B&B Wednesday Update 4/17/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/17/19


Written By Anthony

Brooke walks into the CEO office and is glad that they are all here. She thanks them all for coming. The most amazing thing has happened. Pam is glad that she noticed that she added more ingredients to the lemon bars. Brooke explains that today she discovered that she has a new niece. Pam guesses that Donna kept that bun in the oven. Brooke explains that it is Storm’s daughter.

Hope didn’t think that Liam would rush home. Hope has news on Phoebe’s birth mother. Liam thinks she needs to think about a new name for Flo. Hope thinks about cousin.

Shauna cannot believe that she stole her cousin’s baby. Flo didn’t know until she did and then she doesn’t know what to do. Shauna hugs her.

Brooke explains that they didn’t know about this today. Charlie asks if this can be trusted. Quinn says the girl is not asking for anything. Ridge wonders if he knows her. Brooke thinks they all know her. Pam asks if she thinks she can cook. Ridge never heard about the daughter. Brooke says she is already connected to the family. They just didn’t know how connected.

Hope asks if this is incredible. Liam wonders how accurate this is. Hope had a DNA test done. She had a connection with Phoebe from the beginning and it turns out they did.

Flo thought the damage was done but she cannot just walk away now that Hope and her are blood. Flo thinks that it feels a little more each day like her life is over.

Hope knows that Liam has had a long day. Liam never knew her uncle. He wonders what Storm was like. Hope thinks he was loving and protecting. She heard so many stories. Hope doesn’t think he knew about Flo. Their relationship is interesting. Shauna didn’t know about the child. Liam guesses not all parent-child relationships are close.

Shauna wonders what kind of deal this was. She wants to know this happened. She should have asked more questions. Flo didn’t think about these things. Hope was passed out during childbirth. She had been told that the baby had died. Reese gave her a baby and put it in her arms and it was dead. He took another patient’s still-born baby and put it in Hope’s arms. She didn’t know any of this until after she agreed to help. He told her about a huge gambling debt and she needed the money for an adoption. She felt as much of a fraud. She never thought she would meet the real birth mother or be part of her family.

Quinn says that Flo was like a daughter to her. Ridge wonders if Steffy or Taylor know about this. Brooke says no. Ridge doesn’t think that they know how Steffy will react.

Liam is not sure if Steffy is asleep. Hope wonders if Liam will tell Steffy about this. Liam thinks it might be a little weird. Hope misses them. She has been thinking about Phoebe all day. Hope cannot get over the fact that Phoebe was brought into this world by a Logan.

She doesn’t think that Reese will be back. There is one other person who knows about this Zoe. She doesn’t want her dad in jail. Shauna asks why the mother is involved. Shauna explains that Hope and Steffy are step-sisters. They were expecting their child together and Steffy is raising Hope’s baby. She thinks that Hope keeps blaming herself for the death of her child. Flo has to tell them the truth.

Ridge knows it is a big day for the Logan family. Brooke still cannot believe this. Brooke wonders if she is being silly. Ridge likes when she is silly. Brooke feels like she has her brother back. To know his daughter is in her life now. Ridge knows she has the Logan sisters behind her now. Ridge is going to call a budget meeting and she will put the fear of God into everyone.

Hope knows he is not the easiest to order for. She mentions that Flo is a Vegan. She is a lost vegan. Liam missed her humor. It is an exciting time with a new family member around. He knows that they miss Kelly and Phoebe but this is an opportunity for them. He wants to help her through this time. He is here and he is not going anywhere. He wants them to move forward together. The two kiss one another.

Flo thinks the most amazing thing happened today. It seems like her father was an amazing man. He gave up his life for his sister. She should do the same thing. She should tell Hope the truth. She cannot keep this life changing secret from them. She cannot be part of the family unless she tells them the truth. Shauna is worried she could go to prison. Flo cannot sleep without thinking about the baby. She cannot do this anymore. Shauna can see that. They seem like such good people. They might have compassion. She agrees she cannot keep going on like this. It is clearly taking a toll on her. She knows what she has to do. Flo will ask to speak with Hope alone. She will tell her everything. She will tell her the truth. She will still blame her but the truth will take away her sadness and give her joy. She will repeat it over and over again until she knows that Beth is alive. Flo won’t have her life back until she has Beth back.

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