B&B Friday Update 4/5/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/5/19


Written by Anthony

Justin asks if Bill had a late night. Bill wonders if it looks like he had a late night. Justin just wants him to be happy. Bill wants him to be happy as well and wonders how things are going with Donna. Bill is not taking any chances with Quinn. Justin thins that this excludes her from something she didn’t have a right to in the first place.

Quinn tells Eric that she couldn’t stop thinking about Shauna. Quinn admits she doesn’t have many female friends. Eric is glad to hear it. Quinn explains that Shauna just texted her to tell her she is in LA to visit her daughter. She cannot wait to see her.

Flo opens the door for Wyatt. He asks if he should have called first. Flo thinks if one of the coffees is for her then no. Wyatt wanted to see if she got any results from the DNA test. Flo admits that she is nervous that today might actually be the day that she gets to find out who her dad is.

Justin wonders if Bill and Quinn are getting along alright. Bill thinks so because he has zero contact with her. Katie and Will walk in and ask if this is a bad time. Bill thinks for her and his son never.

Flo admits she is scared that her father might be a serial killer or something. Flo has to wonder if there is a reason that her mother has kept her father a secret from her.

Quinn asks how she looks. Eric thinks that she looks simply wonderful. Pam walks in and explains that Shauna is here. Quinn says that she is expecting her. Shauna walks in and Quinn thinks that she has moved up in the world. Shauna is shocked that Quinn is married to Eric. Quinn is so happy to get to catch up with her.

Justin is impressed with Will setting up his parents that way. Will had a mission and he got it done. He wanted to get his parents together and it worked. Katie thinks they are raising a brilliant boy. They love him so much.

Flo wonders if it was hard for him to connect with his father when he first met him. Wyatt explains that connecting with him got harder as time went on. Flo wonders if he is not a good man then. Wyatt explains not always. He is not perfect himself. He has done some things though that he does regret. Wyatt thinks that he is trying to be better and that has to count for something. Flo asks if Quinn came around. Wyatt thinks that there was nothing Quinn could do about it. Flo just really wonders how Shauna is going to react.

Shauna still cannot believe it. She is married to Eric. Quinn thinks that this is the reason she keeps Eric around. Quinn says goodbye to Eric as he leaves. Quinn thanks her for coming around. Shauna feels bad that they didn’t stay in touch. Shauna looks back at them then and being single moms raising their children together. Quinn thinks that Shauna is the best friend she ever had. She saw Flo the other day. She is such a beautiful young woman. Quinn says that Wyatt is great and successful. He is perfect. Shauna thinks that Quinn is an awesome mom. Quinn knows that they were so close. Quinn thinks that they could have been in-laws all these years. Shauna is so happy for all the positive changes in her life.

Will wonders if lawyers make good money. Justin thinks you can depending on what kind of law. Will wants to be a lawyer that makes lots of money. Bill thinks he would work with him. Will wants to run the company with his brothers one day.

Flo has always been so grateful for her mom. She can talk about anything but her dad. She tried to get information on him for years but she never will answer anything. She is just trying not to get her hopes up. She thinks it is like finding a needle in a haystack. Wyatt is sure that they could find a relative distant twice removed. Wyatt thinks that people want to find out where they come from. Wyatt thinks that maybe she could finally meet her dad.

Shauna found pictures from the old days. Quinn looks at the album. She thinks that Wyatt was. Always so goofy. Quinn finds an old picture of them. She remembers dancing till dawn on the tables. They couldn’t get up the next morning. Quinn thinks. They were so cute together. Quinn knows that Wyatt was so sure that they would get married some day. Quinn wonders what she has been up to. Shauna has a small condo in a nice community. She is not with anyone right now. She wonders how she came up with all of this. Quinn was working on her jewelry line. She amazingly got involved in Forrester. Quinn admits that his family didn’t approve of her but that didn’t matter to Eric. Quinn explains that Wyatt is not a Fuller. Wyatt found his dad. Shauna thought he was dead. Quinn explains that he was to her. She explains that it has been kind of up and down. She thinks that meeting him has been life changing. Neither of them ever knew their dads but it might be time that she find out about him.

Bill tells Will that there is something to clarify. While you should never say never but sometimes determination is not enough. Bill thinks that the outcome can involve other people on how they want thing to turn out. He is trying to tell him that he honestly doesn’t know what the future holds for him and Katie. Katie doesn’t want to think that they will get back together. Will is going to give them both five hundred if they don’t get back together.

Wyatt thinks she needs to not worry about this. He might not even be in the database. Flo thinks it be nice to know if he was. She would love to finally have the answers. She can see how much it all changed his own life. It would be nice to know who he is. Flo thinks that it be interesting to see what he looks like. She couldn’t do this on her own. She thinks having her back makes her feel like she cannot handle anything.

Quinn thinks that is the most awkward thing that they never talked about. Quinn has learned to co-exist with Wyatt’s father. Quinn explains that Wyatt’s dad is a horrible jerk. He is such a big bully. Then now and again he can be a decent human being but that is because of his sons. He has two other sons and there is the money. Shauna asks if it is someone she knows. Quinn says that Bill Spencer is the father. Shauna cannot believe that Bill is Wyatt’s father.

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