B&B Monday Update 4/8/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/8/19


Written by Anthony

Shauna asks if Bill Spencer is really Wyatt’s father. Quinn asks what is wrong.

Bill tells Justin on the phone to have Will take notes over corporate law. Bill has accomplished many things in his life. Nothing makes him prouder than being a father.

Flo wonders if her father is still in Vegas. Her mother did travel around a lot before she moved to Vegas. Flo doubts she will be able to find her dad like this. Wyatt assumes she knows that her dad is not a fisherman living in Sweden. Flo is sure that her father is at a casino playing blackjack. Wyatt thinks they know one thing; his life would be much better if she were in it. Flo thanks him for encouraging her to do this. Wyatt thinks finding his father has been life changing. He thinks it is cool knowing where he is from. Flo does wonder what if she doesn’t like what she discovers or he doesn’t like her. He might not react well to this. Wyatt thinks that is if he doesn’t know who she is. Wyatt points out that he might not willing have walked away. Wyatt thought his dad was dead. Flo thinks it might be sad if he was dead. Wyatt thinks that one thing is for sure. He is here for her and he will not let her go through this alone.

Katie knows how much his boys mean to him. Bill cannot help wondering what it would have been like if he had a chance with his boys. Bill is always going to resent her from keeping him from Wyatt.

Quinn asks if she knows who she is talking about. Shauna wonders why Quinn never said anything. Quinn asks why she is freaking out about this.

Flo wonders how he found his father. Wyatt explains that Hope is the reason why he went looking for him. Flo wonders how she helped him. Wyatt explains that he used to wear this neckless back in the day. Then he made one for her brother. Wyatt was so shocked to see who his father was too. Flo wonders if Quinn was upset. Wyatt admits that it wasn’t an easy transition for anyone. Wyatt promises that she will be grateful to know. He thinks it might sound sill to say but you are never to old to need a dad.

Katie asks how it feels to have Wyatt back at Spencer. Bill thinks that he was wasting his time over at the dress farm. Katie thinks that Quinn did a good job raising Wyatt. Bill has something for Quinn to sign to make sure that it stays that way. He has financial obligations to his son but not Quinn. Katie doubts that Quinn is going to worry about that being married to Eric. Bill better hang over there right now. Bill wouldn’t miss spending with Will. Bill suggests they arrange a dinner for the two of them. Katie would like that. Bill will have Will arrange it for him.

Quinn thinks there is a reason why he kept Wyatt from knowing his father. As much as she dislikes Bill, Wyatt loves his father. It is no longer about her frustration. Shauna doesn’t think that Flo can ever learn the truth ever.

Wyatt asks if her mother really never gave him any information. Flo did not. Wyatt understands being tight lipped as a child but she has every right to know. Flo suggests that there could be abuse or something. Flo suggests that he could be in prison again. Wyatt suggests he could be a great guy wondering about the family he never had. He might be thrilled to meet his beautiful daughter.

Quinn knows she overstepped. Quinn understands. Shauna needs to freshen up from the trip. Shauna goes into the hallway. Bill walks over and asks for a lemon bar. Pam demands that he say pretty please. Bill walks into the office. He says hi to Quinn. Quinn asks why he is here. Bill needs her to sign papers to his estate. Quinn has no right to his estate. Quinn has a friend here from Vegas and she wants to spend as much time as possible. She promises not to go after his money if he dies in the next few hours. Shauna walks back in and assumes she is in a meeting. Quinn wants her to come back in. She introduces her to Bill Spencer. Bill says he is pleased to meet her. Shauna assumes that he doesn’t remember. She says it is her.

Wyatt asks if she got anything. Flo says no. Shauna wants to know how she got on to all these lists. She suggests they could have lost her test. Wyatt promises the results will be here soon. Wyatt suggests she go on the website. Shauna needs to stop obsessing over this. It is driving her crazy. Wyatt tells her to stop stressing. He has her back. Shauna thinks that this brings up a lot of old memories. She loved him once and always will.

Bill knows Quinn doesn’t have friends. Bill asks what her name is again. Shauna says it again. She knows all about his jet and expense account. Bill only really went to blackjack. Bill starts to remember her. Bill thinks it was one night a long time ago. Shauna says one night is all it takes. Quinn says they were high school sweethearts. Quinn asks what she is saying. Quinn wonders. If she is saying that Wyatt and Flo could be brother and sister.

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