is just a bit shocked. She wasn’t expecting this. Hope wants her to say yes. Flo thinks it is kind of her but she doesn’t know what she could do. Hope could always look for talented people. Flo isn’t really sure she can do this. Hope knows she has had a lot of surprises lately. Hope promises she will not pressure her into anything. She wants her to think about it. Flo will be in touch. She hangs up.

Shauna thinks that Hope wants her to feel as part of the family. Flo cannot be around her family and Steffy and her brother. Zoe thinks it is a bad idea. She needs to go back to Vegas both of them. She needs to go home. Shauna was just given this wonderful opportunity. She cannot just cut them off. She cannot let what her father did ruin this for her. She knows she is conflicted because she is a wonderful young woman. Shauna needs her to be there for her. She deserves happiness. Shauna wants her to start something new and work with her aunts and cousins. She gets to live the life she deserved for all these years. She needs to go with the Flo and embrace her new and wonderful company.

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