B&B Friday Update 4/12/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/12/19


Written by Anthony

Hope asks if Flo’s father is really her uncle storm. Hope guesses they are related then.

Donna cannot believe how clumsy she is. Katie thinks about Storm every day. She guesses they haven’t spoken about Storm in a while. They need to make sure that their brother’s memory never dies.

Justin tells Bill that he needs the ok to pull the trigger. Bill looks at these deals and thought that they said no to these. Just thinks they can still go into them now that they are not going into the fashion business. He asks if his family is on his mind. He assumes it is Katie. Bill says he is thinking about a Logan but it isn’t Katie.

Brooke thinks they need to keep Storm in their lives. Katie thinks no one is closer to Storm than she is. He is a part of all of them. Katie thinks that he needed to know that they were there for him.

Hope thinks that means they are cousins. Flo thinks it is absolutely crazy. Wyatt assumes that means they are family. Flo didn’t think this was going to happen. Hope doesn’t know what to say. Hope would love to see the results. Wyatt shows her his phone. Hope tells Flo that this means she is a Logan.

Bill thinks that Justin could use a drink. Bill promises that he is not the girls father. Justin was worried about his father. He cannot imagine the therapy sessions for Wyatt. He thinks they dodged a bullet today. Justin wonders if he is sure. He was on the list and Shauna wanted him at the top of it. Bill is just a by standard now.

Brooke promises that Storm will always be apart of their lives. Donna reminds them about the fake spider. Or the time he bought her a party dress. Brooke thinks he was there for them. He was generous and passionate. Katie wants Will to know how much he protected them. Katie knows he was complicated. It weighed on him. Brooke knows he had some hard times. Donna knows he never stopped loving his family. He cared about them so. Much. Katie would never. Have allowed him to do what he did. She wouldn’t have her son but she has a responsibility to him. She has to experience all the happiness and joy that he gave up. She does wonder what kind of life he would have had.

Flo asks if Shauna knew this. Shauna didn’t. Shauna was out on her own meeting people and there were a few men in her life. She didn’t know which man was her father. She just wanted Flo. Shauna doesn’t blame her for doing this test. The mystery is finally solved. Wyatt promises the Logan’s are good people. Flo knows. Hope thinks she is one of them.

Justin doesn’t care who the girls father is. Bill gives him a hint and says that there is a storm brewing. Storm Logan is his father.

Donna thinks that Storm could have been a judge and had kids. Donna thinks he did a good job at raising them. Brooke thinks that he was just raising them. Donna was doing a family tree and the results came back that their were European. They uploaded. Photos and their dad broke down at what it did to Storm. It was so hard to see them like that. Katie knows that Storm was devoted to them. They saw his passion and tenderness. Donna thinks he would make a good father and husband. Katie thinks as much as she misses him, it is hard and sad. He gave up his future for her. In that terrible moment, he gave up having a future of his own.

Shauna should have been honest. She didn’t know how to tell her. She has to believe that Storm would have been a good father. Hope says that Brooke and her sisters say such incredible stories of him. He passed away. Hope explains he died years ago. Flo guesses she realized that could have been a possibility. She thought she would be able to meet him. She wanted to be able to see his smile and laugh. She wanted to be able to get to know him a bit. Hope explains that his story goes on. Through their children. Hope thinks that if Beth were still with her she would tell her all about him. Hope can only imagine. What she is feeling to have. This dropped on her. Hope assures her that her family is here. They are going to be a part of each other’s lives forever.

Justin knows that Storm was a hero. Bill knew him to be pretty messed up. Justin knows he died to keep Katie alive. Bill does think he did an incredibily selfless act.

Katie thinks that children would have brought out the best in Storm.

Flo thinks she is to kind to accept her like that. Hope thinks her compassion has meant so much to her. Hope knows that she would look at her in a different way. She can’t though. This is amazing. Flo was trying to tell her the truth. They share this connection. They were never really strangers. This is such a surprise. She was trying to tell her something important and she understands they are family. This is her big secret.

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