B&B Friday Update 4/26/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/26/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke is shocked that Katie said no to Bill. Katie wasn’t expecting a marriage proposal. She doesn’t need time to think about it. Katie will always love Bill. They were married but she can never really trust him again.

Shauna had only lived in Vegas a short time when they met. Bill was at a boxing match that night. Shauna finds it funny how they found each other again. Bill is glad he failed the test. Shauna thinks it is amazing that Flo is part of the Logan family.

Flo thinks this killing her inside. Her entire family think that Beth died. She has to risk losing everything. She imagines what it could be like to be part of their lives then she remembers the nightmare that she is living in.

Brooke thinks. That Bill wouldn’t have proposed if he didn’t mean it. Brooke thinks that she can give you a million reasons on why she should say yes. Bill wants a commitment for her. This should be time for her to take the risk. He wants her and only her.

Shauna thinks that Bill seems preoccupied. She feels bad if something is going on. Bill says it is nothing. Shauna is here if he wants to talk about it. Bill got rejected today. He shows her the ring. The mother of her youngest son Katie. He asked her to marry him but she said no.

Flo messed up. Zoe thinks she has known for months. It is too late for her to turn back now. Flo is part something so horrible. She has to know that her baby is alive. Zoe doesn’t think she needs to know. Flo has to tell her family. Zoe doesn’t think they will treat her like family if they find out. She is even deeper if she tells them. Zoe thinks that she will be put in jail. She asks if she knows how much time she could get. She has to honor her father. She is a Logan and family’s protect one another. She will not let this go on any longer.

Bill suggests that it might have been too soon. He wasn’t with her but he did propose. He is a man of grand gestures. Shauna thinks that is sweet and romantic. Bill wishes that Katie had seen it that way. Bill thinks that at the heart of it, Katie might not be ready to trust him. He wasn’t husband of the year. He is trying though. Shauna thinks that is all he can do is say sorry and try harder. Bill thinks he has his priorities straight. He just wishes that Katie could see it and give him another chance. He wants his family.

Katie needs to smart about this. She doesn’t want to make herself vulnerable to Bill again. Donna walks in and asks what is going on. Brooke explains that Bill proposed to Katie. Brooke knows that Katie does want this again. Donna knows she is scared to let Bill back in. Donna knows she is afraid of being disappointed. Donna thinks that she needs to find it in her heart trust him again. Katie is scared. She does wonder if she can turn her back and put her family back together again. Donna knows that Will is going to be so happy. Katie can tell that she wants them back together. Katie wants to marry Bill. She will follow her heart. Brooke tells. Her to go then. Katie has a good feeling about this. She finally has her family back together.

Bill thinks she is a very attractive woman. He asks how a woman like her is single. Bill is sure that she will have no issue with finding a date. Shauna knows that Katie is a Logan and she doesn’t want to do anything to hurt Flo.

Zoe thinks that this isn’t just about her. Flo cannot keep this forever. Flo thinks this might be the way that it has to be. Zoe can tell that she still has feelings for Wyatt. He will never want to look at her again. If she keeps her mouth shut then this will be fine. This needs to be a secret they take to their graves.

Shauna is sure that Katie will come around. Shauna better get going. She wishes him luck with Katie. Katie watches him.

Donna hopes that things go well for Katie and Bill. Brooke is proud of Katie. Brooke still feels guilty for the part she played in this. Brooke knows it be nice to see their family’s reunite. Brooke knows that Hope and Flo have become so close. It is nice for Hope to have a friend she. Can trust.

Flo thinks that this is a betrayal for Hope. She. Told her mother but. She wants her. To be quiet about. It as well. She stole a. baby though. Zoe thinks that her entire life could be different now. Flo suggests they could do a test. Flo knows that Reese can move on but Hope needs to know. She needs to tell her. Zoe tells. Her. She. Cannot do this. Flo needs Hope to know. She will tell her. Right. Now. Flo falls to the ground and bumps her head. Shauna walks in and takes a gun out. She wants to know what she did to her Daughter.

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