B&B Thursday Update 4/11/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/11/19


Written by Anthony

Quinn and Shauna assume that Flo is Wyatt’s sister.

Flo admits that she lost her child. Hope thinks that this was her fault. Flo tells her that someone is responsible for Beth being gone and she knows who it is.

Donna tells Katie and Brooke she didn’t realize who Flo was at first. Katie thinks this is crazy. Phoebe’s birth mother of all people. Donna got the feeling she doesn’t want to talk about it. Brooke is not sure that it is the best thing.

Quinn wonders who is going to tell Flo that he is her father. Bill thinks no one. Wyatt thinks she has to know the truth. Bill tells them he is not the father. Wyatt looks at her family tree. Wyatt says he isn’t. Quinn is glad. Wyatt looks at the picture of her father. Storm Logan.

Donna explains that Katie and her want to take Hope out to lunch and distract her a little bit. Donna accidently pours water all over Katie. Donna notices that her scar is showing. She knows that Katie gets self-conscious about it. Katie remembers their sweet brother. Donna was just thinking about hi this morning. They remember Storm killing himself to save Katie’s life. Donna knows the doctor said that she desperately needed a heart transplant. Storm figured out how to save her. She is here today because of Storm. He took his life so she could have hers.

Shauna says they met in Vegas. It was a long time ago. He was so kind and considerate. She is so happy that he is Flo’s father. Shauna asks if they know him. Bill says they know the family. He is Katie’s late brother. It was a tragic story. Wyatt asks if they know what this means. It means that Flo is a Logan.

Flo thinks this will be hard for her to do but she needs to tell her the truth. Hope knows it is her fault and she is to blame. Flo needs her to listen to her. Hope thinks that their circumstances are different but she needs to help her. Flo needs her to listen. Hope will do anything. She is desperate. She asks how she finds the strength to move on without her daughter.

Brooke knows that Storm would do anything for his family. He gave so much for the family. Katie knows he gave up on so much. He never got to meet her son. Brooke thinks they were his world. Katie just thinks it is hard to accept that he is gone and why he is gone. She just wished that life had been easier on him. Brooke knows in the end he wanted to give her the most selfless gift. Katie. Knows that his heart is keeping her alive. She will always be grateful.

Wyatt thinks this is amazing. Wyatt wants to call her. Shauna thinks that is fine. Bill reminds Wyatt to take it down a notch. Flo’s father is no longer with them. Wyatt thinks that Flo has a whole new connection. She has a family and a place to belong. She has Hope they are cousins. Bill wanted to say sorry to Shauna that he is sorry. He just had more than a few women show up with false paternity claims. It is nice to see him again. Wyatt asks if Bill is coming with them. Bill is going to sit here and be happy that he is not the the father.

Flo tells Hope that losing Beth was not because of her. Flo is trying to help. She wants to give her back something that belongs to her. Hope thinks that no one can bring her back Beth. Hope is so glad to have met her. Hope thinks that they were meant to be in their lives. Flo thinks that there is something she needs to tell her. She needs her to know the truth.

Donna likes it when they talk about Storm. Donna thinks they made it through. Donna knows that Hope is having a challenging time. Katie thinks they will be here for it. Katie cannot fathom how much pain she is in. Donna thinks they are Logan women and survivors. They fight for one another. They will rally around Hope and fight for her.

Flo is not Phoebe’s mother. Hope knows but she still gave birth to her. Hope has tried so hard to let her go but she cannot allow herself to. Hope thinks she can relate to what she. is. Going through. She can open. Up to her in a way. She hasn’t been able to with anyone else. Hope admits sometimes she goes to the roof. And somedays. When she goes out to the ocean she. can see Catalina. Her whole life stopped on that island. Flo says that there is a bond they share that they know nothing about. Flo thinks this will be good news for her. She is not the person she thinks she is. Shauna shows up with Quinn and Wyatt. Shauna says that she has news for her. Wyatt thinks that she will want to hear her. Quinn says her DNA test are in. Shauna wants to tell her about her father. He was a good man. He wasn’t in her life for long. He would have loved and treated her well. Wyatt thinks this is insane and incredible. Flo’s father’s name was Storm. Hope is shocked to hear this. Wyatt says that her and Flo are cousins. They are both Logan’s. Hope smiles.

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