B&B Thursday Update 4/25/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/25/19


Written by Anthony

Brooke tells Zoe that she needs her to pick six girls for a photoshoot. She can decide which ones. Zoe wonders how Hope is doing. Brooke knows she was away so she didn’t hear the news. Brooke explains that there was a DNA test. Hope has a new cousin and she has a new niece. She knows her. Flo Fulton.

Shauna tells Flo that she is going to go and explore the city. Flo doesn’t want her to bump into anyone she knows. Shauna reminds Flo that if this baby swapping story gets out and they cannot get to Reese then it doesn’t matter. She needs to remember she is a Logan now.

Bill thanks someone in his office. Katie walks in. Bill thinks this is a perfect surprise. Katie knew that they had a few things they needed to go over. Bill actually wanted to speak with her about Will. Katie asks what is going on.

Brooke thinks it is was crazy to find out that Flo was her brother’s daughter. Zoe doesn’t think that is the case.

Shauna wonders how much Brooke’s house is worth. She could inherit it one day. Flo reminds her that every other living Logan would have to die first. Shauna thinks if she has to split it between her cousins it doesn’t matter. Shauna thinks that her being a member of the Logan family will help her out.

Bill knows he lost his way for a while. He can never let that happen again. Bill has an idea that will give him the assurance that it never will. Katie wonders what this big idea is.

Brooke wonders what Zoe has against Flo. She seems like a good person. Zoe thinks that all Flo and Hope have in common is a missing child. Brooke thinks that Flo is her family. If there is something she knows about Flo that she doesn’t then she should tell her.

Flo asks if she remembers anything about her father. Shauna thinks he was beautiful. She wondered who he was. Flo thinks it sounds like a fairytale. Shauna had to kiss him the moment they were together.

Bill wonders what a boy wants most in the world. Katie assumes a girl. Bill means more for Will’s age. Bill thinks he wants his family and home. That is what he wants most. Katie thinks that Will is fortunate then. Will has his family. Bill knows that Will is his priority. Bill wants to ensure that they are all family. He wants her to know that they fit into each other’s lives. Bill is never going to let their son down again. Bill wants to throw this out there. Bill is on many bachelor lists. Bill doesn’t think he is a great catch. Bill knows he is vain and arrogant. Bill thinks that if anyone gets to know him they might not like him. Katie thinks that she likes him. Bill thinks that they had some issues. Katie knows they divorce well. Bill takes out a ring. He asks if she will do him the honor of marrying him again.

Zoe thinks that being well known and well off she needs to be careful. People might want to get close to them for reasons like that. Brooke thinks that even Flo’s mother seems like a good person. Hope needs a friend right now. She thinks that bond will only grow as that family feeling grows. Brooke is glad that they had this talk.

Shauna asks if she is sure that she doesn’t want to come with her. Flo just doesn’t feel like going out right now. Flo asks if she loved him. Shauna asks if she has met someone who really listens to them. She has never had someone treat her in the same way that gave her that kind of attention. She asks if he was married. Shauna says no. There were no issues with them. He was wounded though. He wanted to have kids and have a small law practice. It is a shame. He was so kind and considerate.

Bill thinks that Katie is surprised but not in a good way. Bill loves Katie. Bill thinks that Katie knows him. He wants to be made happy and what does that for him is her. Katie doesn’t think that he could possibly know what it feels like to hear him say those words. To hear him say that he loves her. Katie knows that there was a time when she would have done anything to hear those words. Then he stopped saying them. If it was just her then she could risk her heart. It just isn’t though. It is her and her boy. Katie cannot let him get his hopes up if it doesn’t work out. Bill thinks that Katie can trust him. Bill is sorry that it took him so long to realize that the only thing missing in his life was her. Katie wonders if he doesn’t mean Brooke. Katie thinks it hurt her so much for him to leave her for her sister. Katie thanks him for his beautiful words. No one says them like he does. She is sorry that she cannot give him the answer he wants.

Katie shows up at the CEO office at FC. Brooke asks if Katie heard from Thorne. Brooke asks if Bill said something to her. Katie knows he brings up commitment. Brooke thinks that is wonderful. Katie said no to a proposal from Brooke.

Shauna finds Bill sitting alone at the bar. Bill thinks she looks good. She asks if he is drinking alone. Bill says not anymore. Shauna thinks it is a little early for her. Shauna wonders what he would have done if they were family. Bill would have bought Flo a house. Shauna doesn’t think he is as bad as Quinn says. She is glad that Flo is a Logan. The women in that family are interesting. Shauna gets a glass of wine. She wants to know all about him.

Flo opens her door. Zoe asks if she is seriously a Logan. Flo explains that she texted Reese to make sure nothing happened to her. Flo didn’t turn herself into a Logan. She found out who her father was. Zoe asks why she couldn’t have just gone back to Vegas. Flo thinks that Zoe has always known who her family was. She hasn’t. It has been her and her mom against the world for her entire life. She has finally met her family. This random woman has turned into her cousin. No one has ever been kinder to her than the Logan women. Flo thinks they have every right but they could forgive her as well. Flo cannot live with this anymore. Zoe asks what she is going to do.

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