B&B Tuesday Update 4/9/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/9/19


Written by Anthony

Shauna explain that Flo could be Bill’s daughter. Quinn points out that Wyatt and Flo dated in high school.

Wyatt jokes off the kiss that Flo just gave him. Flo knows they are not just friends They have a history. She doesn’t think that she ever got over him. Wyatt think he moved on. Flo asks if he remembers the first time they said that to one another. She still think that there is a part of her that will always love her.

Zoe wonders if anyone has spoken with Steffy. Hope explains that Ridge speaks with her a lot. He video chats with the girls. Zoe wonders how Thomas and Douglas are doing. Hope thinks that it creates a huge hole. Zoe thinks that Hope should try for another child and fill the hole in her heart. Hope just isn’t there yet and isn’t sure that she ever will be. Hope thinks that in trying to help with Douglas, she remembered how much of a connection she feels with Phoebe but also Flo. Hope wants to spend more time with Flo. She wants to reach out to her.

Flo is so grateful for all Wyatt’s help. It makes her remember how she fell for him in the first place. She just wished they hadn’t ran into each other the way they did. Flo hopes that meeting her father helps change her life. Wyatt suggests that she should check her email again. Flo put his email in in there as well. Wyatt asks if she has anything. Flo doesn’t. Wyatt thinks they should stay positive. The will find her father and it will change her life forever.

Bill thinks that he is an easy target for women making paternity claims. Shauna is not doing that. Quinn wants to know how this happened. Bill thinks this is a dangerous thing. Bill tells Shauna they are going to get to the bottom of this at his office.

Zoe isn’t sure that reaching out to Flo is a good idea Zoe thinks it is an emotional time for both of them. Zoe knows it hasn’t been that long for Flo since she lost her child. Hope knows the circumstances are different but if she can bring any peace to her it might be worth it. She calls up Flo and asks if she is catching her at work. She was wondering if they could get together. Flo asks what this is about. Hope knows this is a long shot but she was hoping she could help her. Hope thanks her. Flo is on her way.

Bill walks into his office with Quinn and Shauna. Shauna is not positive that he is the father. She was seeing other men. She raised Flo on her own and didn’t tell her about him. Quinn thinks she hasn’t been honest. Quinn thinks that now that she knows, this does change everything. Quinn explains that they were high school sweethearts. Bill doesn’t think ay of this matters if he isn’t the father. Quinn thinks they need to know they could be siblings.

Flo says that Hope wants to see her at Forrester. She doesn’t want to see her though. Wyatt promises the results will be here soon. Wyatt has a good feeling she will know soon and the whole world will change. Wyatt promises to let her know if anything happens. Wyatt is really excited for her. Wyatt hopes she is as lucky as he was.

Hope welcomes Flo into the CEO office. Flo thinks it is so exciting and glamorous. Hope wished that Eric were here. Flo hears that Brooke works here. Hope says that the Logan’s are from the valley. It amazes her how far they came. Donna shows up. Hope introduces her. Donna asks how they know each other. Flo thinks she can tell her. Hope says that Flo is Phoebe’s birth mother. Steffy is overseas with the girls right now and she misses them.

Shauna thinks that Wyatt is just as handsome as ever. Bill says that Wyatt is on his way up. Bill is not going to be trapped in a shakedown. Quinn thinks if Shauna wanted money she would have come for him. Shauna never thought they would have the same father. Wyatt shows up and ask what is going on.

Hope tells Donna that is how she met Flo. Donna has seen Steffy’s daughter and she is gorgeous. She can appreciate that. Pam needs Donna back. Donna runs back out. Hope explains she feels like she is spiraling. She feels like she needs peace. They are mother’s without children. Flo has found that peace but Hope wans to move forward. She feels like Flow is the key to help her move on. She thinks she can in a way that no one else can.

Wyatt asks why Quinn is here and Shauna. Wyatt didn’t know that Shauna was in town. Bill asks what way Wyatt was with her. Wyatt cannot believe he would ask that right now. Wyatt says no. He is in love with Sally. Wyatt tells Shauna that he is sorry about the two of them. Wyatt has been talking a lot lately about finding out who is father was. Flo is curious about who her father might be. Wyatt asks what is going on. Quinn says this is why Bill texted him. They just found out something shocking about Flo’s father. Quinn says they might know who he is. Quinn was blindsided by this. This is not Shauna’s fault. They never discussed Bill. She is trying to say… Bill could be Flo’s father. Him and Flo could be brother and sister.

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